Prince / The Ultimate Live Experience In Yokohama / 2CD

Prince / The Ultimate Live Experience In Yokohama / 2CD / Zion

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Live at Yokohama Arena, Yokohama, Japan 20th January 1996


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Word of “Prince Is Dead !!” also is Made in Japan, which pierce the chest has been excavated. Its is the Prince played a visit to Japan of life at 6 degrees, of this work has been achieved is of “THE ARTIST era” only to become 1996 “THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE (GOLD) TOUR”. He has a contract with Warner Brothers in 1993 declared the “death of the Prince” in the album “COME”. Newly announced “THE GOLD EXPERIENCE” listed in artist name the symbol mark, he came to Japan as part of its tour. Words at the beginning is, you as his own words tell the curtain. Let’s look back at the only concert in Japan such “THE ARTIST era”.

– January 8, 2011: Nippon Budokan
– January 9, 2011: Nippon Budokan
– January 11, 2011: Osaka Castle Hall
– January 14: Fukuoka Kokusai Center
– January 16, 2011: Nippon Budokan
– January 17: Nippon Budokan
– January 20, 2011: Yokohama Arena [this work]

In this way, at this time of the Japan tour is all seven performances. This work is the audience album that contains the “1996 January 20, Yokohama Arena concert” to be the last day. Previously from the recording of the day I was there for about two-three, completely different recording with them. Quality is also uneven nice all the world’s first public master. It was recorded this work is, name recording artist one of the best in Japan. That is from the taper himself the live album, which was used directly passed DAT master to direct.
Flowing out from the original DAT is, vivid audience sound that dismissed its outstanding group. Recording position is not transmitted, but a vivid wonderfully direct sense of the musical tone, there is little reverberation. Just playing and singing voice of the inorganic out come jump into the ear. If it is not passed from the recording artist himself, if only hear the tone, I, such as that I think most desk direct connection of sound board or best of IEMs.
Yet brilliant so much, still this work is audience recording. The hard evidence Nanoha, is fiercely blown frenzy. It might be the image of the sound, such as look for a musical tone from the fuss and write this, but of course not the case. De fastball musical tones through the audience of enthusiasm to honor the air a sense of wide “Yokohama Arena” is a straight penetrate the balance as of the laser beam, the tone is adamant the speck also leading role. Dreadfulness of great cheer that was blown into this work, rather than the size, we three-dimensional feeling. For example, if the Prince will Ugokimawaro on the stage, there is no singing voice shakes be discharged from the PA. However, he was staring at, it is Yubisasa, great cheer to enthusiastic hung singing, spree move realistically. If think whether raised the right of the far seat, now Ugomeki a wave of enthusiasm to the left, is unawares surrounded during its. There to each other mixed also scat of “Yokohama!” Prince, is he close the eyes strike a scene feeling that comes to mind or are you where in the stage. This feeling, never taste not audience record only of those in the broadcasting sound source or official board that covered from after the cheers. While it also really enthusiastic, is the sound world that does not taste only in the finest recording of the musical tone is not defeated.
Frightful scene sense of such this work, will begin immediately after the play. In fact, we DAT is around from the front curtain, flowing to the venue “Today I received your visit to THE ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS PRINCE performances, Thank you very much. Thank you …… to our customers,” the announcement and that eagerly waiting air feeling of the audience a breath plenty also. Moreover, it is long! I do not know the day of the curtain was delayed, but I also extends to a whopping 36 minutes. In addition, there is also the start of the Prince of the opening music to pinch tell the curtain, this also 10 minutes. Of course, but I do not think things like this curtain part is listen to again and again, If you have time, please enjoy once is not skipped. Expected can not wait feelings solicit To gradually. And, at once explosion accumulated in the reservoir is such a feeling with the “Yokohama, Prince Is Dead !!”! Precisely because share time the sensation and Beat the first time with the audience, you also can also synchro to enthusiasm of the show.
And, thus curtain was Shaw, spread in the vividness of the world of a new golden wake up even the eyes. And “Endorphinmachine” “Shhh!”, “Now”, “THE ARTIST” new song from the first series and became the then new “THE GOLD EXPERIENCE” of going to be showing off one after another. Of course, not a reproduction of the album, but also sprinkled other repertoire, whopping 5 songs new song out of the first half 8 songs. In addition encore also occupied by the all new songs, 12 songs in really 9 songs of “THE GOLD EXPERIENCE” (NPG Operator is excluded) is played. He was a purple until it was reborn in gold. It the figure is strongly slammed.
Although in the second half of the show is played in large quantities also repertoire of non-new song, different from usual with him here. Including “Letitgo” of declared the “death of the Prince” “COME”, Joan “One Of Us” and “Vicki Waiting” of Osborne “Purple Medley” and so on, the song also did not do only this time in his life but I hear plenty.

