Queen / Definitive Hyde Park 1976 / 2CD+1DVD

Queen / Definitive Hyde Park 1976 / 2CD+1DVD / Wardour

Translated text:
Live at Hyde Park, London, UK 18th September 1976

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A free concert called “September 18, 1976: Hyde Park Performance” which is said to have collected 150,000 people (depending on materials, 200 thousand people). Three set of culmination of the legendary show with the supreme master appears.
This show is a gift of great success brought by the night of Opera. Both albums and singles were ranked # 1 in the UK, and even the readers’ vote of SOUNDS magazine ranked the best album, the best single and the best band. I shined in Britain’s No. 1 band that was never pressed or pushed. A great event organized with Richard Branson, who is the founder of VIRGIN Records, with gratitude for fans who supported their success. He has already appeared as a main act while he was in production of his next work “Brilliant Lace”.
This work got the best record of such historical show. Overseas QUEEN researcher supervises everything from master appraisal to mastering finish, it is a 3-disc set which was permanently preserved and pressed with the highest quality ever. First of all, let’s organize the composition of such a work.

· Disk 1: Soundboard · Album
· Disk 2: Odins / Album
· Disc 3: Pro Shot DVD

【Disk 1: highest peak sound board album】
First of all, it is the soundboard album of the day. This show was scheduled to be fully broadcast on television in 1977, and all of the show was officially taken. But actually did not realize the broadcast, only the pro shot video and the sound board sound source leaked.
Its sound board has become a standard since ancient times, but this work is its highest peak. Although it can not be said that it is still an official class yet only for outflows, it surpasses a number of previous episodes. Even if the direct feeling of the class death is terrible, the sounds of the earlier group were somewhere muffled and making it boogie. The master of this work has no feeling of boiling, it is clear to the outline of the sound. The brilliant sound spreading through the core spreads throughout every corner, and the noise that was scattered in the past has also been minimal. This quality was realized by a deep study of a trainee who truly supervised. It is a person who has worked on a masterpiece of press such as “INVITE YOU TO A NIGHT AT THE BUDOKAN” “THE ROYAL AMERICAN TOUR 1975”, both of which made me feel deep sound source knowledge, but this work also Moreover, it is a delicious quality that could have been achieved because it is a certain eyes of choice.
Besides, this work is not just the best sound. Actually, it is also the longest live album utilizing another existing sound source. The highest peak master was a little short before the performance, the beginning of “Keep Yourself Alive” was also chipped. In this work, the performance part is expanded with another sound board, and it is complemented with less than 30 seconds by the audience recording from between the songs to the beginning of “Keep Yourself Alive”. This work is also done by the researcher himself. Again, Master’s selection, exquisite editing is a wonderful finish.

【Disk 2: Audience Recording】
It will be followed by a superb audience recording. It was digitized with the latest high-end equipment from the legendary LP boot leg “FREE IN THE PARK (Marc Records ZAP 7960)”. This original master selection and digitization also by the same researcher as Disk 1. It is a business that can not be hoped for any further in the audience on that day.
It is an incomplete version in which 4 songs “Ogre Battle”, “White Queen (As It Began)”, “Flick Of The Wrist” and “Keep Yourself Alive” are cut just like LP’s wake, Superb item. Clearness of zero echoes is wonderful only in the open air, the crisp playing and singing voice arrives straight. Although it is not exactly like the disc 1 of the genuine sound board truly, it is not quite satisfactory as far as clearing is concerned.
It is more than its beauty that the legendary feeling of the place. The mood of the forefront where the new hero QUEEN played and rushed to British pride was amazing. The scale that is said to be 150,000 and 200,000 is a large crowd at the level where one of Shinjuku citizens gathers. It loves only four people, and it is deprived of the music. Just a festive mood of a huge community, rather than a frenzy of fuss. It is not a big cheer to explode but chant the chord as it is coming, put it together with a (slightly strange) rhythm, and give applause. You can completely immerse your whole body in the spectacle of the space with a free open feeling completely different from the concerts and festivals of Sogyoso.
Of course, the entertainment performed in front of such a large crowd is also wonderful. Even for them, it was the first time for me to see a huge show so far, but Freddie was greatly excited, not to be afraid of the crowd at full birth of a star. Shouting “Everyone, Sing!” Draws out the big chorus of “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the big hit, “You Take My Breath Away” also revives the tremendous treble. You Take My Breath Away, which pretends to be a brilliant race, a new work not yet seen, “You’re My Best Friend” played medley before “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Ogre Battle “” Sweet Lady “” White Queen “” Flick Of The Wrist “” Bring Back That Leroy Brown “” 39 “… etc. “The Prophet’s Song” in which the echo can not be heard in the middle part has become a hot topic, but at that time, including that, you can enjoy plenty of QUEEN that can only be found here.

