Procol Harum / London Palladium 2018 / 5CDR

Procol Harum / London Palladium 2018 / 5CDR / Amity
Live at the Palladium, London, UK 9th October 2018

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“EDMONTON REVISITED” realized the latest orchestra concert with the topic being whispered. A live set that caught the scene at the best sound appears.
Concert concert which can not be remembered reminiscent of the famous board “CONCERT WITH EDMONTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA” was performed “London performance on October 9, 2018”. This work is a combination of two kinds of superb audience recordings. In addition to “RECORDER 1” which appeared on the net, it is a set of 5 sets which set the original master “RECORDER 2” of only this work which was transferred from the recordingist himself. Speaking of PROCOL HARUM, we have released a new work “NOVUM” for the first time in 14 years. Just before that, Hiro came a Hiroshi concert accompanied by an orchestra, but this time it was rebuilt from this popularity as well. First of all, let’s see the position of such a show in the current activity schedule.

● 2018
· February 1 – 3: Norway (4 shows)
· June 14: Italian performance
· August 25: France performance
· October 9 – November 18: Europe (19 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
● 2019
· February 11 – March 5: North America (13 performances)
· May 4: Denmark performance

This is the schedule of 2018/2019 which has been published to date. They are doing shows this February, but most of them are single show. The main is the current European tour, and the London show of this work was a special concert to decorate the beginning.
Both of the two recordings that recorded such a show are superb. It is an odd 5-tuple with two masters, but both are complete recordings. Although the division of disks differs depending on the start of recording and the timing of stop, there is no chipping, so the recording time is not different from 1 minute. Let’s also organize the composition of this work.

Disc 1 – 3: RECORDER 1 (2 hours 24 minutes 43 seconds)
• Disk 4-5: RECORDER 2 (2 hours 23 minutes 47 seconds)

Not only the recording time, they are also hard to add quality to both. “RECORDER 1” is a master released on the net, but mania is noisy to much wonderness. I do not mistake it as a sound board because it is sucking in the raw cheers, but the core coming up is close, the middle bass is also pleased with a firm response. Still bright details are fine as well. Because it is an orchestra collaboration it is messed up if it collapses or turns muddy, but there is no worry about this work. While tasting plenty of orchestras in depth, the bands and sounds outlining the middle of the deep push forward with guigui. Although the band is the main one, it is a clear sound that makes each instrument stand out without being mixed together.
I also lost one of the original master “RECORDER 2”. At our shop is a work by a recording man familiar with “British master”, but this is a sound that places importance on ensemble. Just like “RECORDER 1”, although a strong sound and singing voice dominate everything, the performance is competing in the band and the orchestra. While “RECORDER 1” followed the orchestra, the focus was focused on Gary Brooker and Jeff Whitehorn that penetrated from there, but this is regarded as a total ensemble including the rhythm unit and the orchestra. In order to taste the fine taste of fine performances, the army is raised to “RECORDER 1”, but the grand view of the world that assembles with the orchestra is better for “RECORDER 2”. Indeed, both are exquisite recordings that can not be thrown away.
It is valued and magnificent Symphonic Rock that is drawn with that quality. In the official, “CONCERT WITH EDMONTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA” besides “CONCERT WITH THE DANISH NATIONAL CONCERT ORCHESTRA AND CHOIR” is also left, but the masterpieces that are different from both are heaps. Three new songs of “NOVUM” are also shown, but there are other “Luskus Delph”, “Shine On Brightly”, “Pandora’s Box” “Holding On” “Within Our House”.
Besides, the flow is also sharp. The show is composed of two parts, the first part concentrates the initial number up to “BROKEN BARRICADES” mainly with Omagari “In Held ’twas In I”. And the second part summarizes the long history. Of course, the climax is a classic such as “Whaling Stories” “A Whiter Shade Of Pale”, but it covers the “NOVUM” number, the era of restart, Gary’s solo number.

Not only the latest PROCOL HARUM but also a concert with orchestra concert that was definitely a highlight of 2018. It is a 5-sheet set that can fully taste that night with two wonderful recordings. A masterpiece that can fully taste songs that can not be heard even with “CONCERT WITH EDMONTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA” or “CONCERT WITH THE DANISH NATIONAL CONCERT ORCHESTRA AND CHOIR”. Please enjoy it carefully.

