Queen / Definitive Kobe 1975 / 1CD+1Bonus CDR

Queen / Definitive Kobe 1975 / 1CD+1Bonus CDR / Wardour-311
Live at Kobe Kokusai Kaikan, Kobe, Japan 23rd April 1975 & plus Bonus CDR “Live In Kobe”

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Translated Text:

Beyond the legend, QUEEN’s first visit to Japan, which is also becoming a myth of Japanese western music history. It is a reprint with the quality that renews the highest peak ever in the name recording that conveys the scene.
What is engraved on such a work is “Kobe International Conference Hall on April 23, 1975” performance. This show has been known for several recordings for some time, but it is a decision board that polished up the masterpiece audience recording known as the best among them by latest and meticulous mastering. The first visit in 1975 was a historical event that had a major impact on Japan and QUEEN himself. That’s why we have implemented as much archival as possible at our shop. In recent years excavation continues, and last year saw the impact of the new discovery of Nagoya performance “NAGOYA 1975 (Wardour – 249)” which no one had heard. First of all, let’s organize the collection with the schedule of such a monument tour.

· April 19: Nippon Budokan
· April 22: Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium “NAGOYA 1975”
· April 23: Kobe International Hall 【this work】
· April 25: Fukuoka City Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium
· April 28: Okayama prefectural gymnasium “FATAL ATTRACTION”
· April 29th: Shizuoka Yamaha Tsumagoi Hall
· April 30: Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium

Over all, 8 performances. Kobe performance of this work was a concert which is the next day of the shock work “NAGOYA 1975”. This work that recorded such a show is a really wonderful vintage audience. Although it has been known for a long time, what is the basis of this work is the master of “DRESSED TO KILL” which was acclaimed as the highest peak. In modern standards, I can not call it “just like a soundboard”, but since it is 43 years ago it is natural as well. In kind of roar (never!), Even a type that searches for performance from among great frenzies (not at all !!). The singing voice of plenty of response is powerfully reached to hand, and the baseline of deep bass which tends to be the weakness of the audience is clear up to one tone. And even if it is stubborn, the sound is not broken, it conveys firm power and tactileness firmly. Rather, in the record of 1975 where the recording itself is limited, it is a name recording that is unquestioned.
Although it is the very best “DRESSED TO KILL” master, this work brush up with further meticulous remastering. I realized a more vivid sound. Of course, it is not meaningless sound pressure earnings, but rather carefully scrutinized and balanced the balance from treble to bass. Fixed the bass that had been inflated too much (so as not to impair the power), unraveling the ensemble that was like a dumpling. Especially improving so that Nuke of high tone misses, youthful vocals & chorus beautifully growing, piano rolling touch is clear. Brian’s guitar is also vibrant like dancing.
In addition, this work also aimed at perfection by utilizing another sound source. For example, “Seven Seas Of Rhye” sound scenes scarcely lacked in the 30 second range. In “DRESSED TO KILL” the truth of the master was intact, but in this work it compensates seamlessly from another analog / boot leg. We also added a pre-opening scene and reproduce the scene of the first visit to Japan as much as possible. Also, this recording was also known for a little clapping, but that also improved. Of course, although the reality of the first visit to Japan has not been impaired, we carefully relaxed the peak of the hitting sound sticking into the ear and finished it in a balance that allows you to concentrate more on the live performance of QUEEN.
The wonderful thing of “legendary first Kobe” drawn with that sound …. With the romance of “SHEER HEART ATTACK TOUR” where dramatic early masterpieces are spreading rapidly, we show off to “Doing All Right” which can not be heard even at “LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74” “A NIGHT AT THE ODEON”. “Father To Son” which was once said to be “the only in 1975” is also delicious (now you can listen to “NAGOYA 1975” the next day, but it is still rare to enjoy with this kind of sound), rich 70’s color It seems to be disgusted.
And more than that it is a feeling of the workplace unique to the first visit to Japan. Although it is at the level pushed by the robust performance sound, it is a little understood that the yellow cheers of the 70’s are amazing. Moreover, it is different from a simple idol concert. In addition to being cast at the beginning of each stroke, it undulates along the melody and spreads throughout the venue. I know that I am listening properly while I am crazy. The enthusiasm of western girls who were searching for charisma with their eyes and ears is real. That symbol is “Father To Son”. In the middle of the song I thought it was a security guard and a mourning phrase “Come on !!” It is not only an enthusiasm but also an extraordinary recording that you can hear clearly until the breath of such a place.

Unfortunately, the recording ended until “Liar”, and it was not recorded after “In The Lap Of The Gods …. revisited” at the end of the main part set. Although incomplete is an unavoidable place, it is still possible to taste the site of the first visit to Japan, which is precious for about 75 minutes. Whatever the band is, the first visit to Japan is special to the Japanese, but about QUEEN they are special in the special even to themselves. It makes one best record of such Kobe overnight, one more to update the highest peak. Please, please enjoy at any time with permanent preservation press CD.

