Queen / Definitive Nagoya 1982 / 2CD

Queen /Definitive Nagoya 1982 / 2CD /Wardour

Live at International Exhibition Hall, Nagoya, Japan 26th October 1982 Truly perfect Sound (Upgrade)

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The name recording which has represented the Japanese performance in the “HOT SAPCE” era is appearing at the highest quality. It is included in this work “October 26, 1982: Nagoya International Exhibition Center” performance. It is its superb audience recording.
This record is exactly a stock. It is a name recording that has been known for a long time, but upgrading through the times. Especially “FIREDANCE” excavated from Wardour, world maniacs tremble in sounds by LOWEENE MASTER, which greatly exceeds previous episode. As soon as it appeared, it spreads out shocks and became a sold out and out of print popularity. This work digitizes its impact master again with the equipment of 2018. It is the highest peak renewal board polished with meticulous mastering.
It is a matter of concern, first of all the show position. Speaking of the Japanese performance in 1982, the official video “LIVE IN JAPAN” is also symbolic, but let’s check it in the schedule including it.

· October 19: Fukuoka Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium
· October 20: Fukuoka Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium
· October 24: Kobe Nishinomiya Stadium
· October 26: Nagoya International Exhibition Hall 【this work】
· October 29: Hokkaido Industrial Cooperative Venue
· November 3rd: Seibu baseball stadium official “LIVE IN JAPAN”

Over, all six performances. The Nagoya performance of this work corresponds to the 4th performances which went eastward with Fukuoka → Kobe. This work which contained such a show is obviously different from the previous episode from the moment of playback. “FIREDANCE” also recorded the show completely just before the beat of “Flash” flowed out, but this work can be heard from a minute and a half ago. This is also a really good mood. Just before the crowd gathered the atmosphere of the opening, it is just before the temperature gets warmer, the temperature of the venue going up is real. Heat is caught in the number and strength of hand clapping, and the roar of a swell spreads. The voices flying from the venue are cheerful, excited and have a strange person crying out the name of “friends (?)” And “Shibata! Moriyama Hiroyoshi!” There is Spacey and a rigid synth sounding like Seonzunsunsun … … and the venue gets boiled down with a clue of “Flash!”
In the place where it reached “Rock It” whose boiling turns into an explosion, it demonstrates the origin of the name recording. Hot enthusiasm must also be realistic audience recording, but wonderful things of performance and singing voice that cut through the middle of that deep! A straight core without distortion unique to LOWEEN is sharp like a laser beam, an air feeling that does not feel chattering or wraparound is transparent, giving glossy look glossy to the core and do not hide the detail. It is somewhat different from what we call “soundboard”, but a brilliant performance sounds the audience, that enthusiasm does not disturb Freddie’s singing voice. Reality and clearer, beauty and heat. Elements that may contradict each other excitate each other. While it is simply simple and high quality, it is a name recording that becomes a sample of audience recording full of more listening comprehension. Moreover, as the show progresses, little hiss and noise also disappears cleanly and it gets better and better.
And the show drawn with that sound is continuous listening. It is the same as the aforementioned “Rock It”, but it is also fresh in the first half to convolve “Hot SAPCE” numbers such as “Action This Day” “Calling All Girls” “Put Out The Fire” “Body Language”! As mentioned above, the 1982 Japan tour is also “LIVE IN JAPAN”, but this early stage scene was cut greatly. Of course, not only in the early stage but also in the midsize ‘Get Down, Make Love’, ‘Body Language’, ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ and ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ in the final stage, Japanese performances which were unknown in “LIVE IN JAPAN” Experience. In particular, the three songs “Rock It” “Calling All Girls” “Body Language” are not only valuable as “HOT SPACE TOUR 1982” but also as “QUEEN ON FIRE”. It is richer than the official record “1982” is scented.
More than that, “Teo Torriatte” was the special moment only for “Nagoya in 1982”. As an introduction to “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” Freddy calls chorus with Akogi with one hand, but there is complete acapella without any performance. Only Freddy’s singing voice which becomes a priming water and only the large chorus which responds to it meet the venue. As a matter of fact, although this Freddie of Nagoya performance is not very good, this a cappella version was not realized at this venue this evening in QUEEN’s entire history. I can witness the clear and realistic superb sound at such a once-in-a-lifetime session.

It is a beautiful impression work that updated the highest peak of traditional recording. Not only can you fully enjoy the “HOT SPACE TOUR” that you feel fresh, you can also experience the a cappella “Teo Torriatte” like a miracle just once. Please, please enjoy it at any time with permanent preservation press 2CD forever.

