Prince & The New Power Generation / One Nite Alone In Sapporo / 2CD

Prince & The New Power Generation / One Nite Alone In Sapporo / 2CD / Zion

Translated Text:
Live At Hokkaido, Koseinenkin kaikan, Sapporo, Japan 21st November 2002.


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Prince last Japan tour “ONE NITE ALONE … TOUR 2002”. The best live album is the appearance. From this tour, until the beginning of the Osaka performance of the press CD “ONE NITE ALONE IN OSAKA (ZION-080)” is also this, “WHOLE LOTTAL LOVE: HAMAMATSU 2002 (Uxbridge 560),” “ONE NITE ALONE IN BUDOKAN (Uxbridge 564) Although the masterpiece group, such as “we have to introduce, this work is recorded gem that boasts outstanding quality among them. In addition, valuable Hokkaido performances “, 2002 November 21, Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall” is the audience, the album that contains the performance. First, let’s look at the last Japan tour from the whole picture.

– November 15, 2011: Tokyo International Forum
– November 17: Act City Hamamatsu “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE: HAMAMATSU 2002”
– November 18, 2011: Nippon Budokan “ONE NITE ALONE IN BUDOKAN”
– November 19, 2011: Nippon Budokan “ONE NITE ALONE IN BUDOKAN”
– November 21, 2011: Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall [this work] – November 22: Zepp Sendai
– November 26: Fukuoka Sun Palace
– November 28, 2011: Osaka Castle Hall “ONE NITE ALONE IN OSAKA”
– November 29, 2011: Nagoya Century Hall

In this way, the end of the tour is all 9 performances. Among them, this work has been recorded five performances eyes of the middle. “Tour right in the middle” or more points of the, that there is in Hokkaido. Hokkaido performances only two times in his life, I just makomanai open stadium and this work in 1990.
This work was achieved such a valuable Hokkaido performances, it is it is stunning audience sound. To begin with, the recording of this day is not known only one, use the master that has been provided from the recording who is in this work. Further carefully and mastering it, I was appointed to the history of the highest peak sound. In fact, the beauty of the sound flowing from this work is a rarity. I from the realistic feeling of air know the audience recording, and clear the air a sense of profusely, “sound” is also glossy tone. Although different a little type is the “ear directly connected”, venue acoustics recordings of the type that brings out even more the beauty of the musical tone, singing voice. You might would think and write this as “you were not cheat the blurred sound?”, But it is not so. One striking sound 1 of 1 sound, the drum piano, and while reach straight is one word one word that Prince emitted, not hidden even edge since then to tag along reverberation is clear. While understandable to picking nuance of the guitar, me also feel a sense of scale to wrap the body.
Of such sound becomes especially happy is, what feeling of air of Hokkaido. In Sapporo, which is really the first time in 12 years, is hot long-awaited audience. Became the site “Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall (House of the current Sapporo Art and Culture)” is said to be the largest of the Hall Hokkaido, 2,300 scale. So is much smaller than 12 years ago Makomanai outdoor stadium (about 17,000 scale), but include, but hot is the fan that is downright warm mood became Gyuu justified. Its enthusiasm is neither not fussing profusely during the performance, ferocious cheer the rush when it comes to inter-song. Rather than simply a long time, it focuses that try to burn up to the Prince of every move has been projected vividly.
The mood will change, also of the deadly “Purple Rain”. Air is completely changed in that intro, filled with emotion concentration of up to it at once. Finally has been seen, Prince was finally met. Exactly what the “reason is blown away” are Cascia admirably the moment. And, rust and Singapore Long of grandeur that 2,300 of the chorus sings in the whole soul. Too much of the high-quality sound up to this point, you can at once feel the size of the venue, which did not know to clear of, guitar solo resounds …… dissecting while follow it. Exactly’s the moment of a large impression. So audience with a fire, feverishly than the other focus. Funky, soulful, mad dance to dance in the Prince of hands. Of course, it does not become useless recordings covered in large screaming. Beautiful and vivid musical tone is intact, cheering and clapping was aligned with the Japanese Rashiku Bishitsu is you me tell the temperature of the venue.
Such Hokkaido Even more are in special performances, “Santana Medley” and rhea song “Power Fantastic”. “Santana Medley” is played in quick succession the four songs of “Jungle Strut”, “Batuka,” “Soul Sacrifice”, “Toussaint L’Overture” this day only in the special cover. Funk, even Raten’nori in Seoul is applied,’s the intense heat of the performance. Fan of the site does not know how much you know Santana, but ferocious climax nothing to do such a thing. And, ballads speak as “me listen to everyone sitting”, “Power Fantastic”. “THE HITS / THE B-SIDES” any time was unpublished songs that have been quietly recorded in the last, only this day, this also in Japan. Say whether, rhea-performance I called “5 – 6 times? Even through all the carriers”. It is, … and listen in so much of a sound. Every day changing the set list, but it was the tour you play a valuable song in various places, I treasure a take of once and for all jump among them.

