Public Image Limited / Shibuya 1985 / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR

Public Image Limited / Shibuya 1985 / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR / Wardour

Live at Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan 10th January 1985 Plus Ltd Bonus DVDR “Nakano Sunplaza 1985 2nd Night”

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One and a half years PiL in 1985, who returned to Japan for the first time in a while. Introducing the world’s first original recording that conveys the scene.
The performance of “January 10, 1985: Shibuya Public Hall” is included in this work. It is a superb audience recording that tells the whole story. Speaking of PiL’s performance in Japan, following the live album “LIVE IN TOKYO” that came to Japan for the first time in 1983, the video “ANARCHY MOVIE ’85” was made into an official work again in 1985, but this work is that. A full live album of another performance. First of all, let’s look back on the schedule at that time and confirm the position of the show.

・ January 10: Shibuya Public Hall ← ★ This work ★
・ January 11: Nakano Sun Plaza Hall
・ January 12: Nakano Sun Plaza Hall ← * Official video
・ January 14: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall
・ January 15th: Fukuoka Civic Center
, January 16th: Nagoya City Assembly Hall ,

6 performances in total. The official video “ANARCHY MOVIE ’85” was shot in the third performance in the middle of the show, but this work was the first day of the concert right after coming to Japan.
This work recorded at such a show is actually a work of the prestigious “Kinny”. If you have experienced even one of the Kinney cassettes that we have introduced so far, you will be surprised, but the prestigious one does not aim for a “sound board” sound. Rather, it was the individuality to pursue the clearness to the utmost while valuing the sound that seems to be the audience. In other words, instead of sharpening the hall sound to a tight finish, the sound is beautifully captured while making the most of the hall sound. Moreover, the sound is not too thick, the nuances of the performance are transmitted firmly to the subtleties, and the core with a clear outline passes through the center of the space. It does not cause cloudiness or turbidity due to the sound, but it is an element that adds thickness and dynamism to the music. In words like this, you might ask, “Can you make such a dexterous recording?”, But it’s “kinny magic” because it can be done.
And this work is a sample of it, a proof of magic. It is recorded from the 9th row on the 1st floor, but it has the above-mentioned beauty, and although it is a real and on-site audience sound, it is easy to hear like an FM broadcast. Many music fans have fallen into the sound source enthusiast way with “Kinny” recording, but the devilish charm is fully blown out from the speaker.
The sequel to the official work “LIVE IN TOKYO” is drawn with such a sweet sound. As mentioned above, the return to Japan in 1985 was also “ANARCHY MOVIE ’85”, but this work has a lot of repertoire that can not be heard there either. Let’s organize while comparing.

● Public Image (5 songs)
・ Low Life / Public Image / Annalisa / Attack / Religion
● This Is What You Want (6 songs)
・ The Order Of Death / Bad Life / Solitaire (★) / Tie Me To The Length Of That / 1981 / This Is Not A Love Song
● Others (5 songs)
・ Metal Box: Memories / Chant (★) / Poptones (★)
・ Flowers of Romance: Banging The Door (★)
・ Selfishly !!: Bodies
* Note: “★” mark is the official video A song that cannot be heard even in “ANARCHY MOVIE ’85”.

… And it looks like this. An intense show with Tokuno numbers lined up in a row, centered on two works, “FIRST ISSUE” and the latest work “THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT …”. Not only the 4 songs that are not in the official video, but also “Public Image”, “Attack” and “Memories” are delicious repertoires that I could not hear even in “LIVE IN TOKYO” when I first came to Japan. Unfortunately, I didn’t play “Anarchy in the UK” on that day, but “Bodies” was shown firmly. Of course, it’s really exciting.
Charisma: John Lydon who has returned to Japan as early as the legendary first visit to Japan. It is a masterpiece live album that captures the ridiculous performance with the best sound. The scent of 35 years ago revived realistically with the super clear sound by the prestigious “Kinney”. Please inhale to your chest with a permanent storage press CD.

