Quatermass II Feat Nick Simper / Demo Sessions And Rarities / 1CDR

Quatermass II Feat Nick Simper / Demo Sessions And Rarities / 1CDR / Gypsy Eye Project

Translated text:
Demo & Rarities 12 Tracks . Soundboard.


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Rare recordings compilation of Nick Schimper known as the bassist of the first stage member Deep Purple debut!

The center was formed Mick Underwood, and Bernie Torme et al. 90s valuable demo of “Quarter trout II”, BBC sound of Johnny Kidd & The Pirates had been enrolled for a period of time in purple join previously, 75 Rare high-quality sound source compilation of attention Rarities such as single that was released with the band name of the year itself was recorded!



1. Johnny Kidd & The Pirates 
Send For That Girl #1 (BBC Session,1966-08-23)
2. Johnny Kidd & The Pirates 
– The Fool (BBC Session, 1966-08-23)
3. Johnny Kidd & The Pirates 
– Send For that Girl #2 (BBC Session,1966-09-06)
4. Nick Simper’s Dynamite 
– St. Louis (7″ Single A-Side 1975)
5. Nick Simper’s Dynamite 
– Soul Rider (7″ Single B-Side 1975)
6. Quatermass II 
– Diamonds In The Rough (Demo, 1995-11-20)
7. Quatermass II 
– Walking In The Thin line (Demo, 1995-11-20) 
8. Quatermass II 
– Rain Fall Down #1 (Demo, 1995-11-20) 
9. Quatermass II 
– Bad Blood (Demo, 1996-01-09) 
10. Quatermass II 
– Rain Fall Down #2(Demo, 1996-01-09) 
11. Quatermass II 
– Dreams Are Never Dreamt Alone(Demo, 1996-01-09) 
12. Quatermass II 
– Wherever You Go (Demo, 1996-01-09)

Gypsy Eye Project. GEP-266

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