Queen / Ultimate Houston 1977 – 2nd Press / 2CD+DVD

Queen / Ultimate Houston 1977 – 2nd Press / 2CD+DVD / Wardour-246
Live at the Summit, Houston, TX, USA 11th December 1977 STEREO SBD

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The ultimate title which was said even as “the top of QUEEN all titles” is re-appearing at the encore press. It is included in its top works “December 11, 1977 Houston Performance”. The stereo sound board & pro shot reigning in a large classic is the vertex board that evolved ultimately!
What kind of show was such a big staple was recorded? Speaking of 1977, it is also the time when two world tours “A DAY AT THE RACES TOUR” and “NEWS OF THE WORLD TOUR” overlap. First of all, let’s check the position from the activity summary at that time.

● 1977
· January 13 – March 18: North America # 1 (40 shows)
· May 8 – June 7: Europe # 1 (19 performances)
“October 28” NEWS OF THE WORLD “Release”
· November 11 – December 22: North America # 2 (26 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
● 1978
· April 12 – May 13: European # 2 (20 performances)

This is the whole picture of 1977/1978. Both tours are about North America and Europe, this work is “NEWS OF THE WORLD TOUR”. It was a concert that was the 20th performance of “North America # 2” that was the beginning of the show, this day was familiar with sound boards and pro shots since ancient times, a large staple in the classic that has repeatedly upgraded many times. This work reigns at its top. It is the highest peak set of Pro Shot which synchronized the ultimate superior voice and the extreme quality sound board album that appeared in recent years and the ultimate quality.
It is the sound board that becomes necessary, but its upgrade is different from the conventional one. So far, doing “tracking noise has disappeared” “There is no sound fluctuation!” But doing “Intro’s” Don Don Cha “is a lot of times !!” “MC that I’ve never heard That’s it! … Although it has improved at various points, this work is not a story at hand. The master who made this work is correctly perfect and official class sound. This work is the ultimate triplet that puts the transcendence sound board on Disk 1-2, plus a pro shot that made use of the new sound board on Disk 3.

【Disc 1-2: Ultimate Soundboard · Album】
Tradition “Houston 1977 performance” has also been called “Official grade”, but even so, the upgrade of this work is amazing. To tell the truth, even though it says “official class” to the mouth, it is awesome from exciting exciting sounds of historical name sounds to officials who are officials. This work is ultra superb in light of its “official standards”. It is correctly “name board class sound”. Actually, maniacs all over the world tremble with this terrible quality. “There is no more unofficial sound” “It is an official leak!” It is about such an argument has come about.
Moreover, this work is not such a net · master itself, and was further mastering by the world mania of QUEEN research. That’s the version that the researcher offered to say “This is the ultimate. So it is permanent preservation.” That mastering is “official sense” all the time. For supreme superb sound that shakes the world from the beginning, it is useless as forcible equalizing etc. However, I am refining with a researcher’s point of view that “It should be done if it is really officially released” to its funeness. For example, turn off the hiss that was heard a little when it was made into a large volume, slightly hit the reverb of the official taste, and adjust the rising of the sound so that it does not become rounded among them. Each one is an extremely slight fine adjustment, but by carefully superimposing them carefully, “elegance of the official grade” was blown up.

【Disc 3: Pro Shot Synchronized with Ultimate Sound】
Because it is such an ultimate sound, I want to bring out the charm to the utmost. So we also recorded a DVD that synchronized the super beautiful sound of this work to the best professional shot on disk 3.
There were various versions of this pro shot, but the image used for this work is the highest peak version at the moment. Once popularized in the press DVD “DEFINITIVE HOUSTON”, it is a superb picture with none of the traditional chirping horizontal noise. At that time, even from the professional magazine “great quality up, I can assert that the difference is obvious to everyone’s eyes” “At the level saying there is a difference compared to a brute force, the image quality is” Dramatic improvement of all of “the color and shade of color” and “I think that what was used when studying what kind of performances on the official side will be made into DVD” was praised as such.
Such visual beauty also looks quite different when audio is ultimately upgraded. Vivid stereo which is different from the center-side mix so far spreads extremely dynamic. Breathtaking level vocal, chorus filled with elegance, guitar sound of nameplayer grade, even dramatic rhythm work …… Even the “sense of life” that emanates from glamorous beautiful image quality is quite different.

