Queen & Adam Lambert / Definitive Berlin 2015 / 2CD

Queen & Adam Lambert / Definitive Berlin 2015 / 2CD / Wardour

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Live at O2 World, Berlin, Germany 4th February 2015


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QUEEN + Adam Lampert super live album of has arrived! Had been recorded in this work, “February 4, 2015 Berlin performance”. Last month, is the latest sound source is likely to start steam that has just been recorded. In addition, the topic is boiling on the net from the moment you appeared. Surprise and QUEEN researchers representing the Europe that has heard the rumor also “This is amazing!”, It is something that has been provided on the carefully were remastered.
Did you mean, “also, QUEEN & Adam?” …… Or you did not think this? This dialogue, in fact when the master of this work has arrived, is of one of the staff was blurted. Honest story, (I where it is bad?) And while still stuffy (Well, no wonder match for) and also true that I thought mind. After all, even in addition to professional shot until now, masterpiece, masterpiece recording of each tour is rumbling. That said how wonderful show with tremendous recording, “It’s already full stomach!” And there is no wonder even now.

But, but!

The master, can not help without press even press the saturation situation, it was a ridiculous audience recording. What What is so “ridiculous”. It anymore listening to one shot, anyway sounds good. Highest. You look amazing. Startle. Perfection. Ultimate. Supreme. The other, I Yannatchau. All instruments, is has become a high-quality as long as the voice can be considered. Guitar sound becomes gorgeous, piano sparkles, based bass roar rich, drum claims to the structure of the set, the chorus is fine until each person of Vu~ivurato. Intertwined delicate notes that one them one stands out go assembled a magnificent sound world. If visually likened, what feels like throat big 4K TV you have placed in the mass retailers. Beautiful and also look at the details on the elaborate with elaborate eye, why magnitude stand out when it is drawn (only parable. This work is CD). This work also, precisely because ultra clear up the details of the details, can feel the music enormity of the world’s band. Just because it is unrelated to the terseness such as line recording, delicate Vu~ivurato is like echoing dressed in exquisite reverberation also, extremely beautiful. Recording Nante “Somebody To Love” Adam Vaud Cali echoing in every corner of the space tax tion …… “reverberation is clear”, did not have that you have even imagined until now.
And that has helped to spread of the world, cheers. First, perfectly as if it had been mixed from multi-by from the VOLUME. How can a little more small level of cheers than “do not interfere with play”, delicacy, such as capture up to one one of applause to become a between songs. More than excitement, I comes through and satisfaction of customers one person alone. Moreover, it is to produce a stunning space are fused with exquisite reverberation of this work. Its sound, timing, balance …… exactly, it’s a perfect, including up to cheer.
The QUEEN + Adam Lampert was intense high-quality complete set also until now, but even in that masterpiece group, it is best that missing Zuba. It is not a “best of 2015 tour”. Best also looking at the whole record from 2012. No, if the poor, might best in it (only if sound) audience recording of all QUEEN is …….
Such “not even be heard” live consisting of a level of sound contents are also beautiful. Extremely. The contents of the set list is close to it has been recently released “LONDON 2015 2ND NIGHT” (Wardour-140), “Do not Stop Me Now,” “These Are the Days of Our Lives” and “A Kind Of Magic,” “The extent to which has been changed to Show Must Go On “. 1986 Magic tour crosses the mind opening of “One Vision” is also the same. However, even if the combination has been warmed by overlapping Bakazu, ensemble height of maturity. “LONDON 2015 2ND NIGHT”, “Save Me” that firmness was felt at the time of also imposing thing. Freely and elegant Adam of vocals, guitar and chorus that stirs a chance without excitement. Multiplied by the “Who Wants To Live Forever” is final blow to the chest that became plenty hot, to guitar solo time to cry to cry. Endless pick up nuances, guitar beauty of going yet spread to the venue full. And, Tsubudachi of sound that was Kiritsu is praised to dignified determination “The Show Must Go On” …… Oh, … that hand is not typing keyboard become goo.
QUEEN + Adam Lampert has finished the European tour, including the Berlin performance. Plans have been published up to now, the end all in this. Future, again whether the schedule is organized, and how to shift to new activities, I do not know yet. Maybe then, I do not want this live is also …… imagine not without Even potentially become Yushunobi, as such it is become crossed in mind, this work is’re full of shine.

In before the recording that everything was gone gathered so far, will it why can such thing “does not press”. If, even this master and is out to speak have heard that “there was something wrong?”, But there is no will live up. Because I had with up to plus added points to model answer. Such a album, And no “music” than I know I, and there is no other to finish the press CD that did his hands as much as possible. To beautiful music jammed in two press recorded music media, and with great respect for body and soul. This weekend, I will deliver to you.


