Queen / Ultimate Montreal 1978 / 2CD

Queen / Ultimate Montreal 1978 / 2CD /Wardour

Live at the Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1st December 1978 TRULY PERFECT SOUND(UPGRADE)


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The super-named recordings that represent the wonderful “JAZZ TOUR” are brushed up. It is a press 2CD that permanently preserves the highest peak quality ever.
超 The super-named recording was recorded on “December 1, 1978 Montreal Performance”. It is a super and superb Odins recording. It has been loved by famous groups such as “LIVE ACHIEVEMENT” and “BEST OF MONTREAL” since ancient times, and our smash hit “DEFINITIVE MONTREAL 1978” is also a famous recording during a memorable name recording. A masterpiece that has become a symbol of “JAZZ TOUR” has just been upgraded.
ポ ジ シ ョ ン Before the sound you’re worried about, first the show position. Let’s check it from the whole picture of the world tour together with the official traditional board “LIVE KILLERS”.

● 1978
・ October 28-December 20: North America (35 performances) ← ★ coco ★
● 1979
・ January 17-March 1: Europe (28 performances) ← ※ LIVE KILLERS
・ April 13-May 6: Japan (15 performances)
《LIVE KILLERS》 released on June 22
・ August 18: SAARBRUCKEN OPEN AIR appearance

This is the whole picture of “JAZZ TOUR”. While “LIVE KILLERS” was born on a European tour, this is a North American version of this live album. However, it is not only this work that has been pressed from this “North American” leg, but there are also other masterpieces such as “DEFINITIVE CHICAGO 1978 (Wardour-312)” and “DEFINITIVE VANCOUVER 1978 (Wardour-323)” . It’s a good opportunity to zoom to the North American leg and check the position of the best trilogy.

・ October 28-November 9 (8 performances)
《JAZZ release on November 10》
・ November 10-30 (14 performances)
・ December 1: Performance in Montreal ← ★ This work ★
・ December 3-6 (3 performances)
・ December 7 “DEFINITIVE CHICAGO 1978″
・ December 8-13 (3 performances)
・ December 14, “ DEFINITIVE VANCOUVER 1978 ”
・ December 16-20 (4 performances)

… and it looks like this. Even though the top trilogy is one of the earliest ones, this recording has been upgraded many times since old times because of its good sound quality (like the official nameplate). When a little longer master was found, it was talked about, and even a little young Jen was welcomed with delight. Above all, “DEFINITIVE MONTREAL 1978” was a definitive excavation. A new excavation master that appeared in 2015. It was a definitive master that sounded just like Omoto Master, and was even described as “no more found anymore”. Because of its splendor, “DEFINITIVE MONTREAL 1978” was sold out or out of print in extreme popularity, but this work is a refinement of such a master with meticulous mastering. It’s a live album with a “Definitive” master raised to “Ultimate”.
で す It seems to be a word play, but it is not to say that the previous work “DEFINITIVE MONTREAL 1978” was not a decision board. That masterpiece is a press of the definitive master as it is. On the other hand, this work is fine and fine treatment. As a matter of fact, the original sound is not just “Definitive”, it is not “just another thing!”, But we have thoroughly repaired the fine noise and shaking noticeable with headphones. The performance part is one example. The original sound also fluctuates the recording volume to match the PA volume that pops out with the performance, but in this work it is also carefully adjusted. It is arranged to sound more natural. This is just one example, but this work is polished in the direction of “eliminating defects” instead of “improving sound” (However, the biggest disadvantage of this recording is megaphone The banging sound was awkward).
名 The ultimate name recording was wonderful. The on-strength strength without distance is comparable to a sound board, and even a snare that tends to be squashy is dense. A guitar that excels at picking nuances, a three-dimensional drum that feels even the structure of the kit, a bass that does not mix even if it overlaps with each instrument, and above all Freddie’s singing voice. Not only one word of the lyrics, but also the nuances contained therein can be felt at zero distance. It is a famous recording that has been called “one of the best recordings of all existing carriers” since ancient times, but you can fully enjoy the highest peak.

Originally, in “LIVE KILLERS”, the number of characters should also be allocated to the cut “Somebody To Love”, “If You Can’t Beat Them”, “It’s Late”, and “Fat Bottomed Girls”, but for a long time, “LIVE KILLERS Complete Many people know only the famous recordings that have been heard as “versions”. This is a complete version that goes beyond the official tradition and is the North American version. The live album that will be the highest peak. Please enjoy the ultimate press 2CD.

