Prince / Legendary Coachella Performance / 2CDR

Prince / Legendary Coachella Performance / 2CDR / Controvesy

Translated Text:
“Coachella Valley Music Ando Arts Festival 2008” Live At Empire Polo Field, Indio, CA April 26Th 2008. Audience



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April 26, 2008 outdoor festivals have been handed down to the historical performance, complete recording than high-quality audience recording master the Prince of the stage who appeared in “Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival”.

In the beginning, “Glamorous Life” from the number of yesteryear The time appeared Sheila E!

Besides Santana medley that her father had participated has been unveiled, it is a “creep” and the Beatles large recommendation title was recorded complete now and valuable must listen live the rare cover is played, such as “Come Together” of Radiohead !




1. lead in/2. Prince intro/3. The Bird (The Time)/4. Jungle Love (The Time)/5. The Glamourous Life (Sheila E./6. Santana Medley :Jungle Strut / Soul Sacrifice / Toussaint L’Ouverture (with Sheila E.)/7. 1999/8. Feel 4 U/9. Controversy/10. Housequake/11. Little Red Corvette/12. Musicology/13. Prince And The Band/14. Cream/15. U Got The Look/16. Shhh/17. Anotherloverholenyohead (w/ Rock Lobster outro)

1. Creep/2. Angel/3. 7/4. Come Together/5. Purple Rain/6. Let’s Go Crazy

“Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival 2008” Live At Empire Polo Field, Indio, CA April 26th 2008

Controvesy. CR-116A/B

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