この作品には「1985年1月10日渋谷公会堂」の公演が含まれています。それは全体の物語を語る素晴らしい聴衆の録音です。 PiLの日本でのパフォーマンスといえば、1983年に初めて日本に来たライブアルバム「LIVE IN TOKYO」に続き、1985年に再び公式作品となったビデオ「ANARCHYMOVIE’85」ですが、この作品はそれです。別のパフォーマンスのフルライブアルバム。まずはその時のスケジュールを振り返り、ショーの位置を確認しましょう。


そして、この作品はそのサンプルであり、魔法の証拠です。 1階9列目から録音されていますが、上記の美しさを持ち、本物の現場聴衆の音でありながら、FM放送のように聞き取りやすいです。多くの音楽ファンが「キニー」録音で音源マニアに陥っていますが、スピーカーからは悪魔のような魅力が完全に吹き飛ばされています。
公式作品「LIVEINTOKYO」の続編がこんなに甘い音で描かれています。前述のように、1985年の帰国も「ANARCHY MOVIE ’85」でしたが、この作品にも聴けないレパートリーがたくさんあります。比較しながら整理しましょう。

・オーダー・オブ・デス/バッドライフ/ソリティア(★)/その長さに縛り付け/ 1981 /これはラブソングではない

…そしてそれはこのように見えます。 『FIRST ISSUE』と最新作 『THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT …』の2作品を中心に、徳野ナンバーが一列に並ぶ激しいショー。オフィシャル動画に載っていない4曲だけでなく、「パブリックイメージ」「アタック」「メモリーズ」も、初めて来日した「LIVEINTOKYO」でも聴けなかった美​​味しいレパートリーです。残念ながら、当日は「アナーキー・イン・ザ・UK」をプレイしませんでしたが、「ボディ」はしっかりと見せてくれました。もちろん、それは本当にエキサイティングです。
カリスマ性:伝説的な初来日で早くも日本に帰国したジョン・ライドン。とんでもないパフォーマンスを最高のサウンドで捉えた傑作ライブアルバムです。 35年前の香りが一流の「キニー」の超クリアな音でリアルに蘇りました。永久保管プレスCDで胸に吸い込んでください。

01. The Order Of Death
02. Bad Life
03. Solitaire
04. Low Life
05. Memories
06. Tie Me To The Length Of That
07. 1981
08. Member Introduction
09. Bodies
10. Public Image
11. Banging The Door
12. Annalisa
13. Chant
14. This Is Not A Love Song
15. Attack
16. Poptones
17. Religion

John Lydon –vocals
Martin Atkins –drums
Mark Schultz
–guitar Jebin Bruni –keyboards
Brett Helm –bass



Public Image Limited / Nakano Sunplaza 1985 2nd Night / 1DVDR / Non label
Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 12th January 1985 PRO-SHOT


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main press CD is a new masterpiece representing the return of 1985 to Japan. This is a live album that is a continuation of “LIVE IN TOKYO”. As I mentioned in the commentary, the official side of the second Japan tour had the best professional shots left. Therefore, it is a special attachment decision as a bonus that you can imagine the “other side” of the main press CD.
This work was shot in a separate performance from the main press CD. This is a multi-camera pro shot of “January 12, 1985: Nakano Sunplaza Performance”. This video was officially released on VHS / Laserdisc only in Japan, but it was quickly discontinued due to the fate of the video at that time. Although it is an analog shooting with a period pattern, the master is also fresh and the quality is (naturally) completely official grade. Let’s organize the songs that can be seen in the visual beauty.

● Public image (5 songs)
・ Low Life / Public Image / Annalisa / Religion / Attack

This Is Not A Love (5 songs)・ The Order Of Death / Bad Life / 1981 / Tie Me To The Length Of That / This Is Not A Love Song
● Others (5 songs)
・ Metal Box: Memories
・ Flowers of Romance: Flowers of Romance (★) / Under The House (★)
・ Selfishly !!: Bodies / Anarchy in the UK (★) )
* Note: “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard on the main press CD “SHIBUYA 1985”.

