Queen / Live In Budapest 1986 Japanese Broadcast Edition / 1DVDR

Queen / Live In Budapest 1986 Japanese Broadcast Edition / 1DVDR / Non label
Live at Nepstadion, Budapest, Hungary 27th July 1986 PRO-SHOT Broadcast date: 22nd November 2008

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One of the highlights of the last tour “MAGIC TOUR”, “Budapest on July 27, 1986”. The best multi-camera pro shot is the gift release decision.
Speaking of the highlights of “MAGIC TOUR”, there are three major ones. Wembley Stadium 2 performance set to aim at one year after “LIVE AID”, Nebworth performance that became last show. And, it is the Budapest performance that became the first Eastern Europe performance. First, let’s look back on the panoramic view of “MAGIC TOUR” and check each position.

“June 3” A KIND OF MAGIC “release”
・ June 7-July 2: Europe # 1 (12 performances)
・ July 5-16: Britain (5 shows)
・ July 19-August 5: Europe # 2 (8 performances) ★ ★ Coco ★
・ August 9: Nebworth performance (last show)

This is the whole picture of the tour. Apart from GOLDEN ROSE POP FESTIVAL which was an event appearance, it was all 26 performances only in Europe. The Budapest show is the 4th “Europe # 2” show between Wembley Stadium and Nebworth. It was a concert called five performances until Freddie’s last show. The show mobilizes more than 80,000 people “LIVE AID” and is shot by a Hungarian film company. Officially, “A Kind Of Magic” and “Under Pressure” were adopted for “LIVE MAGIC” and also released as a video work “LIVE IN BUDAPEST 1986”. It is a show that symbolizes “MAGIC TOUR” as well as Wembley performances, such as the remastered version later also serving as a DVD.
This work is a professional shot version of such a Budapest performance. However, it is not the official VHS or DVD, but the Japanese broadcast version that was broadcasted by the Sakai Broadcasting Association’s music program “Golden Western Music Live”. The quality is perfect. Since it is a 2008 broadcast, it is a version prior to the current remastered DVD (the current version is the 2012 release), but the digital broadcast is only degraded as it is digitally recorded. Literally, you can fully enjoy the beauty of the official grade. Of course, it’s not official. At the beginning of the program, a tenor singer representing Japan fully describes the live with enthusiasm, and even in the live main part, Japanese telops are included in each place. Although there is no lyrics subtitles as it is, the title is displayed not only on MC but also on 1 song and 1 song, and easy song commentary is included. From the data such as the album album and chart ranking “a chorus of Roger Taylor is impressive”, also introduces a slight listening place. I don’t talk about extra things, but my favorite people are actually writing … It’s a subtitle that worked like that.
Budapest performances drawn with such quality are still great. A sense of scale and performance comparable to that wonderful “QUEEN AT WEMBLEY”. Among the fans, you can enjoy the great performances that have divided the popularity of “Wembley better” and “No, Wembley”. The sets are very similar, but the biggest difference is the “spring breeze (Tavaszi Szel Vizet Araszt)”. A folk song known to all Hungarians, sung only for this day. It’s a wonderful scene that puts the mind of the audience in the same way as “for hands” for Japan and “Las Palabras de Amor” for South America.
In addition, the documentary scene to enjoy the first Hungary is inserted. The four characters are projected, including Freddie who practices “Tavaszi Szel Vizet Araszt”, Brian who rides a hot air balloon, John who talks gently with a girl he met in the city, Roger who plays in a go-kart, and four individuals. Although I do not particularly talk about a lot, the contents are transmitted to the vivid by Japanese subtitles here as well.

This work closes a curtain in the end scene which puts a crown on Roger and falls accidentally. Wembley and Nebworth, along with Fredy’s last tour, represent a masterpiece multi-camera pro shot in Budapest. That is the Japanese broadcast version. If you have the official version I think that it is a collection value, but if you are satisfied only with “QUEEN AT WEMBLEY” I would like to see it by all means. One that enjoys no less than the best performance of the great show. Please experience it at this opportunity.