そんな本作に刻まれているのは「1975年4月23日:神戸国際会館」公演。このショウは古くからいくつかの録音が知られてきましたが、その中でもベストとして知られる大傑作オーディエンス録音を最新・細心マスタリングで磨き上げたした決定盤です。1975年の初来訪は、日本にとってもQUEEN自身にとっても大きなインパクトとなった歴史的な出来事。それだけに当店では可能な限りのアーカイヴを実施してきました。近年でも発掘は続いており、昨年も誰も聴いた事のなかった名古屋公演の新発掘『NAGOYA 1975(Wardour-249)』の衝撃を巻き起こしました。まずは、そんな記念碑ツアーの日程でコレクションの整理をしてみましょう。

・4月22日:愛知県体育館 『NAGOYA 1975』
・4月23日:神戸国際会館 【本作】
・4月28日:岡山県体育館 『FATAL ATTRACTION』

以上、全8公演。本作の神戸公演は、衝撃作『NAGOYA 1975』の翌日にあたるコンサートでした。そんなショウを記録した本作は、実に素晴らしいヴィンテージ・オーディエンス。古くから知られておりますが、本作の土台となっているのは最高峰と絶賛された『DRESSED TO KILL』のマスター。現代基準では「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ぶわけにもいきませんが、43年前ですからそれも当然。轟音の類では(決して!)なく、大狂乱の中から演奏を探すタイプでも(まったく!!)ない。手応えたっぷりの歌声は力強く手元まで届き、オーディエンスの弱みになりがちな重低音のベースラインも1音1音までクッキリ。そして、それだけ逞しくても音が割れることなく、ド迫力と機微をしっかりと伝えてくれる。むしろ、録音自体が限られている1975年の記録にしては破格となる名録音なのです。
まさにベストな『DRESSED TO KILL』マスターではありますが、本作はさらに細心リマスタリングでブラッシュ・アップ。さらに鮮やかなサウンドを実現しました。もちろん、無意味な音圧稼ぎではなく、高音から低音までバランスを細かく精査して調整。膨らみすぎていた低音を(迫力を損なわないように)整え、団子気味だったアンサンブルを解きほぐし。特に高音のヌケが見違えるように向上し、若々しいヴォーカル&コーラスは美し伸び、ピアノは転がるタッチまで鮮明。ブライアンのギターも乱舞するような鮮やかさです。
さらに本作は別音源も活用して完璧を目指しました。例えば「Seven Seas Of Rhye」の30秒台でほんの僅かに欠けた音落ちシーン。『DRESSED TO KILL』ではマスターの真実そのままでしたが、本作では別のアナログ・ブートレッグから補填してシームレスに改善。開演前シーンも追加し、可能な限り初来日の現場を再現しています。また、この録音は手拍子がやや大きい事でも知られていましたが、その点も改善。もちろん、初来日のリアリティは損なっていませんが、耳に突き刺さる打音のピークを丁寧に緩和し、よりQUEENの生演奏に集中できるバランスに仕上げました。
そのサウンドで描かれる“伝説の初神戸”の素晴らしい事……。目眩く初期の名曲が矢継ぎ早に繰り広げられる“SHEER HEART ATTACK TOUR”の旨みたっぷりで、『LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74』『A NIGHT AT THE ODEON』でも聴けない「Doing All Right」まで披露。かつて“1975年では唯一”と言われた「Father To Son」も美味しく(現在では翌日の『NAGOYA 1975』でも聴けますが、これほどのサウンドで楽しめるのはやはりレアです)、濃厚な70年代カラーにむせ返るよう。
そして、それ以上なのが初来日ならではの現場感。逞しい演奏音に押し切られるレベルではあるものの、70年代ならではの黄色い歓声が凄い事はほんのりと分かる。しかも、単なるアイドル・コンサートとも違う。一挙手一投足に投げかけられるだけでなく、メロディにさえ沿うように波打ち、会場中に広がる。夢中になっていながらちゃんと聴いているのが分かる。自分達の目と耳でカリスマを探し当てていた洋楽女子の熱狂がリアルなのです。その象徴となるのが「Father To Son」。曲の途中で警備員と思しき男声で「おいで!!」と怒号が飛ぶ。熱狂ぶりだけでなく、そんな現場の息吹までクリアに聴き取れる絶品録音でもあるのです。