Proshot & Soundboard Live is a must for such a repertoire, but it’s not the only one. In the meantime, I also recorded an interview with John Lydon on the Shinkansen, which is a masterpiece. Rydon was frustrated when he was hit by the Japanese-style Geno world at that time. Although I can’t afford to escape on the train, the interaction is so “like” that it’s the best. Let’s write a part.

-What is your impression of Japan? Did you eat Japanese beef?
Rydon: Yeah, shabu shabu. Yeah, that ’s okay. Ask more serious questions-

how about Japanese music?
Rydon: Is there music in Japan? Oh, that’s what I’m doing on TV late that night. I won’t talk. It’s not good that pop music can’t get out of the realm of imitation. that’s all!

-What do you think of Prince?
Rydon: I don’t think it’s better to change clothes shop-what about

other British musicians?
Rydon: Do you know-how do

you usually spend your time? Elaborate and Toka to the audio
while block the Lydon: QUESTION) morning noon evening, thought that sex, drinking good tea, I do with my …… is not to be spoken to Anta what are you doing every day to clean up the room Yeah. It doesn’t matter to you!

-Rather, to the audio …
Rydon: (while blocking it further) I only answer “music”. Other than that, for example, what I’m doing, when I’m on vacation, that’s my private life

– have you ever seen a UFO?
Rydon: Stop it now. I saw the band’s UFO. A few years ago. There may be aliens, but thanks to their heavy metal, they ran away-

about this interview
Rydon: At least … it was just stupid questions. Did this (interviewer) woman cremate?

…… Well, it looks like this (although it’s only a part). The original video is made in Japan, so of course Japanese subtitles are also available. Even so, if you’re a Western music fan, you can tell from the skin that the Japanese media is tired of being stupid, but it seems that full bocco with such a strong straight ball is exhilarating or too likely. Furthermore, the appearance of such a throwing Rydon is a must-see. It’s been a long time since I couldn’t move in the car, and that’s why the artwork of “THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT …” started to move, and I approached with a grinning grin. It’s a super-must-see interview that even the precious live scene is hazy.
This is a must-see official video work that is a must-see for about 78 minutes, with a pro-shot live that conveys the “other side” of the main press CD, and a frustrating interview with full-blownness. It’s a phantom masterpiece. Please take this opportunity to thoroughly enjoy it!

メインプレスCDは1985年の日本への帰国を表す新しい傑作です。 『LIVE IN TOKYO』の続編となるライブアルバム。解説で述べたように、2回目の日本ツアーの公式サイドには最高のプロショットが残っていました。したがって、メインプレスCDの「向こう側」を想像できるのはおまけとしての特別なアタッチメント決定です。
この作品は、メインプレスCDとは別のパフォーマンスで撮影されました。 「1985年1月12日中野サンプラザ公演」のマルチカメラプロショットです。このビデオは日本でのみVHS /レーザーディスクで正式にリリースされましたが、当時のビデオの運命のためにすぐに中止されました。ピリオドパターンのアナログ撮影ですが、マスターも新鮮で、品質は(当然)完全に公式グレードです。視覚的な美しさで見ることができる曲を整理しましょう。

これは愛ではない(5曲)・オーダー・オブ・デス/バッドライフ/ 1981 /その長さに私を結びつける/これは愛の歌ではない

Proshot&Soundboard Liveはそのようなレパートリーの必需品ですが、それだけではありません。そんな中、傑作である新幹線でジョン・ライドンのインタビューも録音しました。当時、日本式のジェノワールドに見舞われたライドンは欲求不満だった。電車の中で逃げる余裕はありませんが、インタラクションはとても「似ている」ので最高です。パートを書いてみましょう。










01. Intro / Order of Death
02. Badlife
03. Lowlife
04. Memories
05. 1981
06. Tie Me To The Length Of That
07. Bodies
08. Public Image
09. Annalisa
10. Flowers Of Romance
11. This Is Not A Love Song
12. Under The House
13. Religion
14. Attack
15. Anarchy In The UK
16. End Credit


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