QUEEN+アダム・ランパートのスーパー・ライヴ盤が到着しました! 本作に記録されていたのは、「2015年2月4日ベルリン公演」。先月、録音されたばかりの湯気が立ちそうな最新音源です。しかも、登場した瞬間からネットで話題が沸騰。その噂を聞きつけたヨーロッパを代表するQUEEN研究家も「これは凄い!」と驚き、入念にリマスターした上で提供されたものなのです。
もしかして、「また、QUEEN&アダム?」……あなたはこう思われませんでしたか? この台詞、実は本作のマスターが到着したとき、ひとりのスタッフが口走ったのものです。正直な話、(それのどこが悪いんだ?)とムッとしながらも(まぁ、無理もないわな)と内心思ったのも事実。なにしろ、今までもプロショットに加え、各ツアーの傑作・名作録音がゴロゴロ。いかに素晴らしいショウと凄まじい録音とは言え、「もう満腹だ!」となっても不思議はありません。


そのマスターは、飽和状況を押してでもプレスせずにはいられない、とんでもない客席録音だったのです。何がそれほど「とんでもない」なのか。それはもう聴いて一発、とにかく音が良い。最高。素晴らしい。驚愕。完璧。究極。至高。もう、やんなっちゃう。すべての楽器が、声が考えうる限りの高音質で鳴っているのです。ギター・サウンドはゴージャスに鳴り、ピアノはキラキラと輝き、ベースの低音は豊かに轟き、ドラムはセットの構造まで主張し、コーラスは各人のヴィヴラートまできめ細かい。それら1つひとつが際立つ繊細ノートが絡み合って壮大な音世界を組み上げていく。視覚的に喩えるなら、量販店に置いてあるどデカい4Kテレビのような感じでしょうか。目を凝らして凝らして細部を見ても美しく、だからこそ引いたときに大きさが際立つ(あくまで例え話。本作はCDです)。本作も、細部の細部まで超鮮明だからこそ、バンドの音楽世界の巨大さが感じられる。だからといってライン録音のような素っ気なさとは無縁で、繊細なヴィヴラートが絶妙な残響をまとって響き渡る様も、極めて美しい。「Somebody To Love」で空間の隅々に響き渡るアダムのヴォーカリゼイション……“残響がクリア”なんて録音、今まで想像すらしたことがありませんでした。
そんな“聴いたことすらない”レベルのサウンドで鳴るライヴの中身がまた、美しい。極めて。セットリストの内容は、先日リリースされた「LONDON 2015 2ND NIGHT」(Wardour-140)に近く、「Don’t Stop Me Now」「These Are the Days of Our Lives」が「A Kind Of Magic」「The Show Must Go On」に変更されている程度。1986年マジックツアーが脳裏をよぎる「One Vision」のオープニングも同じです。しかし、場数をさらに重ねてコンビネーションが暖まってきたのか、アンサンブルは円熟の極み。「LONDON 2015 2ND NIGHT」の時点では堅さが感じられた「Save Me」も堂々たるもの。自在で優雅なアダムのヴォーカル、隙なく感動をかき立てるギターとコーラス。たっぷりと熱くなった胸に「Who Wants To Live Forever」が追い打ちをかけ、泣きに泣くギターソロ・タイムへ。ニュアンスを拾いきり、なおかつ会場いっぱいに広がっていくギターの美しさ。そして、キリッとした音の粒立ちが凛とした決意まで湛える「The Show Must Go On」……あぁ、手がグーになってキーボードが打てない……。



Disc 1(64:45)
1. Intro 2. One Vision 3. Stone Cold Crazy 4. Another One Bites The Dust 5. Fat Bottomed Girls
6. In The Lap Of The Gods… Revisited 7. Seven Seas Of Rhye 8. Killer Queen
9. I Want To Break Free 10. Somebody To Love 11. Love Of My Life 12. Brian MC 13. ’39
14. A Kind Of Magic 15. Bass Solo 16. Drum & Bass Solo 17. Drum Battle

Disc 2(76:01)
1. Under Pressure 2. Save Me 3. Who Wants To Live Forever 4. Guitar Solo 5. Last Horizon
6. Guitar Solo(reprise) 7. Tie Your Mother Down 8. All Your Love / Vocal Jam
9. Vocal & Guitar Intro 10. I Want It All 11. Radio Ga Ga 12. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
13. The Show Must Go On 14. Bohemian Rhapsody 15. We Will Rock You 16. We Are The Champions
17. God Save The Queen


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