Queen / Definitive Chicago 1980 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Queen / Definitive Chicago 1980 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Wardour

Live at Horizon, Chicago, IL, USA 19th September 1980 Truly Perfect Sound (UPGRADE)

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Translated Text:

“THE GAME TOUR” which won the 1st place in the United States in both albums and singles and has reached a great heyday. Ultra superfine recording representing the site brush up. It is a permanent preservation press appeared in 2CD.
What is sucked in by this work is “Chicago performance on September 19, 1980”. It is super superb audience recording that conveys the whole picture. Speaking of “THE GAME TOUR”, while there are a large number of nominations that are suitable for the heyday, the sound that is suitable for that content is a rare toothy period. This work has healed craving of such maniacs, and it is one which updated the highest peak of the Daimyo board which was said as “LIVE KILLERS”. It is a place to worry about that quality, but first of all it is the position of the show. Let’s check from the whole image of the tour that fascinated the world.

● 1980
“June 30 release” THE GAME “”
· June 30 – July 14: North America # 1 (14 performances)
· August 5 – September 30: North America # 2 (35 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· November 23 – December 18: Europe (17 performances)
● 1981
· February 12 – 19: Japan (6 performances)
· Late February – March 21: Latin America # 1 (7 performances)
· September 25 – October 18: Latin America # 2 (6 shows)
· November 24th and 25th: North America # 3 (2 Performance) ← ★ Official

This is the whole view of “THE GAME TOUR”. This tour also has official work “QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL”, but this work was a concert corresponding to 27 “North America # 2” performance which is more than one year ago even in the same North America.
This work which recorded such a show, overwhelming audience recording anyway. This week “DEFINITIVE CHICAGO 1978 (Wardour – 312)” will also be released at the same time, this work is also a collection of the same recordingists. Originally it was distributed as a separate masterpiece, but in recent years Maotami master unearthed at the same time. It turned out to be the same taper work. In fact, its quality is a tremendous going on “the sound board” on the ground, if the on-core leads a solid refreshing response and the modest weakness is also beautiful, even if it approaches the force’s power it does not bite at all. Of course, the details are also very fine, and the feeling of dynamics that the drum skin rebounds is transmitted. And amazing proximity. If you listen carefully with headphones, you can find the venue acoustics, but it is a level you do not want to find out. Besides that, even its sound is balanced like an official live album, it only stops giving exquisite gloss and dynamism to the sound board sound of the naked. Even such a performance sound alone is amazing, but even enthusiasm to convey further prosperity is beautiful. Although there is a scene where applause is very close, it is understood as audience recording, but the other applause is a stereoscopic feeling spreading to every corner of a wide venue. It is a stunning balance as if it was calculated and mixed, but its reality is unique to a customer record. One stroke one stroke, one voice one voice is delicate, and it gets smaller as it goes farther and becomes smaller. That perspective draws even a three-dimensional feeling.
Although it became unexpectedly long in spite of too much wonderfulness, in fact this is a story of a previous episode. In our shop is the master we introduced in “THE ULTIMATE ENTERTAINER II”. This work is a renewal master who has polished such ultimate Genie Direct by further up-to-date and meticulous mastering. There was no weakness in this recording as “DEFINITIVE CHICAGO 1978”, but there was also an improvement point when reviewing still. A stereo feeling which was extremely crazy at the beginning 2 songs, a ringing of a hall where a slight amount of detail is clouded. Each one is a small one, but as a result of carefully preparing it, the coming out got better and the contour crisp and beautiful finished to a moment when one tone disappears. I was able to bring out the possibility that the name recording that had gathered acclaim from mania to the utmost was possible.
What is drawn with such a sound is the splendor that it should be said that the great price of “THE GAME TOUR” is the true price. It is a bit different from the explosion tension that strikes the sky, but the sense of fulfillment and stability that is unique to the hedony is outstanding. Every song is a dignified performance that took the wind of success to the whole body, and the taste of singing dynamism carefully is also a full mark. It is the stage of the champion full of confidence. Moreover, there are plenty of songs that I could not listen in the official work “QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL”. You can listen to “Mustapha” “Death On Two Legs” “You’re My Best Friend” “Fat Bottomed Girls”. In particular, “You’re My Best Friend” is a number up to this “North America # 2”, and there are also other “I’m In Love With My Car” and “Play The Game” “Save Me” You can enjoy plenty of masterpieces of the early 80’s such as “Fat Bottomed Girls”.

It is a live album that you can witness the best sound on the scene where the glory of QUEEN history was sweeping across the country. Omoto master of legendary name recording, the highest peak updating board that draws out the possibility. Please, enjoy with the permanent preservation press 2CD as much as you want.