【Disc 3: Pro Shot DVD】
Finally, video editing that can witness the spectacle of such a site with multiple cameras and professional shots. As mentioned above, the picture of this day was originally shot for broadcasting, and in fact it is actually used partly by “Somebody To Love” clips or “MAGIC YEARS VOLUME TWO” DVD. This work is a complete version of such a pro shot. The time code is also a raw spill master. This leakage pro shot was also known for poor quality since the VHS era, but this work is the highest peak version without “QTV” logo. Although it can not be said to be “Official grade” again, it is a picture beauty which is not comparable with the preexisting group, the screen with little noise and distortion is glossy, a fresh coloring at that time. Freddie with long hair with its visual beauty runs around the stage while wearing herself in white tights.
And the sound. Actually, the original of Disk 1 is the voice of this Pro Shot Master, and the highest peak of sounds will color the scene of multi camera. The BBC owner ‘s omnibus master has already been lost, perhaps the master over this work can not be ever again.
In addition to such a supreme pro shot, this work also includes three valuable bonus images. The first is the outtake of the pro shot, the aerial shoot of the scene where the large crowd gathered and the ocean of the man as far as the eye can see. As if walking like a hiking, walking through the forest, climbing a tree, enjoying it freely Concert scenes like plenty of mood. And the stage that looks small over such a crowd. Unlike the present age there are no huge screens, and 150,000 people are overwhelmed by the reality that they are crazy with members of rice grains or less.
The remaining two are outtakes of live video. “Sweet Lady” which was recorded in 16 mm film and “Tortoise version” “Keep Yourself Alive”. Especially “Keep Yourself Alive” is overwhelmingly superb beautiful image quality exceeding even the main part.

From up-and-coming youth bands to British pride. Soundboard board that can come close to QUEEN who rushed up the stairs of success a couple of times, the audience board to witness the scene. And the highest-quality quality version of traditional Pro Shot. It is a 3-pack set that can enjoy the legendary stage with all kinds of materials. Please enjoy with your luxurious press set forever and for ever.



そのサウンドボードは古くから定番となってきましたが、本作はその最高峰。流出だけにいまだオフィシャル級とまでは言えませんが、数々の既発を凌駕する。既発群のサウンドはド級のダイレクト感が凄まじくても、ディテールはどこかこもってボワボワとしていた。本作のマスターには、そのボワボワ感がなく、音の輪郭までクッキリ。芯を貫く逞しさが隅々まで行き届いているような鮮やかサウンドが広がり、さらに既発では散見していたノイズも最小限なのです。このクオリティを実現したのは、まさに監修したマニアのディープな研究によるもの。これまでも『INVITE YOU TO A NIGHT AT THE BUDOKAN』『THE ROYAL AMERICAN TOUR 1975』といったプレスの傑作を手がけてきた人物でして、その両作とも深い音源知識を感じさせましたが、本作もまた確かな選択眼だからこそ成し得た絶品クオリティなのです。
しかも、本作はサウンドが最高峰なだけではない。実は、現存する別音源も活用した最長ライヴアルバムでもある。最高峰マスターは開演前のパートがやや短く、「Keep Yourself Alive」の冒頭にも欠けがありました。本作では、その開演パートを別のサウンドボードで伸張し、曲間から「Keep Yourself Alive」冒頭にかけての30秒弱をオーディエンス録音で補完。こうした作業も研究家自身によるもの。ここでもマスターのセレクト、絶妙な編集が素晴らしい仕上がりです。

