Queen / Live In Japan Seibu Stadium 1982 / 1DVD

Queen / Live In Japan Seibu Stadium 1982 / 1DVD / Non Label
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Live at Seibu Stadium, Saitama, Japan 3rd November 1982 . Pro-Shot


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Legendary live video “LIVE IN JAPAN” revived with the highest quality ever. In this work, QUEEN is a band that has continued to publish ambitious works not only in albums but also in images, but this work is a live video that they first released to the public. It was selected as a memorable honor in Japan, and it is a multi camera camera shot containing the performance “November 3, 1982: Seibu baseball stadium” which was also the final performance of “HOT SPACE TOUR 1982”. This image was released only in Japan. Although it was recurred several times with VHS and laser disc, it was not announced globally. In 2004, I realized the DVD as a bonus image of “QUEEN ON FIRE – LIVE AT THE BOWL”, but it was also halfway sort of six net songs. It is a legendary image that has captured the envy of eyes from overseas maniacs.
In this work, I used the mint quality board that Coremania treasured even in that Japanese disc laser disc. We entrusted it to a special manufacturer of overseas analog images and made it into a DVD in a high-end environment of professional specifications. That picture is exactly the highest peak ever. Although the laser disk is different from the scan line standard with VHS, furthermore the image beauty spreading all over the screen is no running distortion which is the fate of the magnetic tape and no distortion of the screen. Moreover, digitization by a professional manufacturer has pulled out all of the information dormitory which the laser disc had, and it is much more glossy than the memory which was familiar in consumer machines. Even in the reprint series so far, I’ve gotten a big reputation “I am beautiful than my laser,” but you can taste the quality of the highest grade among its collections.
The appearance of young QUEEN drawn with such quality is filled with glaring eyes. To be honest, there is only a final performance of “HOT SPACE TOUR 1982” which lasts for seven months, so I can not hide the tiredness of the tour (which may be why I can not hope for a massive DVD). Freddie Mercury, especially in Friday Mercury, can not be said to be in perfect condition in a cold outdoor performance in November, but it is awesome to wield the voice that does not come out, and the power of performance that bounces off the cover is amazing. The feeling of the fissure like a rush was felt also in the audience recording and the like, but the performance which makes full use of the body of 36 years old approaches Vivid by the image. You can witness it at the highest ever Official Proshot ever (Anyway, to officially release without replacing ….).
Also, the set list is delicious. The shortened size of about 1 hour is far from the full set but still firmly records “Love of My Life” which did not do in other countries and “Teo Torriatte” unique to Japan. Even though I botherly did not remove the songs that I played only in Japan, their feelings that I felt special in Japan seemed transparent. As a matter of fact, there was a mistake in the middle of “Teo Torriatte” at the work site, but in this work the official repaired by editing. It is a natural finish. In these songs, a big chorus with female voice fans as a main thing rises up, but the singing voice unique to Japan is very moving. Songs such as “Teo Torriatte”, “Flash’s Theme / The Hero”, “Put Out The Fire”, “Save Me” are also the last performances for Freddie this day. It is the first live work and the last melody is close to the chest.

QUEEN who always thought Japan exceptionally. Unfortunately it did not qualify, but still she chose Japan for her first live work and showed a passionate passionate response. A monument in which officials engrave their appearance, the singing voice of the Japanese who they loved. A video work envied by the world mania. The highest quality quality record ever. Go to your hand who continues to love QUEEN still this weekend.
伝説的のライヴビデオ『LIVE IN JAPAN』が史上最高峰クオリティで蘇りました。本作は、QUEENはアルバムだけでなく、映像でも意欲的な作品を発表し続けたバンドですが、本作はそんな彼らが初めて世に出したライヴ映像。その記念すべき栄誉に選ばれたのは日本で、“HOT SPACE TOUR 1982”の最終公演ともなった「1982年11月3日:西武球場」公演を収めたマルチカメラ・プロショットです。この映像は日本だけでリリースされたもの。幾度かVHSとレーザーディスクで再発されましたが、全世界的には発表されなかった。2004年には『QUEEN ON FIRE – LIVE AT THE BOWL』のボーナス映像としてDVD化も実現しましたが、それも正味6曲分という中途半端なもの。海外のマニアから羨望の眼差しを集めてきた伝説映像なのです。
そんなクオリティで描かれる若きQUEENの姿は、目にも眩しい輝きに満ちている。正直なところ、7ヶ月に及ぶ“HOT SPACE TOUR 1982”の最終公演だけあってツアー疲れは隠しきれない(だからこそ大々的なDVD化が望めないのかも知れません)。11月の寒い野外公演にノドを痛めたのか、特にフレディ・マーキュリーはお世辞にも絶好調とは言えないわけですが、出ない声を振り絞る気迫、その分をカバーを跳ね返すパフォーマンスの迫力が凄い。押し寄せるような裂帛の気合いはオーディエンス録音などでも感じられましたが、36歳の肉体を駆使するパフォーマンスは映像なればこそビビッドに迫る。それを史上最高峰のオフィシャル・プロショットで目撃できるのです(それにしても、差し替えずに公式リリースするとは……)。
また、セットリストも美味しい。約1時間の短縮サイズはフルセットとはほど遠いわけですが、それでも他国ではやらなかった「Love of My Life」や日本ならではの「Teo Torriatte」もしっかり収録。わざわざ日本でのみ演奏した曲を外さなかったところにも、日本を特別に感じていた彼らの想いが透けるようです。実のところ、現場では「Teo Torriatte」の中盤にミスがあったのですが、本作ではオフィシャルが編集でリペア。自然な仕上がりになっています。こうした曲では、女声ファンをメインとした大合唱が沸き起こるのですが、その日本ならではの歌声がなんとも感動的です。その「Teo Torriatte」を始め、「Flash’s Theme/The Hero」や「Put Out The Fire」「Save Me」といった曲は、この日がフレディにとってのラスト・パフォーマンスでもある。初のライヴ作品にして最後のメロディが胸に迫る曲たちなのです。


1. Flash’s Theme 2. The Hero 3. Now I’m Here 4. Put Out The Fire 5. Dragon Attack
6. Love of My Life 7. Save Me 8. Guitar Solo 9. Under Pressure 10. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
11. Bohemian Rhapsody 12. Tie Your Mother Down 13. Teo Torriatte 14. We Will Rock You
15. We Are The Champions 16. God Save The Queen



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