素晴らしき“JAZZ TOUR”を代表してきた超名録音がブラッシュ・アップ。史上最高峰クオリティを永久保存するプレス2CDで登場です。
その超名録音が記録されたのは「1978年12月1日モントリオール公演」。その超・極上オーディンス録音です。古くから『LIVE ACHIEVEMENT』『BEST OF MONTREAL』といった名盤群で愛され、当店の大ヒット作『DEFINITIVE MONTREAL 1978』も思い出深い名録音中の名録音。まさに“JAZZ TOUR”の象徴ともなってきた大傑作がアップグレードを果たしたのです。
その気になるサウンドの前に、まずはショウのポジション。オフィシャルの伝統盤『LIVE KILLERS』とも合わせ、ワールド・ツアーの全体像から確認しておきましょう。

・1月17日-3月1日:欧州(28公演)←※LIVE KILLERS
《6月22日『LIVE KILLERS』発売》

これが“JAZZ TOUR”の全体像。『LIVE KILLERS』が欧州ツアーから生まれたのに対し、本作はその北米版とも言うべきライヴアルバムなのです。ただし、この「北米」レッグからプレス化を果たしているのは本作だけではなく、他にも『DEFINITIVE CHICAGO 1978(Wardour-312)』『DEFINITIVE VANCOUVER 1978(Wardour-323)』といった傑作も存在します。良い機会ですので「北米」レッグにズームし、極上3部作の位置関係も確認しておきましょう。

・12月1日:モントリオール公演 ←★本作★

……と、このようになっています。頂点三部作でも最初期の1本となるわけですが、この録音はあまりの音の良さから(オフィシャルの名盤がそうであるように)古くから幾度もアップグレードを繰り返してきました。少しでも長いマスターが見つかると話題になり、わずかでも若ジェネなら歓喜を持って迎えられた。中でも決定的な発掘だったのが先述した『DEFINITIVE MONTREAL 1978』。2015年に登場した新発掘マスターで、その瑞々しさは一瞬にして既発群を一蹴。正しく大元マスターとしか思えない極上サウンドであり、「これ以上はもう見つからないだろう」とさえ評されたDefinitiveなマスターでした。その素晴らしさゆえに『DEFINITIVE MONTREAL 1978』は大人気のうちに完売・廃盤となったわけですが、本作は、そんなマスターを細心マスタリングで磨き込んだもの。「Definitive」なマスターを「Ultimate」に引き上げたライヴアルバムなのです。
何だか言葉遊びのようですが、前作『DEFINITIVE MONTREAL 1978』が決定盤でなかったわけではありません。あの名盤は決定的なマスターを素のままにプレス化したもの。それに対し、本作は微に入り細に入ってトリートメント。実のところ、元が「Definitive」なサウンドだけに「まるで別物!」となっているわけではなく、ヘッドフォンで気づくような細かいノイズや音揺れを徹底的に修復しました。1つ例を挙げるなら開演パート。原音は開演と共に飛び出すPA音量に合わせるために録音ボリュームも揺れますが、本作ではそれも丁寧に調整。より自然に聞こえるように整えています。これはあくまで1つの例に過ぎませんが、このように本作は「音を良くする」ではなく「欠点をなくす」方向で磨かれているのです(ただし、この録音最大の欠点であるメガホンを叩くような音はムリでした)。

本来であれば『LIVE KILLERS』ではカットされた「Somebody To Love」「If You Can’t Beat Them」「It’s Late」「Fat Bottomed Girls」にも字数を割くべきなのでしょうが、長らく「LIVE KILLERSの完全版」として聴かれてきた名録音だけに、多くの方がご存じのことでしょう。公式の伝統盤を超える完全版であり、北米版。その最高峰となるライヴアルバム。どうぞ、究極形のプレス2CDで存分にご堪能ください。

Disc 1(51:11)
1. Intro
2. We Will Rock You (fast)
3. Let Me Entertain You
4. Somebody To Love
5. If You Can’t Beat Them
6. Death On Two Legs
7. Killer Queen
8. Bicycle Race
9. I’m In Love With My Car
10. Get Down, Make Love
11. You’re My Best Friend
12. Now I’m Here
13. Spread Your Wings

Disc 2(68:33)
1. Dreamers Ball
2. Love Of My Life
3. ‘ 39
4. It’s Late
5. Brighton Rock incl. Drum & Guitar Solo
6. Fat Bottomed Girls
7. Keep Yourself Alive
8. Bohemian Rhapsody
9. Tie Your Mother Down
10. Sheer Heart Attack
11. We Will Rock You
12. We Are The Champions
13. God Save The Queen


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