『HOT SAPCE』時代の日本公演を代表してきた名録音が最高峰クオリティで登場です。本作に収められているのは「1982年10月26日:名古屋国際展示場」公演。その極上オーディエンス録音です。
気になる内容ですが、まずはショウのポジション。1982年の日本公演と言えば公式映像『LIVE IN JAPAN』も象徴的ですが、それも含めて日程の中で確認してみましょう。

・10月26日:名古屋国際展示場 【本作】
・11月3日:西武球場 公式『LIVE IN JAPAN』

以上、全6公演。本作の名古屋公演は、福岡→神戸と東進してきた4公演目にあたります。そんなショウを収めた本作は、再生の瞬間から既発とは明らかに違う。『FIREDANCE』も「Flash」のビートが流れ出す直前からショウを完全収録していましたが、本作はさらに1分半前から聴ける。これがまた、実に良いムード。ちょうど開演の雰囲気を察した観客が沸き上がる直前からでして、グッと上がる会場の気温がリアル。手拍子の数と強さに熱が籠もり、うねりのようなどよめきが広がる。会場中から飛び交う声は上気しており、興奮して「柴田! 森山ひ○し!」と友人(?)の名を叫ぶ不思議な人までいる。そこにスペーシーで厳かなシンセがズンズンズンズン……と鳴り響き、「Flash!」の一声で会場が沸騰するのです。
その沸騰が爆発に変わる「Rock It」に至ったところで、名録音の本領発揮。熱い熱狂もリアルなオーディエンス録音には違いないのですが、そのド真ん中を突っ切ってくる演奏と歌声の素晴らしい事! ロウジェネならではの歪みのない真っ直ぐな芯はレーザー光線のように鋭く、ビビリも回り込みも感じさせない空気感は透き通っており、芯に見目麗しい艶を与えこそすれディテールを隠さない。「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ぶタイプともちょっと違うのですが、逞しい演奏音が観客を駆り立て、その熱狂がフレディの歌声を邪魔しない。リアリティとクリアさ、美しさと熱さ。ともすれば相反しかねない要素が互いを盛り上げる。シンプルに高音質でありながら、それ以上の聴き応えの詰まったオーディエンス録音の見本となる名録音。しかも、ショウが進むほどに僅かなヒス・ノイズも綺麗に消え去り、どんどん良くなっていくのです。
そして、そのサウンドで描かれるショウこそは聴きどころの連続。前述の「Rock It」もそうですが、さらに「Action This Day」「Calling All Girls」「Put Out The Fire」「Body Language」といった『HOT SAPCE』ナンバーを畳みかける前半のフレッシュなこと! 前述のように、1982年のジャパンツアーは『LIVE IN JAPAN』にもなっているわけですが、この序盤シーンは大きくカットされていた。もちろん、序盤だけでなく中盤の「Get Down, Make Love」「Body Language」「Fat Bottomed Girls」や終盤の「Another One Bites The Dust」など、『LIVE IN JAPAN』では窺い知れなかった日本演奏がフル体験。特に「Rock It」「Calling All Girls」「Body Language」の3曲は“HOT SPACE TOUR 1982”だけの貴重さだけでなく、『QUEEN ON FIRE』でも聴けない。オフィシャル記録よりの濃厚に“1982年”が薫るのです。
それ以上に、“1982年の名古屋”だけのスペシャルな瞬間だったのが「Teo Torriatte」。「Crazy Little Thing Called Love」のイントロとしてフレディがアコギを片手に唱和を呼ぶのですが、そこには一切の演奏なしの完全アカペラ。ただただ呼び水となるフレディの歌声と、それに応える大合唱だけが会場を満たすのです。実のところ、この名古屋公演のフレディは絶好調とは言い難いものの、このアカペラ・バージョンはQUEEN全史でもこの日、この会場でした実現しなかった。そんな一期一会の刹那にクリアでリアルな極上サウンドで立ち会えるのです。

伝統録音の最高峰を更新した美しき感動作です。今でも新鮮に感じる“HOT SPACE TOUR”をフルで楽しめるだけでなく、たった一度の奇跡のようなアカペラ「Teo Torriatte」も体験できる大名盤。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDでいつでも、いつまでもご堪能ください。

Disc 1 (58: 58)
1. Intro ★ This part first appeared. It recorded for 1 minute longer than the previous one! 2. Flash Intro (first 30 seconds also appear for the first time)
3. Rock It 4. We Will Rock You (Fast) 5. Action This Day 6. Play The Game 7. Calling All Girls
8. Now I’m Here 9. Put Out The Fire 10. Dragon Attack 11. Now I’m Here (reprise)
12. Love Of My Life 13. Improvisation 14. Save Me 15. Get Down, Make Love 16. Guitar Solo

Disc 2 (45: 02)
1. Body Language 2. Under Pressure 3. Fat Bottomed Girls 4. Teo Torriatte ★ A Cappella Version. Only this day ever!
5. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 6. Bohemian Rhapsody 7. Tie Your Mother Down
8. Another One Bites The Dust 9. We Will Rock You 10. We Are The Champions 11. God Save The Queen

Wardour – 305

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