Prince / Lovesexy Sendai Lovesexy Tour / 2CD

Prince / Lovesexy Sendai Lovesexy Tour / 2CD / Moonchild Records

Translated Text:

Recorded live at Sendai City Gymnasium, Sendai, Japan February 1st 1989

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February 1, 1989 “LOVESEXY JAPAN TOUR 1989” Completely recorded Sendai performance on the first day with super high quality stereo sound board! This sound source is famous for spill sound board sound source. Latest digital · remastered. Even without mastering, it’s pretty much all alright so you can recommend it to anyone. Please enjoy SHOW in full participation in Sheila E!

1989年2月1日“LOVESEXY JAPAN TOUR 1989”初日の仙台公演を超高音質ステレオ・サウンドボードで完全収録!この音源は流出サウンドボード音源で有名ですね。最新デジタル・リマスタリング済み。マスタリングしなくても、そりゃもうめっちゃ音いいので誰にでもおすすめできるCDっす。シーラE全面参加のショウをお楽しみください!


Disc 1
01. Housequake
02. Slow Love
03. Adore
04. Delirious
05. Jack U Off
06. Sister
07. Do Me Baby
08. I Wanna Be Your Lover-Intro
09. Head
10. Girls And Boys
11. A Love Bizarre
12. When You Were Mine
13. Little Red Corvette
14. Controversy
15. U Got The Look
16. Superfunkycalifragisexy / Controversy
17. Bob George
18. Anna Stesia / Cross The Line (SE)

Disc 2
01. Cross The Line (SE)
02. Eye No
03. Lovesexy
04. Glam Slam
05. The Cross
06. I Wish U Heaven
07. Kiss
08. Dance On
09. Sheila E Drum Solo
10. Let’s Go Crazy
11. When Doves Cry
12. Purple Rain
13. 1999
14. Alphabet St.
15. Endind (SE)
◆Recorded live at Sendai City Gymnasium, Sendai, Japan February 1st 1989

Moonchild Records. MC-052

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