アルバムでもシングルでもアメリカで1位を獲得し、全盛期を迎える「THE GAME TOUR」。サイトを表す超微細記録がブラッシュアップ。 2CDに登場する永久保存プレスです。
この作品に吸われているのは、「1980年9月19日のシカゴ公演」です。全体像を伝えるのは、最高に素晴らしいオーディエンスレコーディングです。 「THE GAME TOUR」と言えば、全盛期にふさわしいノミネートが多数ありますが、その内容にふさわしい音は珍しい時代です。この作品はそんなマニアの渇望を癒しており、「LIVE KILLERS」と言われた大名盤の最高峰を更新したものです。それはその品質について心配する場所ですが、まず第一にそれはショーの位置です。世界を魅了したツアーの全体像からチェックしましょう。

「6月30日リリース「THE GAME」」
・6月30日 – 7月14日:北米1位(14公演)
・8月5日 – 9月30日:北米#2(35公演)←★ココ★
・11月23日 – 12月18日:ヨーロッパ(17公演)
・2月12日 – 19日:日本(6公演)
・2月下旬 – 3月21日:ラテンアメリカ#1(7公演)
・9月25日 – 10月18日:ラテンアメリカ#2(6件)

これは「THE GAME TOUR」の全体像です。このツアーには公式作品「QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL」もありますが、この作品は同じ北米でも1年以上前の27「North America#2」公演に対応したコンサートでした。
とにかく圧倒的なオーディエンスレコーディング、そのようなショーをレコーディングしたこの作品。今週の「DEFINITIVE CHICAGO 1978(Wardour – 312)」も同時発売予定で、この作品も同じレコーディングアーティストのコレクションです。もともとそれは別の傑作として配布されていましたが、近年ではMaotamiのマスターは同時に発掘しました。それは同じテーパーの仕事であることがわかった。実際には、オンコアがしっかりしたさわやかなレスポンスを導き、それが力の力に近づいてもそれほど美しくない場合でも、その品質は地上で「サウンドボード」で進行している途方もないものです。 。もちろん、細部も非常に細かい、そしてドラムの皮が跳ね返るようなダイナミクスの感覚は伝達されます。そして素晴らしい近接。ヘッドフォンで慎重に聴くと、会場の音響を見つけることができますが、それはあなたが知りたくないレベルです。それに加えて、そのサウンドが公式のライブアルバムのようにバランスがとれていても、それは裸のサウンドボードサウンドに絶妙な光沢とダイナミズムを与えることを止めるだけです。そのような演奏音だけでも素晴らしいですが、さらなる繁栄を伝えたいという熱意さえも美しいです。拍手が非常に近い場面もありますが、オーディエンスレコーディングとして理解されていますが、それ以外の拍手は広い会場の隅々まで広がる立体感です。それは計算され混合されたかのような驚くべきバランスですが、その現実は顧客記録に特有のものです。 1ストローク1ストローク、1ボイス、1ボイス、1ボイスは微妙で、遠ざかるにつれて小さくなります。その遠近感は立体感さえも引き出します。
あまりにも多くの素晴らしさにもかかわらずそれは予想外に長くなりましたが、実際にはこれは前のエピソードの物語です。当店では「THE ULTIMATE ENTERTAINER II」で紹介したマスターです。この作品は、最新の精巧なマスタリングによって、このような究極のGenie Directを磨いたリニューアルマスターです。この記録に “DEFINITIVE CHICAGO 1978″としての弱点はありませんでしたが、それでもまだ見直すと改善点がありました。最初の2曲では非常にクレイジーだったステレオ感、細部の細部が曇っているホールのリンギング。一人一人は小さいですが、慎重にそれを準備することの結果として、出てくるものは良くなりました、そして、輪郭がはっきりしていて美しいは一音が消える瞬間に終わりました。マニアから最大の評価を集めているネームレコーディングが可能である可能性を引き出すことができました。
そんな音で描かれているのは、「THE GAME TOUR」のお得な値段が本当の値段だと言っていいという素晴らしさです。それは空を襲う爆発の緊張とは少し異なりますが、快楽に特有の充実感と安定感は際立っています。すべての曲は全身に成功の風を吹き込んだ威厳のある演奏であり、そしてダイナミズムを注意深く歌うことの趣味もまたフルマークです。それは自信に満ちたチャンピオンの舞台です。また、公式作品「QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL」では聴けなかった曲がたくさんあります。あなたは “ムスタファ”、 “2本足の死”、 “あなたは私の親友です”、 “太った底の女の子”を聴くことができます。特に、「あなたは私の親友」はこの「北アメリカ#2」までの数字です、そして他の「私は私の車に恋している」と「ゲームをプレイしてください」「私を救ってください」あなたも”Fat Bottomed Girls”のような80年代初頭の傑作をたくさん楽しむことができます。


Disc 1 (51: 40)
1. Intro 2. Jailhouse Rock 3. We Will Rock You (fast) 4. Let Me Entertain You
5. Play The Game 6. Mustapha 7. Death On Two Legs 8. Killer Queen 9. I ‘m In Love With My Car
10. Get Down, Make Love 11. You’re My Best Friend 12. Save Me 13. Now I’m Here
14. Dragon Attack / Now I’m Here (reprise)

