Queen / Definitive Vancouver 1978 / 2CD

Queen / Definitive Vancouver 1978 / 2CD / Wardour
Live at PNE Coliseum, Vancouver, BC, Canada 14th December 1978

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The classic recording born from the North American leg of “JAZZ TOUR” brush up. It is a permanent preservation press appeared in 2CD.
It is recorded in the masterpiece recording “Vancouver Performance December 14, 1978”. It’s that superb audience recording. Speaking of “JAZZ TOUR”, it is also a tour that bore the traditional official board “LIVE KILLERS”, which is the European leg of 1979. This work is masterpiece recording which represents the North American leg before that. Let’s look back on the schedule at the time in order to imagine the positional relationship of that side.

● 1978
· October 28 – November 9: North America a (8 shows)
“November 10” Jazz released “”
· November 10 – December 20: North America b (27 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
● 1979
· January 17 – March 1: Europe (28 performances)
· April 13 – May 6: Japan (15 shows)
“June 22” LIVE KILLERS “released”
· August 18: SAARBRUCKEN OPEN AIR appearance

This is the summary of “JAZZ TOUR 1978 – 1979”. Although I cut the North American leg with the release date of “JAZZ”, basically it is a continuation. This work was a concert that was the 23rd performance of “North America b” which will be the latter half.
The appearance of a recording that recorded such a show was just shocking. A master who was excavated newly in 2006 after nearly 30 years passed, a terribly intense sound blew the world. The most amazing thing is clear. Vibid that its outline is great though it is a powerful sound that the powerful strong core approaches guigui. Although it inhales the venue acoustics, it just stands up like a visible aura from the core that reaches straight, neither detail nor edges are cloudy. Speaking of this “North America b”, Montreal recording and Chicago recording have been reigning as the top two for a long time (Please enjoy at our “DEFINITIVE MONTREAL 1978 (Wardour-157)” “DEFINITIVE CHICAGO 1978 (Wardour-312)” Although it is not good), in the meantime, it quickly climbed up to “3 great recordings”. It is released as press 2 CD “CANADIAN ASSAULT” even at our shop just for that shock excavation. Of course, it was sold out and out of print as popular.
This work is also its shock master. Of course, it is a decision board that polished up with the latest and meticulous remastering, not the only re-press, and maximized the possibility of recording. That point is “Nuke”. Speaking of the taste of this recording, the direct feeling and strength of the soundboard flash. However, its ringing stopped at another step, and it did not reach the exhilaration feeling to penetrate. Therefore, this work organizes ringing for each range. The feeling of air was even more transparent, and I finished it so that I could clearly feel the vividness of the core and detail that was originally recorded. The effect is tremendous. Even though I’m not making sound pressure, the core is more dignified and tight, and the edges are really sharp. It realized a shining sound that felt the metallic luster to the reverberation of the cymbal.
It is drawn with that sound, QUEEN ‘s great performances rushing up all the way to the heyday. The basic set is based on “LIVE KILLERS”, but you can enjoy plenty of 4 songs “Somebody To Love”, “If You Can not Beat Them”, “It’s Late”, and “Fat Bottomed Girls” , And the natural flow of concerts freed also from the frame of four analog surfaces is also excellent. There is a cut due to a tape change from the guitar solo of the middle stage to the jam, but in other cases it is unusually stable sound, abnormal high sound quality continues from the beginning all the time.
That fullshow was also enjoyable with the Montreal recording and the Chicago recording mentioned earlier, but this work can also meet Freddie who was further informed. Although there is not a song that feels exhausted to the voice because it is the last stage of the North American leg, the tension to pull with Guyugii is wonderful. Actually, this work honestly inhales the excitement of the site, its enthusiasm is also amazing. Of course, I will not disturb the powerful performance sound and singing voice, but the temperature and extent of enthusiasm is not extraordinary, ranging from nearby spectators to encouraging far away. Because one grain of each grain is clear, the sense of perspective is also perceived as a shock, and it has a sense of scale of “Pacific Coliseum” where more than 15,000 people gathered. The reality of the audience shouting with the voice of the whole body at ‘Now I’m Here …’. It is a live album that can immerse your whole body in a hot venue that just raised tone bands cause.

Following “DEFINITIVE MONTREAL 1978” and “DEFINITIVE CHICAGO 1978”, which was reborn as a decision board in the beginning, the last one of the three large recordings that was left behind. The masterpieces group which becomes “North American version of LIVE KILLERS” is brush up completion. It is also good to start collecting 3 books and listening from this work. It is the birth of a masterpiece live album that you can enjoy QUEEN in a step-by-step state for the 80s of the heyday with a superb sound.

