Queen / Definitive Sun City 1984 / 2CD

Queen / Definitive Sun City 1984 / 2CD / Wardour
Live at Super Bowl, Sun City, Bophuthatswana, South Africa 19th October 1984 STEREO SBD

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Translated Text:

SUN CITY performance of a nightmare that knocked down QUEEN revived by “THE WORKS” to the bottom of Naraku. A phantom show where only anecdotes were walking alone for a long time. A complete version stereo sound board recording that tells the truth is reprinted by brush up and recording.

【The nightmare which was opposite to LIVE AID】
This show is too huge stain in all QUEEN history. Currently, the miracle of “LIVE AID” is taking a lot of attention in the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”, but the performance of Sun City was premier, it was a true show. It was not the contents of the live (which will be described later, but it is rather an awesome stage), and it was in the place called Sun City. This is a luxury resort area in South Africa. At that time, the country was isolated from the whole world with an unfamiliar apartheid policy. It was expelled not only from economic sanctions but also from the Olympic Games, and the UN was calling for a cultural boycott. QUEEN was the one who forced the tour to break the prohibition in such a situation. First of all, let’s check the position of such tour with the schedule of the time.

● 1984
“February 27” THE WORKS “release”
· August 24 – September 30: Europe (23 performances)
· October 5 – 20: South Africa (9 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
● 1985
· January 11th + 18th: ROCK IN RIO (2 performances)
· April 13 – 29: Oceania (9 shows)
· May 8th – 15th: Japan (5 shows)
· July 13: LIVE AID

This is the flow from “THE WORKS” to the miracle “LIVE AID”. In South Africa, nine performances were held only in Sun City. Brian May said “We decided to consider deliberately for nearly a year” and toured with the thought that “I wanted to help people doing anti-apartheid campaign”. But the whole world did not allow this. Speaking of October 1985, an apart apartheid single “Sun City” where 50 other well-known musicians participated is also in the midst of a hot topic. That’s why QUEEN’s actions have attracted the world’s attention, reputation dropped at a stroke and it was a tremendous bashing. In addition, Queen of the time also had a great relationship between the members, and this bashing had been driven to the point of dissolution. It was the opposite of “LIVE AID” on both aspects of world reaction and subsequent trends.

【Brush up the full SBD of the miracle】
Although such a Sun City performance is held, the site has not long been known. Not a journalist sending a message to the world, nor a country where recordings are discovered. However, only the bad reputation “I did a live” was transmitted. This work is a miracle live album that broke such a veil. It is a full sound board recording of “8 October 1984” which is the eight performances out of the performance of Sun City 9 performances.
This recording appeared in 2015 when more than 30 years passed since live. At first it was only the first part of the live, but the complete version “COMPLETE SUN CITY” was discovered. The shock was terrible. Sun City’s live which was historically very famous but was also a dream of a dream such as listening with sound. Besides QUEEN, there are other musicians who have performed live in this place, but there is little that sound source came out. From the dark continent full view of the live, and suddenly jumped out of the desk directly connected to the soundboard. Because of its shock “COMPLETE SUN CITY” sold out in the blinks out of print. This work is a decision board that polished such a shocking work “COMPLETE SUN CITY” master with the latest and meticulous remastering.
That sound is intensely incomparable! At the time of “COMPLETE SUN CITY” it was an overwhelming sound of direct brainstorm, but its feel was rough. The sound that one channel dropped high was unbalanced on the left and right, and there was sense of incompatibility when listening with headphones because it is direct connection. Therefore, this work carefully arranges the collapsed balance, and also organizes the separations of each range. While realizing the possibility of the original sound to the maximum extent, it realized a natural listening response with a superb desk direct feeling.