Disc 2 (56 : 12)
1. Fat Bottomed Girls 2. Love Of My Life 3. Keep Yourself Alive / Drum Solo
4. Guitar Solo 5. Brighton Rock (reprise) 6. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
7. Bohemian Rhapsody 8. Tie Your Mother Down 9. Another One Bites The Dust
10. Sheer Heart Attack 11. We Will Rock You 12. We Are The Champions 13. God Save The Queen



Queen – St Paul 1980: Super 8 Master Reel / 1Single DVDR / Non Label

Live at Civic Center, St. Paul, MN, USA 14th September 1980.

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Translated Text:

main volume press 2CD is a name recording in the name recording representing the site of the heyday. But the wonderful the sound is, the more you want the “scene” of the field experience. So bonus attachment of valuable picture of main press press 2CD and several days difference included. We also made it possible for you to enjoy it.
Such film was filmed “September 14, 1980 St. Paul Performance”. It was 5 days before the main press 2CD, and as a show it was a concert before three performances. This work that recorded the show is an extremely beautiful audience shot. The biggest point of this work is the exquisite image beauty that I do not think as the dawn of the audience shooting. There is still a while before the spread of video cameras, this work is based on 8 mm film. For this reason, 16 songs of the show are shredded and shot is digested in 25 minutes. However, its beauty is exquisite. Although it appeared suddenly in 2005, the stage looking from the vicinity of the 10th row in front of the hall is zero obstruction. Super superb view where only members in front of you immediately occupy the screen. In the nearest scene is the closeness of Freddie and Brian’s upper body filling up the screen. Moreover, the sense of stability is amazing. Whether it was something permission or the time when the audience shooting is not common, it is amazing to think that only a tripod is used. Despite being a vintage shade unique to film, the camera work itself is nothing like a pro shot.
In addition, the sound is also abnormal. The photographer is synchronizing the audience recording that I recorded with a different piece of equipment, but this is also the frightfulness of zero distance feeling again. Since the breath of the audience is sucked in, I will not mistake it as a sound board, but its clearness will also kick the broadcasts of Sogyosho sora kara. Even with this sound alone, if it is still full, it is certain to press CD.
The show left with its visual beauty is also wonderful. Freddy began to accumulate the beard, showing off the action with sharpness and the singing voice extending to elongation, Roger showing with a powerful percussion solo plenty of spirit. As mentioned above, since it is a digest, I can not see the full show, but the energy that blows out from image beauty in seconds is overwhelming. A show suitable for calling just Hamamusu is unfolded. Especially “Mustapha” is glad. The image of this song is extremely rare, and in this work it is recorded in full song. I do not know if the photographer knew and turned the camera, but I can experience the rare scene in super high quality.

Despite being left behind and miraculous, it is a video work full of quality and elegance that is not so much. From the audience seating QUEEN at the heyday, that is what it is like to look at from the special seat. Historical masterpiece picture not only letting you peep at the “far side” of this press press 2CD, but also to tell the experience of impossible dreams again. Please please take this opportunity carefully.

そのような映画は、 “1980年9月14日セントポール公演”として撮影されました。メインプレス2CDの5日前、そしてショーとしては3回の公演の前のコンサートでした。ショーを記録したこの作品は非常に美しいオーディエンスショットです。この作品の最大のポイントは、オーディエンス撮影の夜明けとは考えられない絶妙なイメージの美しさです。ビデオカメラが普及するまでにはまだしばらく時間がかかりますが、この作品は8 mmフィルムをベースにしています。このため、ショーの16曲は細かく刻まれ、ショットは25分で消化されます。しかし、その美しさは絶妙です。 2005年に突然出現しましたが、会場正面の10列目付近から見たステージは障害物ゼロです。目の前にいるメンバーだけがすぐに画面を占有する、絶景。一番近い場面は、フレディとブライアンの上半身が画面いっぱいに詰まっていることです。また、安定感は素晴らしいです。それが何らかの許可であったかどうか、あるいは観客撮影が一般的ではなかったときであろうと、三脚だけが使用されると考えるのは驚くべきことです。フィルム特有のヴィンテージシェードであるにもかかわらず、カメラワーク自体はプロショットのようなものではありません。


(24: 13)
1. Let Me Entertain You 2. Play The Game 3. Mustapha 4. Death On Two Legs 5. Killer Queen
6. I’m In Love With My Car 7. Love Of My Life 8. Keep Yourself Alive 9. Get Down Make Love
10. You’re My Best Friend 11. Save Me 12. Now I’m Here 13. Guitar Solo
14. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 15. Bohemian Rhapsody 16. Tie Your Mother Down

COLOR NTSC Approx. 24 min.

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