残念ながら録音は「Liar」までで終了し、本編セット最終の「In The Lap Of The Gods….revisited」以降は未収録。不完全なのは致し方ないところですが、それでも貴重極まる初来日の現場を約75分に渡って味わえる。どんなバンドであっても初来日は日本人にとって特別ですが、ことQUEENに関しては彼ら自身にも特別中の特別です。そんな神戸の一夜のベスト録音にして、さらに最高峰を更新する1枚。どうぞ、永久保存プレスCDでいつでも、いつまでもお楽しみください。


1. Procession ★0:00 – 0:14 アナログ補填 2. Now I’m Here 3. Ogre Battle 4. Father To Son
5. White Queen 6. Flick Of The Wrist 7. Doing All Right 8. In The Lap Of The Gods 9. Killer Queen
10. The March Of The Black Queen 11. Bring Back That Leroy Brown 12. Son And Daughter
13. Guitar Solo 14. Band Introductions 15. Keep Yourself Alive
16. Seven Seas Of Rhye ★0:37 音落ちが有るので、アナログ一瞬補填。
17. Stone Cold Crazy 18. Liar



Queen / Live In Kobe / 1CDR / Non Label
Live at Kobe Kokusai Kaikan, Kobe, Japan 23rd April 1975 Taken from the original bootleg LP

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Translated Text:

The main press CD is a definitive live album that tells the mythical QUEEN first coming to Japan. Originally it is a masterpiece unnecessary such as a bonus, but there is not only one recording that recorded the first Kobe performance. The transition of such sound source is also the weight of history. We also prepared a legendary name recording that we have forgotten the first Kobe so that we can enjoy the spectacle.
The identity of such a work is the legendary analog name board “LIVE IN KOBE”. Perfect another recording while performing “Kobe International Conference Hall on April 23, 1975” same as the main part. It is a boot leg that has inherited “QUEEN of the real life” in the era when even “LIVE KILLERS” does not exist yet. The first press is an extremely rare item which is said to be 100 sheets, and if it is a core collector it may be familiar to a simple one-color printed jacket. This work is a live album that made the one of that legend elaborate CD.
Of course, it is incomplete because it is one LP, and the order of the songs is also changed. Sound also does not go to decision board “DEFINITIVE KOBE 1975”. However, it is never a bad idea to say so. Strong performance sound reaches straight and details are detailed. To tell the truth, it was this work that was used to complement the main press CD, and it is enough wonderful sound to say that it does not go beyond. And above all, the freshness of the LP board is overwhelming. Vinyl chloride to be recorded with physical grooves is more resistant to aged deterioration than magnetic tape, and there is no distortion and distortion. Moreover, this work has been woken up from a board close to the mint state, and glossy sound with little needle patch penetrates the whole story. It is exactly a live album in which “1975” is reproduced exactly as it is.

The show drawn with that sound is heavier than the main press CD. The completion of this album as a live album is more beautiful than this one, but this is the real sound that conveyed the scene of the show in the 1970s back then. It is the joy of meeting the real QUEEN or the regret that the encounter failed and the sound of history that maniacs requested.
Not only rash but also historical historical album itself exists. Along with the main press CD that updates the highest peak, please enjoy plenty of living witness of the first Kobe that has exceeded 43 years.

そんな本作の正体は、伝説的なアナログ名盤『LIVE IN KOBE』。本編と同じ「1975年4月23日:神戸国際会館」公演ながら、完全な別録音。まだ『LIVE KILLERS』すら存在しない時代に、“本生のQUEEN”を語り継いできたブートレッグなのです。初回プレスは100枚とも言われる激レア品で、コアなコレクターの方ならシンプルな1色刷りジャケットに見覚えがあるかも知れません。本作は、あの伝説の1枚を精緻にCD化したライヴアルバムなのです。
もちろん、LP1枚ですから不完全ですし、曲順も変更。サウンドも決定盤『DEFINITIVE KOBE 1975』には及びません。しかし、だからと言ってダメ録音では決してない。逞しい演奏音は真っ直ぐ届き、ディテールまで詳細。実のところ、本編プレスCDの補完に使用されたのも本作であり、及ばないとは言っても十分に素晴らしいサウンドなのです。そして何より、LP盤なればこその鮮度が圧倒的。物理的な溝で記録する塩化ヴィニールは磁気テープに比べて経年劣化に強く、ヨレや歪みがない。しかも、本作はミント状態に近い盤から起こされており、針パチもほとんどない艶やかなサウンドが全編を貫く。まさに、“1975年”がそっくりそのまま再現されるようなライヴアルバムなのです。


Side White
1. Procession 2. Now I’m Here 3. Ogre Battle 4. White Queen 5. Flick Of The Wrist

Side Black
6. Doing All Right 7. Seven Seas Of Rhye 8. Stone Cold Crazy 9. In The Lap Of The Gods
10. Killer Queen 11. The March Of The Black Queen 12. Bring Back That Leroy Brown

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