“EDMONTON REVISITED”とも囁かれている話題の最新オーケストラ共演コンサートが実現。その現場を極上サウンドで捉えたライヴセットが登場です。
かの名盤『CONCERT WITH EDMONTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA』を思い出さずにはいられない共演コンサートが行われたのは「2018年10月9日ロンドン公演」。本作は、その極上オーディエンス録音2種をカップリングしたもの。ネットに登場した「RECORDER 1」に加え、録音家本人から譲られた本作だけのオリジナル・マスター「RECORDER 2」をセットした5枚組です。PROCOL HARUMと言えば、昨年14年ぶりの新作『NOVUM』をリリース。その直前にもオーケストラ共演コンサートをヒロ来ましたが、その好評から今年も再演となったわけです。まずは、そんなショウのポジションを現在の活動スケジュールの中で見てみましょう。



・ディスク1-3:RECORDER 1(2時間24分43秒)
・ディスク4-5:RECORDER 2(2時間23分47秒)

収録時間だけなく、両者はクオリティも甲乙付けがたい。「RECORDER 1」はネット公開されたマスターですが、あまりの素晴らしさにマニアが騒然。生々しい喝采を吸い込んでいるのでサウンドボードと間違えることはありませんが、間近に迫ってくる芯が逞しく、中低音もしっかりとした手応えが嬉しい。それでいて細部まで鮮やかなディテールも素晴らしい。オーケストラ共演ですので潰れたり濁ったりすると台無しなのですが、本作にその心配はない。重厚なオーケストラをたっぷりと味わえつつ、そのド真ん中を輪郭クッキリなバンド・サウンドがグイグイと突き進む。あくまでもバンドが主でありながら、各楽器が混じり合わずに浮き立つクリア・サウンドなのです。
一方のオリジナル・マスター「RECORDER 2」も負けていない。当店では“英国の巨匠”でお馴染みの録音家による作品なのですが、こちらはグッとアンサンブル重視なサウンド。「RECORDER 1」と同じように逞しい演奏音と歌声がすべてを支配するサウンドではあるものの、その演奏がバンドとオーケストラで拮抗しているのです。「RECORDER 1」はオーケストラを従えつつ、そこから突き抜けるゲイリー・ブルッカーやジェフ・ホワイトホーンにフォーカスが絞られていましたが、こちらはリズム隊もオーケストラも含めたトータルのアンサンブルとして捉えている。細かい演奏の妙味を味わうには「RECORDER 1」に軍配が上がりますが、オーケストラと組み上げていく壮大な世界観は「RECORDER 2」の方が優れている。まさに、どちらも捨てがたい絶妙な録音なのです。
そのクオリティで描かれるのは、貴重にして壮大なシンフォニック・ロック。オフィシャルでは『CONCERT WITH EDMONTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA』の他に『CONCERT WITH THE DANISH NATIONAL CONCERT ORCHESTRA AND CHOIR』も残されていますが、そのどちらとも違う名曲が山盛り。『NOVUM』の新曲も3曲披露されますが、他にも「Luskus Delph」や「Shine On Brightly」、「Pandora’s Box」「Holding On」「Within Our House」が目白押しなのです。
しかも、流れもメリハリが利いている。ショウは2部構成になっており、第1部では大曲「In Held ’twas In I」をメインに『BROKEN BARRICADES』までの初期ナンバーを濃縮して演奏。そして、第2部では長い歴史を総括している。もちろん、クライマックスは「Whaling Stories」「A Whiter Shade Of Pale」といったクラシックスですが、『NOVUM』ナンバーや再始動時代、ゲイリーのソロナンバーまで網羅されていくのです。

単に最新のPROCOL HARUMというだけでなく、間違いなく2018年のハイライトであったオーケストラ共演コンサート。その一夜を素晴らしい2種の録音でたっぷり味わえる5枚組です。『CONCERT WITH EDMONTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA』や『CONCERT WITH THE DANISH NATIONAL CONCERT ORCHESTRA AND CHOIR』でも聴けない曲もたっぷりと味わえる大傑作。どうぞ、じっくりとお楽しみください。


Disc 1(51:08)
1. Intro 2. Conquistador 3. MC 4. All This And More 5. MC 6. Luskus Delph 7. Shine On Brightly
8. MC 9. A Salty Dog 10. MC 11. In Held ’twas In I 12. Outro

Disc 2(46:40)
1. MC 2. Businessman 3. MC4. Holding On 5. MC 6. Into The Flood 7. MC 8. Within Our House
9. MC 10. Pandora’s Box 11. MC 12. Sympathy For The Hard Of Hearing

Disc 3(46:55)
1. MC 2. Neighbour 3. MC 4. Sunday Morning 5. MC 6. Whaling Stories
7. Band and Conductor Introductions 8. A Whiter Shade Of Pale 9. Audience
10. Conquistador 11. Outro


Disc 4(68:34)
1. Intro 2. Conquistador 3. All This And More 4. Luskus Delph 5. Shine On Brightly
6. A Salty Dog 7. In Held ‘Twas in I 8. Businessman 9. Holding On 10. Into The Flood

Disc 5(75:13)
1. MC 2. Within Our House 3. Pandora’s Box 4. Sympathy For The Hard of Hearing
5. Neighbour 6. Sunday Morning 7. Whaling Stories 8. Band and Conductor Introductions
9. White Shade of Pale 10. Conquistador Reprise

Gary Brooker – Piano and Vocals Matt Pegg – Bass Geoff Whitehorn – Guitar
Josh Phillips – Organ Geoff Dunn – Drums

With the English Chamber Choir and the Senbla Orchestra (Conducted by David Firman)

Amity 490

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