Queen + Adam Lambert / Global Citizen Festival 2019 / 1DVD

Queen + Adam Lambert / Global Citizen Festival 2019 / 1DVD / Wardour
Live at Great Lawn in Central Park, New York City , NY, USA 28th September 2019 PRO-SHOT

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“THE RHAPSODY TOUR”, which is in progress for next year’s Japan performance, is now the long-awaited best professional shot! “ The permanent feature is the permanent work that will feature Rami Marek, who played Freddie in the movie “ Bohemian Rhapsody ”!
“THE RHAPSODY TOUR” started in July, but it was a great success in various places thanks to movie effects. It causes a phenomenon that is appropriate for the heyday. In our shop, we have reported the pattern on the audience album, but the ultimate pro shot title was born as soon as possible. Such a film was filmed on “September 28, 2019 in New York City”. This is a webcast when we appeared at the “GLOBAL CITIZEN FESTIVAL” charity festival held in Central Park.
This work is a masterpiece that will symbolize 2019. First of all, let’s check the show position from the schedule in terms of record.

● 2019
・ February 24: ACADEMY AWARDS
・ 10 July-23 August: North America (26 performances)
・ September 21: Performance in Italy
・ September 28: GLOBAL CITIZEN FESTIVAL appearance ← ★ here ★
● 2020
・ January 18 + 19: Korea (2 performances)
・ January 25-30: Japan (4 performances)
・ February 5-29: Oceania (10 performances)
・ May 24-July 1: Europe (17 performances)

This is the schedule announced so far. The main part of “THE RHAPSODY TOUR” ended once in August, and only two performances were performed in September. The GLOBAL CITIZEN FESTIVAL appearance of this work is one of them, and it was the last show in 2019.
This work with such a stage is truly the best. It’s a multi-camera pro shot that can only be expressed as “full official class” or “best of anyway”. There are three types of video: live streaming, certain famous video sites, and TV broadcasting. Although the screen quality is almost the same, the video site is in units of songs and not all songs are available, and TV broadcasting is not connected neatly because commercials are included. Of course, this work adopts the best live distribution version.
The show depicted in that quality is the splendor that will make you look forward to the performances in Japan. It is a little more compact than “THE RHAPSODY TOUR” just for the festival appearance, but the concentrated Greatest Hits is thick. Although there are no rare songs, you can also enjoy “Don’t Stop Me Now”, “Somebody to Love”, and “Who Wants to Live Forever” that cannot be seen in their only official work “LIVE IN JAPAN”. In particular, “Who Wants to Live Forever”, where Adam sings in spite of magnificent laser beams, is a wonderful way to stop hitting the keyboard.
Although there are no rare songs, there are plenty of must-see scenes. From the start of the performance, Rami Marek will introduce the band (and will continue to enjoy the show many times afterwards), and “We Will Rock You” will feature a “Dedicated to the World” robot on a huge screen. Above all, the biggest highlight is the complete version of “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The masterpiece of this century is composed of 5 parts of “a cappella → ballad → opera → rock → ballad”, but traditionally it started with the ballad part “Mama, just killed a man”, as Freddie was alive. However, like the album from the previous tour, it starts from the a cappella part. Of course, a cappella plays the studio take, but from “I ’m just a poor boy ♪”, Adam’s raw vocals. In the ballad part, Adam sings instead of Freddie.
The audience also sang all of them. Multiple choruses also sing as each sings their favorite part (there is also Rami Marek). And, as Brian’s guitar solo, his costume, which was raised like Kabuki, is not a shining furisode … but a masked figure that does not attach to space suits or robots. Despite being amazed, the final guitar solo suddenly collapsed suddenly when I was immersed in the impression that I could finally see the full version. Although it is a part that tends to be unstable all the time, the performance stops completely on this day and it becomes guitarless. Even though it’s a full pro shot, it’s a waste …
Although it is such a GLOBAL CITIZEN FESTIVAL, it is still not enough for a 1-hour festival set. Therefore, in this work, we have recorded three additional types of the best professional shots in recent years. 3 songs from “Wight Island Festival on June 12, 2016” “Don’t Stop Me Now”, “Who Wants to Live Forever”, “Radio Ga Ga”, 2 songs from “ACADEMY AWARDS on February 24, 2019” “We” Will Rock You, “We Are the Champions”, and “Fat Bottomed Girls” from “August 3, 2019 Philadelphia Performance”, a total of 6 songs. Again, “Who Wants to Live Forever” is overwhelming, and the “Fat Bottomed Girls” performance in Philadelphia is a tasty take just because it was not performed at GLOBAL CITIZEN FESTIVAL.