【LIVE AID too close to big performance】
Of course, because the rough in-situ mix is ​​intact, it is slightly different from “official”, but it is not a drawback but a beauty point. The guitar and bass strings tremble there right now, feeling until Freddie’s breath felt through Mike’s wire mesh reality. The sound of the excitement before being musically arranged is overwhelming.
Moreover, that performance / singing voice is terrible. Nightmares and nightmares were in common, but it is a story after the tour is over. The show itself is filled with a spirit of witnessing the violent enthusiasm of Sun City, high tension that is great. When saying “THE WORKS TOUR”, Freddie seems tired or there are live shows that are not yet hot, but this work is exactly right. Seven Seas Of Rhye ‘s high note will also grow to grow, with improvisation and improvisation starting from “Somebody To Love” with the early “The March Of The Black Queen” “My Fairy King” . Jump over the octave comfortably, a powerful singing voice listens to the intonation full of passion, and the imbalance is really varied. In addition to songs, not only the usual players but also passion far beyond that are scattered.
What I am here is QUEEN who responds to fans waiting for them, four people who are excited about the place I stepped in for the first time. Freddie’s enthusiasm for singing “I Want To Break Free” that he was singing as an anti-apartheid protest song on the spot … …. The world did not know this entertainment, and he beat up those who sang liberty in the field. Despite being a performance closer to “LIVE AID”, the result has gone true to the opposite. It is a wonderful show that solicits even soothing teeth at the moment.

【Realistic interview that air feeling at that time is transmitted】
At the end of this work, as well as the original release, we recorded bonuses of precious interviews at the time. In 1986 radio interview with Brian and Roger appeared, we carefully respond while choosing words for questions to Sun City’s performance. The voice of Brian and Roger confused as if they are being interrogated is painful and the cold reaction of the world waiting for QUEEN is realistically transmitted. This pursuit was awaited after the good faith was enthusiastically received in Sun City. The gap is a brilliant bonus only because it listens right after the circle that happened in the field.
However, “LIVE AID” was not merely a wonderful performance. It miraculously miraculously rebounded on the brink of adversity, convincing the world. Although this work is one wonderful live album, at the same time, the record that the essence of passion that was put in “LIVE AID” is painfully transmitted. Besides being a miracle excavation sound board, it is also a witness of a serious sound for QUEEN history. The decision board which updated its highest peak. Please, enjoy plenty with the permanent preservation press 2CD.
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『THE WORKS』で復活したQUEENを奈落の底に叩き落とした悪夢のサン・シティ公演。長らく逸話だけが一人歩きしていた幻のショウ。その真実を伝える完全版ステレオ・サウンドボード録音がブラッシュ・アップして復刻です。

【LIVE AIDと正反対だった悪夢】
このショウは、QUEEN全史でも巨大すぎる汚点。現在、映画『ボヘミアン・ラプソディ』で“LIVE AID”の奇跡が注目を浴びていますが、サン・シティ公演はその前段であり、真逆とも言えるショウでした。問題だったのはライヴの中身ではなく(後述しますが、むしろ凄まじいステージです)、サン・シティという場所にあった。ここは南アフリカ共和国の高級リゾート地。当時、かの国は悪名高きアパルトヘイト政策で全世界から孤立していた。経済制裁だけでなくオリンピックからも追放され、国連から文化的ボイコットが呼びかけられていました。そんな中で禁を破ってまでツアーを強行したのがQUEENだったのです。まずは、そんなツアーのポジションを当時のスケジュールで確認してみましょう。

《2月27日『THE WORKS』発売》
・1月11日+18日:ROCK IN RIO(2公演)
・7月13日:LIVE AID

これが『THE WORKS』から奇跡の“LIVE AID”までの流れ。南アフリカではサン・シティでのみ全9公演が行われました。ブライアン・メイ曰く「一年近く熟慮して行くことに決めた」「反アパルトヘイト運動をしている人たちの助けになりたかった」との想いを込めてツアーを実施しました。しかし、全世界はこれを許さなかった。1985年10月と言えば、50人もの著名なミュージシャンが参加した反アパルトヘイトのシングル『Sun City』も話題となっている真っ最中。それだけにQUEENの行動は世界の耳目を引き、評判は一気に失墜して猛バッシングの的。しかも、当時のQUEENはメンバー同士の人間関係もギクシャクしており、このバッシングで解散寸前にまで追い込まれてしまった。世界の反応、その後の趨勢の両面で“LIVE AID”とは正反対だったのです。

