Queen / Berlin 1986 / 2CD

Queen / Berlin 1986 / 2CD / Wardour

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Live at Waldbuhne, Berlin, Germany 26th June 1986



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Coincidentally this week that “80s QUEEN” was in the spotlight, is a live album appeared to enjoy their 80s in this production 100%. In fact, I started the tour recently Queen + Adam Lambert, where will be the first time in 34 years, “The Hero” and “Play The Game”, and further has undergone a revival of 80’s classics such as “Hammer To Fall” It was. They do not know what you were paying attention in the 80s I think, however, the present work is a genuine 80s QUEEN. Is from just hit 30 years ago “MAGIC TOUR 1986” the hottest audience album “June 26, Berlin performances”. This alone those of mania might take a guess immediately. So, this day’s the live taken up as a suddenly a Led Zeppelin “Immigrant Song”. But “magic of the immigrants’ item on the nostalgia Hato long time ago to difficult to obtain. What appropriate to the format of the 2016 than, the release of Brand New title had been craving, was the sound source that emits a distinctive charm even in the inside of the Magic tour.

What a great sound quality to say! To begin with Magic tour is to help also the historical background of 1986, and there are many audience recording, which boasts excellent quality. Our shop such as Knebworth and Vienna have been released would be the best example. Such name sound source Berlin performances of Hairikomeru in the room in the peak soaring. Listen to one and can be satisfied just powerful on a sound image can be seen, a stunning recording state. Among them was me captured Roger of the powerful Queen rhythm with a focus on drum until the stunning thought you might be in the charm of this sound source maximum?
After all since Magic tour was done by using the only open-air venue that was the beginning and the stadium, as well as the sound itself was able to catch in on balance, a sound source which could not be covered until the range of the rhythm will never many. That point, the balance of the strong force that this Berlin sound source is to listen has not faded at all listening now. Is an update of this superb sound source has been forgotten …
Also evaluated between mania is I was in the high was “immigration of magic” is also very nice sound quality, because it was 15 years near the front of the release from now, age is equalized, which has been subjected to there and now you feel. Fortunately I original sound was not a distorted extreme sense that would. However, at the finish has been boosted place that had been captured in the balance of the original feel good rhythm, sound to the texture was fluffy by Tokoro you. However since the original sound quality is very good, if not go up to a significant upper version, this release is ahead of the equalization, that it has recorded in a state that respects the quality of the master, it does not remain in the powerful bass, It will be realized the clearness and natural as if it what Hitokawamuke.

Those who played lapse of three weeks from the tour start, the tour early to complete on June 21, days of our shop has released the definitive edition “DEFINITIVE MANNHEIM”. Since it is a stage that should be called the first day after a small pause, the combined margin in the momentum of up to it, that great live performance without hyperbole has been waged is, you may know long ago If you are a mania I do. On this day the biggest surprise in was the scene of ZEP “Immigrant Song” also, such allowance does not may have been the nacelle industry.
If you will be explained to those who hear for the first time in this release, in the usual “impromptu” part that unfolds is improvisation battle, it is an opportunity that it is Brian at likely to convergence has started playing as a suddenly the riff of the same song in the previous year. After a while, “Gimme Some Lovin” in the Spencer Davis Group, which will be played in the tightening of oldies corner in Mannheim had been tried deployment, such as rush into following the “impromptu”, the deployment based on that try, Brian is this day might have tried the “Immigrant Song”.
As a result, although he is a translation of “gimmick to have”, including the roar Roger while hitting a drum when it begins, Freddie will begin to sing to take over from there. However, his song is bullshit of perfection here (laughter). I sang a decent lyrics from the middle, but the last will of tight at the time of Freddie, you have cheated singing in falsetto. Robert life as a lock-Shauta than the plant, but is Freddie was much longer, guess I was tough mimicry of indeed him in 1970 the plant at this time. After all there was in your play specific performance of less than 50 seconds, there is only that the famous scene that has been handed down among the enthusiasts, this is really interesting!

