Queen & Adam Lambert / Uncasville 2014 / 2CDR

Queen & Adam Lambert / Uncasville 2014 / 2CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT, USA 19th July 2014.


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Queen + Adam Lambert through the performances of Korea first, coming to Japan this weekend finally! ! Last time, is a visit to Japan of nine years from the Queen concert with Paul Rodgers, and Japan tour 29 years whopping from Queen tour of Freddie last. Will no doubt be in Japan becomes Queen color this weekend! Well gift this week our shop, special release to celebrate the visit to Japan this time. Queen + Adam Lambert ended the North American tour of 24 performances safely to last Toronto July 28 last month, July 19, which marks the 22 performances first tour, ultra-high-quality sound of angry waves, Connecticut Uncasville performances complete recording in the audience recording. Our shop has been released in the press platen great sound and video of the tour early “CHICAGO 2014”, “EDMONTON 2014” and “CALGARY 2014”, but if the original release in press platen CD if even thought this Uncasville performances it is the sound of the highest level should be. Superb sound quality as it seems, “Did you mean, this sound source is North America tour best?” He said. This is not a really odd and I say direct feeling of the sound, and the sense of scale! ! It is the thing that times have changed at all … recording title this good gift title Nante be released. Good clearness of sound, the omission is a preeminent, is everyone super sound of that inevitable “I think I’m glad to hear this is before coming to Japan, but so far … I want to reissue a press CD from the later amazing recording” and you’re a fan is. Delicate part of the chorus of In The Lap Of The Gods … Revisited is heard clearly up here first. It will be that everyone would be impressed with this. And a birthday to be a 67-year-old Brian May, this day fun bonus that is sung “Happy Birthday Brian ♪” in the entire hall in Ondo of Adam in I Want It All after the show. Live is also raised to the highest. In recording a very lucky to say this recording, even though a musical tone on strangely, that there is no noisy crowd around, you can enjoy from beginning to end without any stress at all. Love Kills so has disappeared from the set in Toronto, unfortunately tour last day, Dragon Attack has been set in the (next day New Jersey performances it has already become doubtful or is played in Japan tour ). Well, the “holding hands”, “I Was Born To Love You” or will be playing in Japan? There is no doubt rise to do it ….

初の韓国公演を経て、今週末いよいよ日本にやってくるクイーン+アダム・ランバート!!前回、ポール・ロジャースとのクイーン公演から9年ぶりの来日であり、フレディ最後のクイーン・ツアーからはなんと29年ぶりの来日公演。今週末は日本中がクイーン一色になることは間違いないでしょう!さて当店の今週のギフトは、今回の来日を祝しての特別リリース。先月7月28日のトロントを最後に無事24公演の北米ツアーを終了させたクイーン+アダム・ランバートの、ツアー22公演目に当たる7月19日、コネチカット州アンキャスヴィル公演を、怒涛の超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。当店はツアー初頭の「CHICAGO 2014」「EDMONTON 2014」「CALGARY 2014」と素晴らしい映像と音をプレス盤でリリースしてきましたが、本来なら、このアンキャスヴィル公演もどう考えてもプレス盤CDでリリースすべき最高レベルの音源です。「もしかして、この音源が北米ツアーベスト?」と思えるほどの極上音質。音のダイレクト感、スケール感と言ったら本当に半端ではありません!!ギフトタイトルでここまで優れた録音タイトルがリリースされるなんて…全く時代は変わったものです。音のクリアネス、抜けの良さは抜群で、ファンなら誰しもが「来日前にこれが聞けて嬉しいけど、ここまで凄い録音は後からプレスCDで出し直してほしい…」と思うこと必至のスーパー音源です。In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisitedのコーラスの細やかな部分がここまではっきり聞こえるのは初。これには誰もが感動してしまうことでしょう。しかもこの日はブライアン・メイの67歳となる誕生日であり、I Want It All終演後にアダムの音頭で会場全体で「Happy Birthday Brian♪」が歌われるという楽しいおまけ付き。ライブも最高に盛り上がっています。この録音、楽音が異様にオンなのに、周囲に煩い観客がいないと言う非常にラッキーな録音で、ストレス一切無く最初から最後まで楽しめます。残念なことにツアー最終日のトロントではLove Killsがセットから消えてしまっていますので、日本公演で演奏されるかは疑問となってしまいました(翌日ニュージャージー公演ではDragon Attackがセットインしています)。さて、日本では「手をとりあって」「I Was Born To Love You」が演奏されるのでしょうか?やれば盛り上がること間違いありませんが…。

Disc 1(78:08)
1. Intro 2. Procession 3. Now I’m Here 4. Stone Cold Crazy 5. Another One Bites The Dust
6. Fat Bottomed Girls 7. In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited 8. Seven Seas Of Rhye
9. Killer Queen 10. Adam Talks 11. Somebody To Love 12. I Want It All 13. Happy Birthday Brian
14. Brian Talks 15. Love Of My Life 16. Band Introductions 17. ’39
18. These Are The Days Of Our Lives 19. Bass Solo 20. Drum Duel 21. Under Pressure

Disc 2(68:11)
1. Adam Talks 2. Love Kills 3. Who Wants To Live Forever 4. Guitar Solo 5. Last Horizon
6. Tie Your Mother Down 7. All Your Love Tonight 8. Radio Ga Ga 9. Adam Talks
10. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 11. The Show Must Go On 12. Bohemian Rhapsody
13. We Will Rock You 14. We Are The Champions 15. God Save The Queen


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