Only twice in his life, and 12 New Year’s Eve of Hokkaido performances. Happened to the excitement swirling space, it is a masterpiece of the live album that sucked the air with plenty. 14 years from this live, time that does not dare to long Prince than Hokkaido fan of this work we have too. Such because now is the time, feelings of fans gathered here to sounds in the chest. The joy is felt in the skin. Will valuable performance and superb sound quality from the mania around the world will be noted, but, more than that’s the live album that only full of “feelings” felt Japanese. Once again, I want to see the Prince. How much hope you met. One that can share that feeling with 2,300. This weekend, we will share each other to you.

プリンス最後のジャパンツアー“ONE NITE ALONE… TOUR 2002”。その極上ライヴアルバムが登場です。このツアーからは、これまでも大阪公演のプレスCD『ONE NITE ALONE IN OSAKA(ZION-080)』をはじめ、『WHOLE LOTTAL LOVE: HAMAMATSU 2002(Uxbridge 560)』『ONE NITE ALONE IN BUDOKAN(Uxbridge 564)』といった傑作群をご紹介してきましたが、本作はその中でも抜群のクオリティを誇る逸品録音。しかも、貴重な北海道公演「2002年11月21日・北海道厚生年金会館」公演を収めたオーディエンス・アルバムです。まずは、最後の日本ツアーを全体像から見てみましょう。

・11月17日:アクトシティ浜松 『WHOLE LOTTA LOVE: HAMAMATSU 2002』
・11月21日:北海道厚生年金会館 【本作】
・11月22日:Zepp Sendai
・11月28日:大阪城ホール 『ONE NITE ALONE IN OSAKA』

そのムードが変わるのは、やはり必殺の「Purple Rain」。あのイントロで空気が一変し、それまでの集中力が一気に感極まる。やっと観れた、やっと逢えたプリンス。まさに「理性が吹っ飛ぶ」瞬間を見事に活写しているのです。そして、2,300人のコーラス隊が全霊で歌うサビやシンガロングの壮大さ。ここまであまりの高音質、クリアさに分からなかった会場の広さが一気に体感でき、それを従えながら切り裂くギターソロが鳴り響く……。まさに大感動の一瞬なのです。そこで火の付いた観客は、もう集中力よりも無我夢中。ファンキーに、ソウルフルに、プリンスの手中で踊りに踊り狂う。もちろん、大絶叫にまみれたダメ録音になるわけではありません。美しくビビッドな楽音はそのままに、日本人らしくビシッと揃った手拍子と声援が会場の温度を伝えてくれるのです。
そんな北海道公演をさらに特別にしているのは、「Santana Medley」と激レア曲「Power Fantastic」。「Santana Medley」は、この日だけのスペシャル・カバーで「Jungle Strut」「Batuka」「Soul Sacrifice」「Toussaint L’Overture」の4曲を立て続けに演奏。ファンク、ソウルにラテンノリまでもが加わった、激熱のパフォーマンスなのです。現場のファンがどれだけサンタナを知っているのかは分かりませんが、そんなことは関係ない猛烈な盛り上がりです。そして、「みんな座って聴いてくれ」と語りかけるバラード、「Power Fantastic」。『THE HITS/THE B-SIDES』でもラストにひっそり収録された未発表曲でして、これまた日本ではこの日だけ。と言いますか、“全キャリアを通しても5・6回?”という激レア・パフォーマンスなのです。それが、これほどのサウンドで聴けるとは……。連日セットリストを変え、各地で貴重な曲を演奏したツアーでしたが、その中でも飛びっきりのお宝テイクなのです。


Disc 1 (65:54)
1. Intro 2. Prince Drum Solo 3. Rainbow Children 4. Pop Life 5. Money Don’t Matter 2 Night
6. Purple Rain 7. The Work Pt. 1 8. Power Fantastic
9. 1+1+1 Is 3 / Housequake / Love Rollercoaster 10. The Question Of U 11. Santana Medley

Disc 2 (55:49)
1. When You Were Mine 2. Gotta Broken Heart Again 3. The Ride 4. Sign Of The Times
5. Take Me With U 6. The Everlasting Now 7. Alphabet St. 8. Pass The Peas
9. All The Critics Love U In New York


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