There is also feud with Warner Brothers, it is also less likely to be much neglected “THE ARTIST era”. The only of the Japan tour last day that only once is the name live album that was captured by the superb sound. This era also Prince had hit a one and only shine. And, had me deliver even the appearance of its golden color in Japan. This work, the convincing proof. Precisely because I now look back on his life, one of the world premiere, which I would like you to listen. This weekend, we will deliver to you your hand.

「Prince Is Dead!!」の一言も胸に突き刺さるライヴ・イン・ジャパンが発掘されました。その生涯で6度の来日を果たしたプリンスですが、本作が収められたのは“THE ARTIST時代”唯一となる1996年の“THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE (GOLD) TOUR”。1993年にワーナー・ブラザーズと契約した彼はアルバム『COME』で“プリンスの死”を宣言。新たにシンボルマークをアーティスト名に掲げた『THE GOLD EXPERIENCE』を発表、そのツアーの一環として日本にもやってきた。冒頭の言葉は、開演を告げる彼自身の言葉なのです。そんな“THE ARTIST時代”唯一の来日公演を振り返ってみましょう。

・1月20日:横浜アリーナ 【本作】

そんな本作の凄まじい現場感覚は、再生直後から始まります。実は開演前からDATが回っており、会場に流れる「本日はTHE ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS PRINCE公演にご来場いただきまして、誠にありがとうございます。お客様へのお願いです……」というアナウンスや待ちわびる観客の空気感もたっぷりと吸い込んでいる。しかも、それが長い! 当日の開演が遅れたのかは分かりませんが、なんと36分にも及ぶのです。さらに、いざ開演を告げるプリンスのオープニング音楽が始まっても、これまた10分もある。もちろん、この開演パートは何度も聴くようなものではないと思いますが、もし時間があれば、ぜひ一度は飛ばさずにお楽しみ頂きたい。じわじわと募る期待と待ちきれない想い。そして、そんな気持ちが溜まりに溜まって「横浜、Prince Is Dead!!」と共に一気に爆発! 時間感覚と昂ぶりを観客と共有するからこそ、ショウの熱狂にももシンクロできるのです。
そして、そうして開演したショウは、新たな黄金の世界が目も覚める鮮やかさで広がる。「Endorphinmachine」「Shhh!」「Now」と、“THE ARTIST”の第一弾となった当時の新作『THE GOLD EXPERIENCE』からの新曲が次々と披露されていく。もちろん、アルバムの再現ではなく、他のレパートリーも交えますが、前半8曲のうちなんと5曲が新曲。さらにアンコールもすべて新曲で占められ、『THE GOLD EXPERIENCE』の12曲中実に9曲(NPG Operatorは除く)が演奏される。それまでパープルだった彼が、ゴールドに生まれ変わった。その姿が強烈に叩きつけられるのです。
ショウ後半には新曲以外のレパートリーも大量に演奏されますが、ここでもいつもの彼とは違う。“プリンスの死”を宣言した『COME』の「Letitgo」をはじめ、ジョーン・オズボーンの「One Of Us」や「Vicki Waiting」「Purple Medley」等々、彼の人生でもこの時期にしかやらなかった曲がたっぷりと聴けるのです。

ワーナー・ブラザーズとの確執もあって、あまり顧みられることも少ない“THE ARTIST時代”。そのただ1回だけのジャパンツアー最終日を極上サウンドで捉えた名ライヴアルバムです。この時代もプリンスは唯一無二の輝きを放っていた。そして、その黄金色の姿を日本にも届けてくれていた。本作は、その確たる証。彼の人生を振り返る今だからこそ、聴いていただきたい全世界初公開の1本。今週末、あなたのお手元へお届けいたします。

Disc 1 (79:39)
1. Pre-Show Music 2. Opening 3. Endorphinmachine 4. Shhh! 5. Days of Wild / 777-9311
6. Now 7. Babies Makin’ Babies 8. Race / Girls & Boys Jam 9. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Disc 2 (76:12)
1. Pussy Control 2. Letitgo 3. Starfish & Coffee 4. The Cross 5. The Jam 6. One of Us
7. Do Me, Baby 8. Sexy MF 9. If I Was Your Girlfriend 10. Vicki Waiting 11. Purple Medley
12. 7 13. Billy Jack Bitch 14. I Hate U / 319 15. Gold

Prince – Vocals, Guitar Michael Bland – Drums Morris Hayes – Keyboards
Tommy Barbarella – Keyboards Sonny Thompson – Bass, Vocals Mayte Garcia – Dance


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