“JAZZ TOUR”の北米レッグから生まれた名作録音がブラッシュ・アップ。永久保存プレス2CDで登場です。
その名作録音に記録されているのは「1978年12月14日バンクーバー公演」。その極上オーディエンス録音です。“JAZZ TOUR”と言えば、伝統の公式盤『LIVE KILLERS』を産んだツアーでもあるわけですが、それは1979年の欧州レッグ。本作はその前の北米レッグを代表する名作録音です。その辺の位置関係をイメージするためにも、当時のスケジュールを振り返ってみましょう。

《6月22日『LIVE KILLERS』発売》

これが“JAZZ TOUR 1978-1979”の概要。『JAZZ』の発売日で北米レッグを切り分けましたが、基本的にはひと続き。本作はその後半となる「北米b」の23公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
そんなショウを記録した録音の登場は、まさに衝撃でした。30年近くを経た2006年に新発掘されたマスターで、とんでもなく強烈なサウンドが一世を風靡した。何よりも凄いのはクリアさ。ぶ厚く力強い芯がグイグイと迫るパワフル・サウンドでありながら、その輪郭がえらくビビッド。会場音響も吸い込んではいるものの、真っ直ぐ届く芯から目に見えないオーラのように立ち上るだけで、ディテールもエッジも曇らない。この「北米b」と言えば、古くからモントリオール録音とシカゴ録音が2トップとして君臨してきた(当店の『DEFINITIVE MONTREAL 1978(Wardour-157)』『DEFINITIVE CHICAGO 1978(Wardour-312)』でお楽しみ頂けます)わけですが、その間に入り込み、一気に「3大録音」に登り詰めてしまったのです。それだけの衝撃発掘だけに当店でもプレス2CD『CANADIAN ASSAULT』としてリリース。もちろん、大人気のうちに完売・廃盤となりました。
そのサウンドで描かれるのは、全盛期へまっしぐらに駆け上がっていくQUEENの大熱演。基本セットは『LIVE KILLERS』に準じるわけですが、公式作では削られてしまった4曲「Somebody To Love」「If You Can’t Beat Them」「It’s Late」「Fat Bottomed Girls」もたっぷりと楽しめ、さらにアナログ4面の枠からも解放されたコンサートの自然な流れも絶品。ショウ中盤のギターソロからジャムにテープチェンジによるカットがありますが、それ以外は異様なほど安定したサウンドで、異常な高音質が終始続くのです。
そのフルショウは先述のモントリオール録音とシカゴ録音でも楽しめたわけですが、本作はさらにノリにノッたフレディにも出逢える。北米レッグの終盤なために声に疲れを感じる曲もなくはないものの、グイグイと引っ張るテンションが素晴らしい。実際、本作には現場の盛り上がりを正直に吸い込んでおり、その熱狂がまた凄い。もちろん、力強い演奏音や歌声を邪魔しはしませんが、近くの観客から遠く遠くに蠢く声援に至るまで熱狂の温度と広さが尋常ではない。その1粒1粒がクリアなために遠近感もシッカリと感じられ、それが1万5,000人以上が集った“パシフィック・コロシアム”のスケール感を醸してもいるのです。「Now I’m Here」で渾身の声で叫ぶ観客のリアリティ……。まさに上り調子のバンドだけが引き起こす熱い会場に全身を浸しきれるライヴアルバムなのです。

先に決定盤として生まれ変わった『DEFINITIVE MONTREAL 1978』『DEFINITIVE CHICAGO 1978』に続き、残されていた「3大録音」最後の一角。「北米版のLIVE KILLERS」となる名作群がブラッシュ・アップ完了です。3本コレクションするも良し、本作から聴き始めるも良し。全盛の80年代に向けてアクセルべた踏み状態のQUEENを極上サウンドで楽しめる大傑作ライヴアルバムの誕生です。

Disc 1 (63:39)
1. Intro 2. We Will Rock You (fast) 3. Let Me Entertain You 4. Somebody To Love
5. If You Can’t Beat Them 6. Death On Two Legs 7. Killer Queen 8. Bicycle Race
9. I’m In Love With My Car 10. Get Down, Make Love 11. You’re My Best Friend
12. Now I’m Here 13. Spread Your Wings 14. Dreamers Ball 15. Love Of My Life 16. ’39

Disc 2 (52:58)
1. It’s Late 2. Brighton Rock 3. Drum Solo 4. Guitar Solo 5. Jam 6. Fat Bottomed Girls
7. Keep Yourself Alive 8. Bohemian Rhapsody 9. Tie Your Mother Down 10. Sheer Heart Attack
11. We Will Rock You 12. We Are The Champions 13. God Save The Queen


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