Houston performance that I listened to hundreds of times and listened to it. Ultimate title whose masterpiece was born at all. It is a set of three pieces of historical masterpiece / cultural heritage grade quality that even “Official grade” that was supposed to be the maximum compliment is missing. Because of the quality and the wonder of the show, the first press two years ago sold out and out of print in a blink of an eye. I could not make it in time for those who came back to QUEEN as a result of the big hit of the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. However, even so many super masterpieces must be known to many people. For that, it is the appearance of repressing press board. Since it is extremely popular this time, do not miss this opportunity!


そんな大定番が記録されたのはどんなショウだったのか。1977年と言えば、2つのワールドツアー“A DAY AT THE RACES TOUR”と“NEWS OF THE WORLD TOUR”が重なった時期でもある。まずは、当時の活動概要からポジションを確認してみましょう。

《10月28日『NEWS OF THE WORLD』発売》

これが1977年/1978年の全体像。両ツアーとも北米・欧州を巡っており、本作は“NEWS OF THE WORLD TOUR”の方。その冒頭となった「北米#2」20公演目にあたるコンサートでした、この日は古くからサウンドボードでもプロショットでもお馴染みで、これまで幾度もアップグレードを繰り返してきた定番中の大定番。本作はその頂点に君臨するもの。近年になって登場した、究極クオリティの極めつけサウンドボード・アルバムと、その超極上音声をシンクロさせたプロショットの最高峰版セットなのです。


このプロショットもさまざまなバージョンがありましたが、本作に使用された映像は現時点での最高峰版。かつてプレスDVD『DEFINITIVE HOUSTON』でも大人気を博したもので、従来のチリチリした横線ノイズも皆無の極上映像。当時、専門誌からも「大幅なクオリティ・アップ。その差は誰の目にも明らかだと断言できる」「強引に比較して差があると言うレベルではく、画質は“明るさ・色の濃さ・色合い”のどれもが劇的に向上」「オフィシャル側でどの公演をDVD化するのか検討した際に使われたものが流出したのかと思ってしまう」等々と激賞されました。


★待望の2nd プレス盤が入荷致しました。(ステッカーはNo.301~380となります。)

Disc 1 (58:21)
1. We Will Rock You(Slow)/A Day At The Races(Intro) 2. We Will Rock You(Fast) 3. Brighton Rock
4. Somebody To Love 5. Death On Two Legs 6. Killer Queen 7. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
8. I’m In Love With My Car 9. Get Down, Make Love 10. The Millionaire Waltz
11. You’re My Best Friend 12. Liar 13. Love Of My Life 14. ‘ 39 15. My Melancholy Blues

Disc 2 (54:59)
1. White Man 2. The Prophet’s Song 3. Guitar Solo 4. Now I’m Here 5. Stone Cold Crazy
6. Bohemian Rhapsody 7. Keep Yourself Alive 8. Tie Your Mother Down 9. We Will Rock You
10. We Are The Champions 11. Sheer Heart Attack 12. Jailhouse Rock 13. God Save The Queen

1. We Will Rock You(Slow)/A Day At The Races(Intro) 2. We Will Rock You(Fast) 3. Brighton Rock
4. Somebody To Love 5. Death On Two Legs 6. Killer Queen 7. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
8. I’m In Love With My Car 9. Get Down, Make Love 10. The Millionaire Waltz
11. You’re My Best Friend 12. Liar 13. Love Of My Life 14. ‘ 39 15. My Melancholy Blues
16. White Man 17. The Prophet’s Song 18. Guitar Solo 19. Now I’m Here 20. Stone Cold Crazy
21. Bohemian Rhapsody 22. Keep Yourself Alive 23. Tie Your Mother Down
24. We Will Rock You 25. We Are The Champions 26. Sheer Heart Attack
27. Jailhouse Rock 28. God Save The Queen

PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx. 114min.


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