Procol Harum / Electric Ladyland / 1CDR

Procol Harum / Electric Ladyland / 1CDR / Highland Project

Live At Electric Ladyland Studios, New York, NY September 25th 1991

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Procol Harm’s precious studio live of 1991, who is familiar with the everlasting masterpiece “Blue Shadow” that hit the world in the 60’s, appeared in the high quality sound board sound source from FM broadcasting! September 25, 1991 Gimi Brooker and Matthew Fisher reunited in the new album “The Bonds of the Prodigal” since the dissolution of the New York legendary studio “Electric Ladyland” established by Jimi Hendrix in the 1970s. ] It’s the first special live that took place right after the release. Unfortunately, Robin Trower, who originally joined the reunion, has already left at this time, and session familiar guitarist Tim Renwick from Pink Floyd has joined. It is a recommended sound board live that fans must listen to, including new songs from the new album and famous songs such as “Blue Shadow” and “Solty Dog”!

01. All Our Dreams Are Sold
02. Shine On Brightly
03. Nothing But The Truth
04. The Truth Won’t Fade Away
05. One More Time
06. The King Of Hearts
07. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
08. A Salty Dog
09. Conquistador
10. A Whiter Shade Of Pale
◆Live At Electric Ladyland Studios, New York, NY September 25th 1991

Highland Project. HLP-181

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