最後のツアー“MAGIC TOUR”のハイライトの1つ、「1986年7月27日ブダペスト公演」。その極上マルチカメラ・プロショットがギフト・リリース決定です。
“MAGIC TOUR”のハイライトと言えば、大きく3つ。“LIVE AID”の1年後を狙ったように設定されたウェンブリー・スタジアム2公演、ラスト・ショウとなったネブワース公演。そして、初の東欧公演となったブダペスト公演です。まずは、“MAGIC TOUR”の全景を振り返り、それぞれのポジションを確かめてみましょう。

《6月3日『A KIND OF MAGIC』発売》

これがツアーの全体像。イベント出演だったGOLDEN ROSE POP FESTIVALは別にして、ヨーロッパだけの全26公演でした。本作のブダペスト公演は、ウェンブリー・スタジアムとネブワースの間となる「欧州#2」の4公演目にあたる。フレディ最後のショウまであと5公演というコンサートでした。このショウは“LIVE AID”を超える8万人を動員し、ハンガリーの映画会社によって撮影。公式でも『LIVE MAGIC』に「A Kind Of Magic」「Under Pressure」が採用され、さらにビデオ作品『LIVE IN BUDAPEST 1986』としてもリリース。後にリマスター版がDVD化も果たすなど、ウェンブリー公演と並んで“MAGIC TOUR”を象徴してきたショウです。
そんなクオリティで描かれるブダペスト公演は、やはり素晴らしい。あの素晴らしき『QUEEN AT WEMBLEY』にも匹敵するスケール感と熱演。ファンの間では「ウェンブリーより凄い」「いや、やっぱりウェンブリー」と人気を二分してきた名演がたっぷりと楽しめる。セットは酷似していますが、一番の違いは「春の風(Tavaszi Szel Vizet Araszt)」。ハンガリー人なら誰でも知っている民謡で、この日だけのために歌われたもの。日本にとっての「手をとりあって」や南米における「Las Palabras de Amor」と同じように、観客の心を鷲づかみにする素晴らしいシーンです。
また、初のハンガリーを楽しむドキュメンタリー・シーンも挿入される。4人個別に4カ所入り、「Tavaszi Szel Vizet Araszt」を練習するフレディ、熱気球に乗るブライアン、街中で出会った女の子と優しく話し込むジョン、ゴーカートに興じるロジャーと、4人のキャラクターが映し出される。特に多くを語るわけではありませんが、ここでも日本語字幕で内容がビビッドに伝わります。

ロジャーに王冠を被せ、うっかり落としてしまうエンドシーンで幕を閉じる本作。ウェンブリー、ネブワースと並んでフレディ最後のツアーを代表してきたブダペスト公演の大傑作マルチカメラ・プロショット。その日本放送バージョンです。公式版をお持ちの方にはコレクション価値という気もしますが、『QUEEN AT WEMBLEY』だけで満足されている方には是非ともご覧頂きたい。あの素晴らしいショウに負けず劣らずの大名演が楽しめる1枚。ぜひ、この機会にご体験ください。

1. Intro 2. Opening 3. One Vision 4. Tie Your Mother Down 5. In the Lap of the Gods… Revisited
6. Seven Seas of Rhye 7. Tear It Up 8. A Kind of Magic 9. Under Pressure
10. Who Wants to Live Forever 11. I Want to Break Free 12. Guitar Solo 13. Now I’m Here
14. Love of My Life 15. Tavaszi Szel Vizet Araszt 16. Is This the World We Created?
17. Tutti Frutti 18. Bohemian Rhapsody 19. Hammer to Fall 20. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
21. Radio Ga Ga 22. We Will Rock You 23. Friends Will Be Friends 24. We Are the Champions
25. God Save the Queen


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