Queen / Sheffield 1974 / 1CD

Queen / Sheffield 1974 / 1CD / Wardour

Translated Text:
Live at City Hall, Sheffield, UK 5th November 1974.


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Say what you will of what that wonderful live album. “LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74” six months from the official of the shock, never in the same tour, and meet in this much audience album. This work the “November 5, 1974 Sheffield performances”, is the one that wrote a great audience recording. Main because did “November 19, the 20th” of “LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74”, will hit in the two weeks before live.
This work of the master, which was suddenly appeared on the net in recent years. Long it’s the sound source list to it was not also of traders. In, and does not take it in some. The sound is very very very nice. Rather than “like sound board” type, such as, reverberation of venue but I sound it seems plenty sucked audience recording, musical tone is to convey clearly the subtleties of playing, rich reverberation is directing the breath of space and live music venue to us. Beautifully musical tone even stomach wearing a reverberation, sound cracking also According tape nor is not felt aging. Exactly what’s the ideal vintage audience.
Its the rich come echoing in vintage sound, the same as the “LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74” “SHEER HEART ATTACK TOUR”. Ano live, it’s the one that you can enjoy in the audience eyes. While to say that …, actually a little was the “LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74” (However, important) are there differences. It, this work has been recorded, “November 5,” is that there is that’s eve ultra name board “SHEER HEART ATTACK” release. “SHEER HEART ATTACK” Release Date of is “November 8”, without knowing the whole picture of “SHEER HEART ATTACK” are you gathered in this venue, bursting likely audience with chest full of expectations. It is the countdown of the tension that listen to new in a few days. Moreover, in the October preceding single “Killer Queen / Flick of the Wrist” is released, during the soaring chart. There are situations similar in tour later, but there is a sense of anticipation that established the brand more than enough by multiplying tatami a number of name board. In contrast, expectations jammed to overflowing in this work, that “These guys are amazing how far do they!?”, I expectation sense of the unknown.
The expectations are, burst from the opening following the “Procession”, “Now I’m Here”. “You guys, really not that? It was listening to this song,” I happen wound is and listen want become such acclaim. And “QUEEN II” is multiplied by folding the “Ogre Battle”, “Father To Son”, “White Queen (As It Began)” of, a hit midst hot “Flick of the Wrist” to “Killer Queen”. Sandwiched between the clarified the “In The Lap Of The Gods” in ear, in the from audience to raise the lovely voice hit single, feeling that “I really amazing me QUEEN”, I concentrate force is overflowing .
“LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74” of memory also new now, the great detail to write the contents of the show is let’s stop. However, in this work, there is the “LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74” hot air of different audiences and, there are QUEEN like bitten and tightened its reaction. And, as much as its subtleties is transmitted to Katsuaki, sound of this work is wonderful.

“LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74” is really really great. That’s why, I want to enjoy it from the audience’s point of view. It is a I best one to meet that feeling. Moreover, the bursting expectations are beyond even the “LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74”. Value that is a historical excavation is certainly overwhelming. But, more than that, is also a superb live album that will Kakimushi~tsu the chest by simply listen. To all of QUEEN fan, and, longing to the unforgettable Shokei to the UK at that time. I will deliver this ideal audience album.

なんという、なんという素晴らしいライヴ・アルバムなのでしょう。「LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74」オフィシャル化の衝撃から半年、まさか同じツアーで、これほどのオーディエンス・アルバムに出会えるとは。本作は「1974年11月5日シェフィールド公演」を、素晴らしい客席録音で記した1枚です。「LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74」のメインは「11月19日・20日」でしたから、その2週間前のライヴにあたります。
そのリッチなヴィンテージ・サウンドで響いてくるのは、「LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74」と同じ“SHEER HEART ATTACK TOUR”。あのライヴを、観客目線で味わえる1枚なのです。……とは言いつつ、実は「LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74」とはちょっとした(しかし、重要な)違いがあるのです。それは、本作が記録された「11月5日」が超名盤「SHEER HEART ATTACK」リリース前夜だということです。「SHEER HEART ATTACK」の発売日は「11月8日」であり、この会場に集っているのは「SHEER HEART ATTACK」の全貌を知らず、胸いっぱいの期待感ではち切れそうな観客。あと数日で新作を聴けるというカウントダウンのテンションなのです。しかも、10月には先行シングル「Killer Queen/Flick of the Wrist」がリリースされ、チャートを急上昇中。後のツアーでも似たようなシチュエーションはありますが、そちらは名盤の数々をたたみ掛けて十二分にブランドを確立した期待感です。それに対し、本作にパンパンに詰まった期待感は、「こいつらはどこまで凄いんだ!?」という、未知への期待感なのです。
その期待感は、「Procession」に続くオープニングの「Now I’m Here」から炸裂。「あなたたち、本当にこの曲を聴いたことないの?」と聴きたくなるような喝采が巻き起こるのです。そして「QUEEN II」の「Ogre Battle」「Father To Son」「White Queen (As It Began)」をたたみ掛け、ヒットまっただ中のホットな「Flick of the Wrist」「Killer Queen」へ。間に挟まれた「In The Lap Of The Gods」では耳を澄まし、ヒット・シングルでは嬌声を上げるオーディエンスからは、「QUEENって本当に凄いんだ」という実感、集中力が溢れ出しているのです。
「LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74」の記憶も新しい今、ショウの内容を事細かに書くのは止めておきましょう。しかし、本作には、その「LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74」とは違うオーディエンスの熱気があり、その反応を噛みしめるようなQUEENがいる。そして、その機微が克明に伝わるほどに、本作のサウンドは素晴らしいのです。

「LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74」は、本当に本当に素晴らしい。だからこそ、それを観客の視点から楽しみたい。その気持ちに応えるベストな1枚なのです。その上、はち切れる期待感は「LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74」をも超えている。歴史的発掘であるという価値は、確かに圧倒的です。しかし、それ以上に、単に聴くだけで胸を掻きむしってくれる極上のライヴ・アルバムでもある。すべてのQUEENファンへ、そして、当時の英国への憧れを忘れられない諸兄へ。この理想的なオーディエンス・アルバムをお届けします。

1. Procession 2. Now I’m Here 3. Ogre Battle 4. Father To Son 5. White Queen (As It Began)
6. Flick Of The Wrist 7. In The Lap Of The Gods 8. Killer Queen 9. The March Of The Black Queen
10. Bring Back That Leroy Brown 11. Son And Daughter 12. Keep Yourself Alive
13. Seven Seas Of Rhye 14. Stone Cold Crazy 15. Liar 16. In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited
17. Big Spender 18. Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll 19. Jailhouse Rock 20. God Save The Queen


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