As this scene had been telling Nevertheless, Freddie of the day you start to become painful voice from “Under Pressure” around. This is not a every day of the tour fatigue, it is presumed that he is not out tune on stage that became the rise after a small pause. It was like a tone, such as reminiscent of the second day Wembley Stadium. Because of that would that be?, That is to tantalize a little improvisation and intro if always begin playing as soon as a matter of course, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, do not miss even hear surprisingly unusual scene. Yet the subdued singing has become far from listen to at stunning Freddie, among them the last of the “We Are The Champion”, etc. This also interesting things become a melancholy finale.
In this way listening in addition to the live performance of the far from full, superb sound source boasts a high-quality sound of the Magic tour one of the best will be released after a long time. Even more than the drums of force that was mentioned earlier, the sound source of surprise that enjoy the oldies corner in simple ensemble also vivid sound pressure (up to John of the base line as also is firmly heard!). From beginning to end, there is no choice but to take my hat off to the stunning recording state. Mania that this had been waiting for the upgrade version of the sound source is, of course, after the official, such as Wembley Stadium and Hungarian, is the best one to fans want … such as try to enjoy the Magic tour in the audience recording!

奇しくも“80s QUEEN”が脚光を浴びた今週、彼らの80年代を本生100%で味わえるライヴアルバムが登場です。実は先頃クイーン+アダム・ランバートがツアーを開始したのですが、そこでは34年ぶりとなる「The Hero」や「Play The Game」、さらには「Hammer To Fall」といった80年代クラシックスが復活を遂げました。彼らが何を思って80年代に注目したのかは分かりませんが、本作は正真正銘の80年代QUEEN。ちょうど30年前にあたる“MAGIC TOUR 1986”から「6月26日ベルリン公演」のホットなオーディエンス・アルバムなのです。これだけでもマニアの方はすぐに察しがつくかもしれません。そう、この日はレッド・ツェッペリン「Immigrant Song」を突如として取り上げたライヴなのです。しかし懐かしのアイテム「移民の手品」はとうの昔に入手困難。何よりも2016年のフォーマットに相応しい、ブランニュー・タイトルのリリースが渇望されていた、マジック・ツアーの中においても際立った魅力を放つ音源でした。


演奏の方はツアー開始から三週間を経過し、当店が決定版をリリースした「DEFINITIVE MANNHEIM」の6月21日でツアー序盤が完了。小休止の後の初日とも言うべきステージですので、それまでの勢いに余裕が合わさった、掛け値なしに素晴らしいライブ・パフォーマンスが繰り広げられていることは、マニアの方ならとうの昔にご存知かもしれませんね。この日最大のサプライズであったZEP「Immigrant Song」の場面も、そうした余裕が成せる業だったのかもしれません。
今回のリリースで初めて聴かれる方に説明させていただきますと、いつものアドリブ合戦が繰り広げられる「impromptu」パートにおいて、それが収束しそうなところでブライアンが同曲のリフを突如として弾き始めたことがきっかけとなりました。後にオールディーズ・コーナーの締めで演奏されることになるスペンサー・デイヴィス・グループの「Gimme Some Lovin」がマンハイムでは「impromptu」に続いて雪崩れ込むような展開が試されていましたが、その展開を試すことを踏まえ、ブライアンがこの日は「Immigrant Song」を試したのかもしれません。

とはいえこの場面が物語っていたように、この日のフレディは「Under Pressure」辺りから声が苦しくなり始めます。これは連日のツアー疲れではなく、小休止の後の立ち上がりとなったステージで調子が出ないのだと推測されます。それはまるでウェンブリー・スタジアム二日目を思わせる様な調子でした。そのせいなのでしょうか、いつもならちょっとしたアドリブやイントロをじらすのが当たり前な「Bohemian Rhapsody」をすぐに弾き始めるという、意外に珍しい場面も聞き逃せません。それでいて抑えた歌い方が聴きどころになってしまうのがフレディの見事なところで、中でも最後の「We Are The Champion」などは哀愁のフィナーレと化してこれまた面白いもの。

Disc 1 (57:51)
1. One Vision 2. Tie Your Mother Down 3. In The Lap Of The Gods… Revisited 4. Seven Seas Of Rhye
5. Tear It Up 6. A Kind Of Magic 7. Day-O 8. Under Pressure 9. Another One Bites The Dust
10. Who Wants To Live Forever 11. I Want To Break Free 12. Impromptu 13. Immigrant Song
14. Guitar Solo 15. Now I’m Here

Disc 2 (48:47)
1. Love Of My Life 2. Is This The World We Created? 3. You’re So Square (Baby I Don’t Care)
4. Hello Mary Lou 5. Tutti Frutti 6. Bohemian Rhapsody 7. Hammer To Fall
8. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 9. Radio Ga Ga 10. We Will Rock You 11. Friends Will Be Friends
12. We Are The Champions 13. God Save The Queen

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