Queen / The Open Air Festival 1986 / 2CD With OBI Strip

Queen / The Open Air Festival 1986 / 2CD With OBI Strip / Shakuntala

Maimarktgelaende, Mannheim,West Germany June 21, 1986. Digitally Remastered

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It was a tour after releasing the album “KIND OF MAGIC”, which eventually resulted in the final tour of the original member. What is included in this work is the beginning of the tour on June 21, 1986 in Mannheim. It appeared as a part of the festival on this day, and it is fully recorded with a high-quality sound board over the full story. It is a sound board sound source from the magic tour which took place on the largest scale in Queen history. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed board. Japanese-style attaching.
アルバム『KIND OF MAGIC』をリリース後のツアーであり、これが結果的にオリジナル・メンバー最後のツアーとなった。本作に収録されているのは、ツアー序盤1986年6月21日マンハイム公演である。この日はフェスティバルの一環として出演したもので、全編に渡って高音質のサウンドボードで完全収録されている。クイーン史上最大の規模で行なわれたマジック・ツアーからのサウンドボード音源である。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。日本語帯付。

01. One Vision
02. Tie Your Mother Down
03. In The Lap Of The Gods
04. Seven Seas Of Rhye
05. Liar – Tear It Up
06. A Kind Of Magic
07. Under Pressure
08. Another One Bites The Dust
09. Who Wants To Live Forever
10. I Want To Break Free
11. Impromptu – Gimmie Some Lovin’
12. Guitar Solo
13. Now I’m Here

01. Love Of My Life
02. Is This The World We Created ?
03. (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care
04. Hello Mary Lou
05. Tutti Frutti (with FISH from MARILLION
06. Bohemian Rhapsody
07. Hammer To Fall
08. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
09. Radio Ga Ga
10. We Will Rock You
11. Friends Will Be Friends
12. We Are The Champions
13. God Save The Queen


Shakuntala. STCD-173/174

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