This is the latest super multi-camera pro shot that predicts the upcoming Japan performance. A video work where you can enjoy their full-fledged quality with their official quality. There are no plans to show up until next year’s Asian tour, and it is the ultimate video that allows you to witness QUEEN + Adam before coming to Japan. Please enjoy the permanent preservation press DVD carefully.

来年の日本公演に向けて進行中の“THE RHAPSODY TOUR”が待望の極上プロショットが登場! 映画『ボヘミアン・ラプソディ』でフレディ役を務めたラミ・マレックも登場する大注目作が永久保存決定です!!
7月から始まった“THE RHAPSODY TOUR”ですが、映画効果もあってか各地でかつてない大盛況。全盛期と呼ぶに相応しい現象を引き起こしています。当店ではその模様をオーディエンス・アルバムでレポートしてきましたが、早くも究極のプロショット・タイトルが誕生したわけです。そんな本作が撮影されたのは「2019年9月28日ニューヨーク・シティ公演」。セントラル・パークで開かれたチャリティ・フェス“GLOBAL CITIZEN FESTIVAL”に出演した際のウェブキャストです。


これが現在までに公表されているスケジュール。“THE RHAPSODY TOUR”の本編は8月中に一旦終了しており、9月には特別パフォーマンスを2公演のみ実施。本作のGLOBAL CITIZEN FESTIVAL出演はその1つであり、2019年のラスト・ショウでもありました。
そのクオリティで描かれるショウは、来る日本公演が待ち遠しくなる素晴らしさ。フェス出演だけに“THE RHAPSODY TOUR”よりもグッとコンパクトなのですが、その分濃縮されたグレイテスト・ヒッツが濃ゆい。珍しい曲はないものの、彼ら唯一の公式作品『LIVE IN JAPAN』では観られない「Don’t Stop Me Now」「Somebody to Love」「Who Wants to Live Forever」も楽しめる。特に壮大なレーザー光線が飛び交う中でアダムの絶唱が轟く「Who Wants to Live Forever」は、思わずキーボードを打つ手も止まる素晴らしさです。
レア曲がないとは言え、必見のシーンは盛りだくさん。開演からラミ・マレックがバンド紹介を務めます(その後もショウを楽しむ姿が何度も出てきます)し、「We Will Rock You」では巨大スクリーンに『世界に捧ぐ』のロボットも登場する。そして何より、最大の見どころは「Bohemian Rhapsody」の完全版。この世紀の名曲は「アカペラ→バラード→オペラ→ロック→バラード」の5パートで構成されていますが、従来はフレディ存命中と同じくバラード・パート「Mama, just killed a man」から始まっていました。しかし、前回ツアーからアルバムと同じく、アカペラ・パートからスタートしている。もちろん、アカペラはスタジオ・テイクを流しているわけですが、「I’m just a poor boy♪」からはアダムの生ヴォーカル。バラード・パートでもフレディには代わらず、アダムが歌いきります。
そんな本編GLOBAL CITIZEN FESTIVALではありますが、やはり約1時間のフェス用セットだけではやや食い足りない。そこで、本作では近年の極上プロショットをさらに3種追加収録致しました。「2016年6月12日ワイト島フェスティバル」から3曲「Don’t Stop Me Now」「Who Wants to Live Forever」「Radio Ga Ga」、「2019年2月24日ACADEMY AWARDS」から2曲「We Will Rock You」「We Are the Champions」、そして「2019年8月3日フィラデルフィア公演」から1曲「Fat Bottomed Girls」の計6曲で、いずれも本編にも負けない完全オフィシャル級クオリティ。ここでも「Who Wants to Live Forever」の絶唱は圧倒的ですし、フィラデルフィア公演の「Fat Bottomed Girls」はGLOBAL CITIZEN FESTIVALでは演奏しなかっただけに美味しいテイクです。



Global Citizen Festival 2019

1. Introduction
2. Now I’m Here
3. Don’t Stop Me Now
4. Somebody to Love
5. Another One Bites the Dust
6. I Want It All
7. Love of My Life
8. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
9. Under Pressure
10. Who Wants to Live Forever
11. Radio Ga Ga
12. Bohemian Rhapsody
13. We Will Rock You
14. We Are the Champions


Isle of Wight Festival: Live at Seaclose Park, Newport, UK 12th June 2016

1. Don’t Stop Me Now
2. Who Wants to Live Forever
3. Radio Ga Ga

Academy Awards: Live at Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA 24th February 2019

4. We Will Rock You
5. We Are the Champions

Live at Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA 3rd August 2019

6. Fat Bottomed Girls

Brian May – guitar, vocals
Roger Taylor – drums, percussion, vocals
Adam Lambert – lead vocals
Spike Edney – keyboards, backing vocals
Neil Fairclough – bass guitar, backing vocals
Tyler Warren – percussion, additional drums, backing vocals



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