Queen & Adam Lambert / Calgary 2014 / 2CD

Queen & Adam Lambert / Calgary 2014 / 2CD / Wardour

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Live At Scotiabank Saddledome, Calgary, AB, Canada 26th June 2014.


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Highest quality board is the appearance from the most recent North American tour of the Queen + Adam Lambert. Canada 5 th concert tour, the June 26 complete recording at ultra-high quality audience recording Alberto Calgary performances. It is live in Calgary corresponding to the next concert of the popular “EDMONTON 2014” released earlier, but the sound quality is good anyway this time! ! It was a very excellent title in audience recordings excellent “EDMONTON 2014”, but this board is intended to go over it further. Also this board, it is a recording by the taper the same as “EDMONTON 2014”, but the closeness of the tone that is not disturbed by the cheers clearness of sound, and a sense of stability, and is a good board title over to its outstanding in every respect. And I think whether you follow a look at You Tube, etc., but I think so far and is the show spectacular, or Locle to clear the musical tone, become a game of recording up to anywhere without being disturbed by the cheers hysterical, but the present in every sense, the van has been recorded cleanly enough to reminiscent of the “? than not sound source than this.” Loud part also is, of course, delicate sound of the acoustic part and have also been recorded in the balance very good, I will be impressed really to its outstanding recording technique. Sound image of a masterpiece of Love Kills, etc., is wonderful enough to think “This is amazing,” said you are listening in particular. The equally impressive in the Love Of My Life, etc., even in part the hall is abuzz with the advent of Freddie on the screen, the peak of the sound seems to be set in the best condition, a rapid increase in cheers also good very it has captured so on, it does not stress the hand and listen. Also Who Wants To Live Forever, etc., it is enough to stunned you are listening to this amazing recording would be able How do I heck. In Edmonton concert recording machine, even a Tie Your Mother Down, which has become a fairly serious condition after being disturbed by the cheers, the board recording is not completely unwavering. This side, by all means, I think you will want to experience yourself. I think Edmonton performances of last week there is a recommended, but Calgary performances this week and would like to Highly Recommend further. The contents of the stage, because it does not changed minimally, avoid fine explanation, (that much, it is a recording amazing Ultimate) It is likely as preparation for CD title of Summer Sonic coming, title more than this is not already gone , this board is we affirm status quo, and is the best piece. The excellent live album such as this, the description you harping would be unnecessary. Release in the press CD from the popular Wardour label. It is one piece of a large recommendation.


クイーン+アダム・ランバートの最新北米ツアーから最高音質盤が登場です。ツアー5公演目、6月26日のカナダはアルベルト州カルガリー公演を超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。先にリリースされ好評の「EDMONTON 2014」の次のコンサートにあたるカルガリーでのライヴですが、今回はとにかく音質が良い!!「EDMONTON 2014」も優れたオーディエンス録音で大変優秀なタイトルでしたが、本盤は更にその上をいくもの。本盤もまた、「EDMONTON 2014」と同じテーパーによる録音ですが、音のクリアネス、安定感、そして歓声に邪魔されない楽音の近さと、あらゆる点で既発に勝る好盤タイトルです。You Tube等でもご覧になっていらっしゃるかと思いますが、ここまでスペクタクルなショウですと、どこまでヒステリックな歓声に邪魔されずに楽音をクリアーに録るかが、録音の勝負になると思いますが、本盤はあらゆる意味で、「これ以上の音源はないのでは?」と思わせるほどに綺麗に録音されています。ラウドパートも勿論ですが、アコースティックパートなどの繊細な音も非常に良いバランスで録られており、その卓越した録音テクニックには本当に感動させられます。特にLove Kills等の圧巻の音像は、聴いていて「これは凄い」と思えるほどに見事です。同様に素晴らしいのはLove Of My Life等で、スクリーンでのフレディの登場で場内が騒然となる部分でも、音のピークが最良の状態で設定されているようで、急激な歓声の上昇も非常に上手い具合に捉えており、聴き手にストレスを与えません。Who Wants To Live Forever 等も、いったいどうやったらこんな凄い録音ができるのだろうと聴いていて唖然とする程です。エドモントン公演録音盤では、歓声に邪魔されて結構大変な状態になっていたTie Your Mother Downですら、本盤録音は、全く揺るぎません。この辺は、是非、ご自身で体感して頂きたく思います。先週のエドモントン公演もお薦めではありますが、今週のカルガリー公演はさらに超お薦めしたいと思います。ステージの内容は、殆ど変っていないので、細かい説明は避けますが、来るサマソニの予習用CDタイトルとして、これを上回るタイトルはもう出ないと思われますので(そのくらい、究極の凄い録音です)、本盤が現状、最適な一枚であると断言致します。このような優秀なライヴ盤に、くどくどした説明は不要でしょう。好評WardourレーベルからのプレスCDでのリリース。大推薦の一枚です。

Disc 1 (68:17)
1. Procession 2. Now I’m Here 3. Stone Cold Crazy 4. Another One Bites The Dust
5. Fat Bottomed Girls 6. In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited 7. Seven Seas Of Rhye 8. Killer Queen 
9. Somebody To Love 10. I Want It All 11. Love Of My Life 12. Band Introductions 13. ’39 
14. These Are The Days Of Our Lives 15. Bass Solo 16. Drum Duel 17. Under Pressure

Disc 2 (67:26)
1. Love Kills 2. Who Wants To Live Forever 3. Guitar Solo 4. Last Horizon 5. Tie Your Mother Down
6. Radio Ga Ga 7. Don’t Stop Me Now 8. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 9. The Show Must Go On
10. Bohemian Rhapsody 11. We Will Rock You 12. We Are The Champions 13. God Save The Queen

Brian May – Guitar, Vocal Roger Taylor – Drums, Vocal Adam Lambert – Vocal
Spike Edney – Keyboards, Backing Vocals Rufus Taylor – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Neil Fairclough – Bass, Backing Vocals


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