この録音が登場したのはライヴから30年以上が経った2015年。最初はライヴの前半部分だけでしたが、完全版となる『COMPLETE SUN CITY』が発掘されたのです。その衝撃は、凄まじいものでした。歴史的には超有名ではあっても音で聴くなど夢のまた夢だったサン・シティのライヴ。QUEENに限らず、かの地でライヴを行ったミュージシャンは他にもいますが、その音源が出てきたことはほとんどない。その暗黒大陸からライヴの全景、しかも、卓直結サウンドボードで突然飛び出してきたのですから。その衝撃ゆえに『COMPLETE SUN CITY』は瞬く間に完売・廃盤。本作は、そんな衝撃作『COMPLETE SUN CITY』マスターを最新・細心リマスタリングで磨き上げた決定盤なのです。
そのサウンドは、強烈無比! 『COMPLETE SUN CITY』の時点で脳みそ直結の圧倒的なサウンドでしたが、その感触は荒っぽかった。片チャンネルがハイ落ちしたサウンドは左右でアンバランスであり、ド直結だからこそヘッドフォンで聴くと違和感もあったのです。そこで本作は崩れたバランスを丁寧に整え、音域ごとのセパレートも整理。原音の持つ可能性を最大限引き出しつつ、極上の卓直結感のまま自然な聴き応えを実現したのです。

【LIVE AIDにも迫る大熱演】
しかも、その演奏/歌声が凄まじい。悪夢、悪夢と連呼しましたが、それはツアーが終わった後の話。ショウ自体は、サン・シティの猛烈な熱狂を目の当たりにした気迫に満ち、えらくハイテンション。“THE WORKS TOUR”というと、フレディに疲れが見えたり、今ひとつ熱気に欠けるライヴもあったりするのですが、本作はまさに絶好調。「Somebody To Love」から即興で初期の「The March Of The Black Queen」「My Fairy King」を交える遊びを盛り込む激レアな流れを聴かせ、「Seven Seas Of Rhye」のハイノートも伸びに伸びまくる。オクターヴを楽々と飛び越し、力強い歌声は情熱たっぷりに抑揚を聴かせ、インプヴィゼーションも実に多彩。歌だけでなく、演奏陣もいつも通りどころか、それを遙かに超える情熱がほとばしる。
ここにいるのは、ただ彼らを待つファンに応えるQUEENであり、初めて踏み入れた地に発奮する4人。現地で反アパルトヘイトのプロテスト・ソングとして歌われていたという「I Want To Break Free」を誇らしげに歌うフレディの熱唱……。世界はこの熱演を知らず、現地で自由を歌い上げた彼らを袋叩きにした。“LIVE AID”にも迫る演奏でありながら、結果は真逆になってしまった。今さらながら歯がゆささえ募る素晴らしいショウなのです。

かの“LIVE AID”は単に素晴らしいパフォーマンスというだけではなかった。逆境の瀬戸際で見事に跳ね返し、世界を納得させたからこそ奇跡だったのです。本作は1本の素晴らしすぎるライヴアルバムですが、それと同時に“LIVE AID”に込められていた情熱の本質が痛いほどに伝わってくる記録。奇跡の発掘サウンドボードであるばかりか、QUEEN史にとっても重大な音の証人。その最高峰を更新した決定盤。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDでたっぷりとご堪能ください。


Disc 1 (44:09)
1. Machines Intro. 2. Tear It Up 3. Tie Your Mother Down 4. Under Pressure 5. Somebody To Love
6. The March Of The Black Queen (improvisation) 7. My Fairy King (improvisation)
8. Killer Queen 9. Seven Seas Of Rhye 10. Keep Yourself Alive 11. Liar 12. Impromptu
13. It’s A Hard Life 14. Dragon Attack 15. Now I’m Here

Disc 2 (62:37)
1. Is This The World We Created ? 2. Love Of My Life 3. Another One Bites The Dust
4. We Will Rock You (improvisation) 5. Hammer To Fall 6. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
7. Bohemian Rhapsody 8. Radio Ga Ga 9. I Want To Break Free 10. Jailhouse Rock
11. We Will Rock You 12. We Are The Champions

Bonus Track
13. Interview with Brian and Roger about Sun City



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