Queen / Vienna 1978 / 2CDR

Queen / Vienna 1978 / 2CDR / Uxbridge

Live At Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria 2nd May 1978.

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Translated text:

Reproduction of the name recording which represented “NEWS OF THE WORLD TOUR”. It is brush up and it is appearing.
It is recorded in that name recording “Vienna performance May 2, 1978”. Its masterpiece audience recording. First of all, let’s check the position of the show from the whole view of the world tour as usual.

● 1977
“October 28” NEWS OF THE WORLD “Release”
· November 11 – December 22: North America (26 performances)
● 1978
· April 12 – May 3: Europe (15 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· May 6th – 13th: UK (5 shows)
“July” JAZZ “Production Start”

This is the big picture of “NEWS OF THE WORLD TOUR 1977-1978”. The composition is extremely simple, in 1977 right after the release of the album, it turned around North America, and in 1978, when the year was revised, it was a tour of Europe. The Viennese performance of this work was a concert that was the final performance of the final stage of that “European” leg.
On this day Queen’s first Vienna show (“Freddie” after “You’re My Best Friend” today is the first show in Vienna, we say Vienna, but you guys pronounce Vienna ” Although it is said), it is also known as a bad sound recording at the same time. Only one kind of audience recording was excavated, and “Keep Yourself Alive” which it was supposed to have been recorded with hiss was also cut. Well, it was a level that I could only listen … …. It was 2007 that the image of such a long time has been overturned. Masters of quite different quality were excavated.
To tell the truth, the new master also had the same recording itself, but the sound was completely different. The sound raised from 2nd Gen Master (Omoto master seems to have been lost due to a flood disaster) is several stages clear, and there is no harassing hiss. “Keep Yourself Alive” which had been cut was also completely left. Collector is obsessed with Genes’ difference, even in such maniacs it was a surprising master that “Jean is different just now!
That 2nd genie master was loved by our press CD “VIENNA WALTZ (Wardour-049)”, but this work has been polished further by meticulous mastering. Of course, we did not measure the apparent upgrade only with sound pressure production. The point is sense of separation. To tell the truth, although the original sound was clear, it was somewhat dango. Even without a problem in a quiet part, when you rock hard like “Brighton Rock” all the instruments became chunks of clumps. Therefore, in this work we organize such ensembles for each range. Beat and melody are separated from chitin even in songs pushing hard, and the presence of 4 people can be tasted firmly.
I will keep in mind that I do not want to make a difference, but this master is a masterpiece from the beginning. It is not an ordinary audience recording because it was pressed from the Wardour label at the same time as excavation. It made it easy to hear that name recording closer to the sound as it was on site. Even this fact alone can understand the splendor of this work.
So the sound that I revived is “NEWS OF THE WORLD TOUR” so I am more pleased. In any case, the QUEEN of this time is the development period when Gungang grew up on every tour. The passion is hot, the ensemble is full of dynamic and hard drive feeling. Hard music blows off like momentum, strong melodies and powerful mellow music. Because it is such a time, it is not a dango, it is not a sound that can be tasteless unless it is a clean sound. This work is a gem that has been polished by mastering after carefully examining the contents of such show and performance.
It is 12 years since excavation of the 2nd genie which replaced the image of “QUEEN’s first Vienna”. It is a brush · up board that draws out the possibility to the maximum. As the Omoto master is lost, you will not be able to hope for an upgrade beyond this one. A valuable and wonderful record of “NEWS OF THE WORLD TOUR”. Please, please enjoy it carefully.

“NEWS OF THE WORLD TOUR”を代表してきた名録音が復刻。ブラッシュ・アップして登場です。

《10月28日『NEWS OF THE WORLD』発売》

これが“NEWS OF THE WORLD TOUR 1977-1978”の全体像。構成は極めてシンプルで、アルバム発売直後の1977年は北米を回り、年が改まった1978年はヨーロッパを巡業。本作のウィーン公演はその「欧州」レッグの最終盤14公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
この日はQUEENにとって初めてのウィーン公演(「You’re My Best Friend」後にフレディが『今日はウィーンで初めてのショウなんだ。俺たちはヴィエナと言うんだけど、君たちはウィーンって発音するね』と言っています)なのですが、同時に音の悪い録音としても知られてきました。オーディエンス録音は1種しか発掘されず、それがヒスだらけで録音されていたはずの「Keep Yourself Alive」もカット。まぁ、聴けるだけありがたいか……というレベルでした。そんな長年のイメージがひっくり返ったのが2007年。まったくクオリティの異なるマスターが発掘されたのです。
実のところ、その新マスターも録音自体は同じだったのですが、サウンドが丸っきり違った。2ndジェネ・マスター(大元マスターは洪水災害で失われてしまったそうです)から起こされたサウンドは数段クリアで、耳障りなヒスもなし。カットされていた「Keep Yourself Alive」も完全に残されていた。コレクターはジェネ違いにこだわるものですが、そんなマニアでさえ「ジェネが違うだけでここまで変わるのか!」と驚くマスターだったのです。
その2ndジェネ・マスターは当店でもプレスCD『VIENNA WALTZ(Wardour-049)』で愛されましたが、本作はそれを更に細心マスタリングで磨き込んだもの。もちろん、音圧稼ぎで見かけだけのアップグレードを計ったわけではありません。ポイントは分離感。実のところ、原音はクリアになったとは言っても、ややダンゴ気味だった。静かなパートでは問題がなくても、「Brighton Rock」のように激しくロックするとすべての楽器が渾然となって塊になっていたのです。そこで、本作ではそうしたアンサンブルを音域ごとに分解して整理。ガンガン押しまくる曲でもビートとメロディがキチンと分かれ、4人の存在感をしっかりと味わえるのです。
そうして甦ったサウンドは、“NEWS OF THE WORLD TOUR”だからこそ一層嬉しい。何しろ、この頃のQUEENはツアー毎にグングン成長していった発展期。そのパッションは熱く、アンサンブルはダイナミックかつハードなドライヴ感に溢れている。ハードな曲はぶっ飛ばすような勢いが吹き出し、メロウな曲でも歯切れ良く力強い。そんな時期だからこそ、ダンゴではなく綺麗に整ったサウンドでないと真価が味わえない。本作はそんなショウや演奏の中身まで吟味した上でのマスタリングで磨き込んだ逸品なのです。
“QUEENの初ウィーン”のイメージを塗り替えた2ndジェネ発掘から12年。その可能性を最大限に引き出したブラッシュ・アップ盤です。大元マスターが失われているだけに、本作以上のアップグレードは望めないでしょう。貴重にして素晴らしい“NEWS OF THE WORLD TOUR”の記録。どうぞ、じっくりとお楽しみください。

Disc 1 (59:49)
1. We Will Rock You (slow / fast) 2. Brighton Rock 3. Somebody To Love 4. Death On Two Legs
5. Killer Queen 6. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy 7. I’m In Love With My Car
8. Get Down, Make Love 9. The Millionaire Waltz 10. You’re My Best Friend
11. Spread Your Wings 12. It’s Late 13. Now I’m Here 14. Love Of My Life

Disc 2 (61:23)
1. ’39 2. My Melancholy Blues 3. White Man 4. The Prophet’s Song incl. Guitar Solo
5. Stone Cold Crazy 6. Bohemian Rhapsody 7. Keep Yourself Alive 8. Tie Your Mother Down
9. We Will Rock You 10. We Are The Champions 11. Sheer Heart Attack 12. Jailhouse Rock
13. God Save The Queen

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