続いて登場するのは、極上のオーディエンス録音。伝説的なLPブートレッグ『FREE IN THE PARK(Marc Records ZAP 7960)』から最新のハイエンド機材でデジタル化されたものです。こちらの原盤選択やデジタル化もディスク1と同じ研究家によるもの。当日オーディエンスではこれ以上望めない業物なのです。
LP起こしだけに、原盤と同じく4曲「Ogre Battle」「White Queen (As It Began)」「Flick Of The Wrist」「Keep Yourself Alive」がカットされた不完全版ではあるのですが、そのサウンドは絶品。野外だけに反響ゼロのクリアさが素晴らしく、キリッとした演奏と歌声が真っ直ぐに届く。さすがに本物サウンドボードのディスク1のような極太感はありませんが、ことクリアさに限ってはまったく引けを取りません。
もちろん、そんな大群衆を前にした熱演も素晴らしい。彼らにしてもここまでの巨大なショウは初めてだったわけですが、フレディは生まれながらのスターぶり全開で群衆に臆するどころか大発奮。「みんな、歌え!」と叫んで大ヒット中の「Bohemian Rhapsody」の大合唱を引きだし、「You Take My Breath Away」も伸びやかな高音を轟かす。まだ見ぬ新作『華麗なるレース』を予告するような「You Take My Breath Away」の弾き語り、「Bohemian Rhapsody」の前にメドレー演奏される「You’re My Best Friend」、この時期ならではの「Ogre Battle」「Sweet Lady」「White Queen」「Flick Of The Wrist」「Bring Back That Leroy Brown」「’39」等々……。中間パートでエコーが聞こえない「The Prophet’s Song」も話題になりましたが、それも含めてこの時、この場でしかあり得ないQUEENをたっぷりと楽しめるのです。

最後は、そんな現場の光景をマルチカメラ・プロショットで目撃できる映像編。前述の通り、この日の映像は元々放送用に撮影されており、実際オフィシャルでも「Somebody To Love」のクリップや『MAGIC YEARS VOLUME TWO』DVDで一部が使用されています。本作は、そんなプロショットの完全版。タイムコードも生々しい流出マスターなのです。この流出プロショットもVHS時代から劣悪なクオリティで知られていましいたが、本作は「QTV」ロゴもない最高峰バージョン。やはり「オフィシャル級」とは言えませんが、既発群とは比較にならない映像美で、ノイズや歪みがほとんどない画面は艶やかで、当時そのままな瑞々しい発色。その映像美で長髪のフレディが白タイツに身を包んでステージを駆け回る。
残る2種は、ライヴ映像のアウトテイク。16ミリフィルムで記録されていた「Sweet Lady」と1カメ・バージョンの「Keep Yourself Alive」。特に「Keep Yourself Alive」は本編さえも超える画質が圧倒的に美しい絶品です。



Disc 1(79:23)
★Soundboard Recording

1. A Day At The Races Overture 2. Bohemian Rhapsody (Opera & Rock Part)
3. Ogre Battle 4. Sweet Lady 5. White Queen (As It Began) 6. Flick Of The Wrist
7. You’re My Best Friend 8. Bohemian Rhapsody 9. Killer Queen 10. The March Of The Black Queen
11. Bohemian Rhapsody (reprise) 12. Bring Back That Leroy Brown 13. Brighton Rock / Guitar Solo
14. Son And Daughter 15. ’39 16. You Take My Breath Away 17. The Prophet’s Song
18. Stone Cold Crazy 19. Keep Yourself Alive 20. Liar 21. In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited

Disc 2(60:53)
★Audience Recording

Transferred from the original LP “Free In The Park” (Marc Records ZAP 7960)

1. Intro. 2. A Day At The Races Overture 3. Bohemian Rhapsody (Opera & Rock Part)
4. Sweet Lady 5. You’re My Best Friend 6. Bohemian Rhapsody
7. Killer Queen 8. The March Of The Black Queen 9. Bohemian Rhapsody (reprise)
10. Bring Back That Leroy Brown 11. Brighton Rock / Guitar Solo
12. Son And Daughter 13. ’39 14. You Take My Breath Away
15. The Prophet’s Song 16. Stone Cold Crazy 17. Liar 18. In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited

★The best pro-shot video version available (without QTV logo). Never released in this form.

1. A Day At The Races Overture 2. Bohemian Rhapsody (Opera & Rock Part)
3. Ogre Battle 4. Sweet Lady 5. White Queen (As It Began) 6. Flick Of The Wrist
7. You’re My Best Friend 8. Bohemian Rhapsody 9. Killer Queen 10. The March Of The Black Queen
11. Bohemian Rhapsody (reprise) 12. Bring Back That Leroy Brown 13. Brighton Rock / Guitar Solo
14. Son And Daughter 15. ’39 16. You Take My Breath Away 17. The Prophet’s Song
18. Stone Cold Crazy 19. Keep Yourself Alive 20. Liar 21. In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited

Bonus Tracks
22. Audience Pre-Concert Outtakes
23. Sweet Lady (16mm Film Transfer)
24. Keep Yourself Alive (One Pro-Camera Footage, Complete Version)



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