Prince With Miles Davis / Live At Paisley Park New Years Eve 1987 / 1DVDR

Prince With Miles Davis / Live At Paisley Park New Years Eve 1987 / 1DVDR  / Non label

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Live At Paisley Park Chanhassen, Minnesota, USA 31st December 1987. NTSC


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2016, will what the year that. To say that trying to Sashikakaro barely one-third of one year, Yuku away one after another has loved us. Glenn Frey, starting with David Bowie in January, Paul Kantner, Jimmy Bain, in February Maurice White, in March George Martin, Keith Emerson. And April 21, even that Prince is ………. Moreover, he did not have a sign. The people mentioned in the beginning until the George Martin of the 90-year-old from Glenn Frey of age at death 67-year-old, but it was age that seems also to some extent helped, Prince was still 57 years old. Create works also resumed, finally …… though was when called from now. His thing is not away from the head, now is nothing but, not help but stare at the figure of the past days. To the person who was together such a thought, we offer this work.
This work is the finest professional shot of the “1987 New Year’s Eve Paisley Park”. A famous video in costarring with Miles Davis, the people of the fan, but I think whether the familiar, is what mania recently was published as a “best version”. Its image quality is certainly best. There is at the time of the video master, but its freshness is fresh as if the flow was not at the time of the 29 years, the color is also beautifully vivid. In noise and playback irregularity not even beautiful image quality, is projected to Katsuaki from the muscle of the upper arm extending from the tank top to a particle of smoke Tayutau on stage. Moreover, it is followed by the no speck also waver that over a period of about 96 minutes.
Of course, it highlights the professional official work camera work and a perfect sound also Naru full spree holding. “Strange Relationship” “Now’s The Time” at the beginning show will cause starting from the drum solo in the unreleased, but the quality itself is a splendor that can be official release as excavation video. 29-year-old Prince drawn by its quality. Sexy voice, funky scat, Kirekkire of movement, Komu play hot guitar and,, that smile. All is shining. While reigning dazzling as the darling of the era, is he in front of an audience of music and eye devote body and soul, I’m here.

Honestly, at a loss what to do accept the now of reality. Such as “have been working without sleep 154 ​​hours,” “suffering and had the flu”, although fragmentary story is heard, convincing situation also remains unclear, eyes the only memorial comments of daily news and celebrity chasing there. Driven by a strange anxiety than the sadness, there is no mind of every office, is earnestly to convince is not squid.
Among such, only there was one thing for sure. It is the fact that we’ve carved time best with his music. This work is the video that reminds us of that fact firmly. Now everything is opaque, if me at the very least become a cornerstone of the mind. Such one, will be delivered to your handy.


もちろん、見どころをプロが押さえまくるカメラワークや完璧なサウンドも完全なる公式仕事。ショウ冒頭の「Strange Relationship」「Now’s The Time」が未収録でドラムソロから始まってしまいますが、クオリティ自体は発掘映像としてオフィシャル・リリースもできる素晴らしさです。そのクオリティで描かれる29歳のプリンス。セクシーな歌声、ファンキーなスキャット、キレッキレの動き、熱く弾き込むギター、そして、あの笑顔。そのすべてが輝いている。時代の寵児として眩しく君臨しながら、音楽と目の前の観客に身も心も捧げる彼が、ここにいるのです。


1. Sheila E Drum Solo 2. Hot Thing 3. If I Was Your Girlfriend
4. Let’s Go Crazy (incl. Land Of 1,000 Dances) 5. When Doves Cry
6. Purple Rain / Auld Lang Syne 7. 1999 8. U Got The Look
9. It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night (incl. Six / Housequake / Chain Of Fools / Cold Sweat / Mother Popcorn / Take The A-Train / Land Of 1,000 Dances / Alphabet St. / It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night)


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