Prince / Hamamatsu 2002 Whole Lotta Love / 2CDR

Prince / Hamamatsu 2002 Whole Lotta Love / 2CDR / Uxbridge

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Live At Act City, Hamamatsu, Japan 17th November 2002.


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It became a lifetime last concert in Japan “ONE NITE ALONE … TOUR 2002”. The best live album is reprinted. At this time of the Japan tour in all nine performances, the north is a longitudinal the archipelago from Sapporo south to Fukuoka. Prince of Japan in history, became the largest number of performances. This work is the audience album that contains the “Act City Hamamatsu November 17, 2002” in the. Here, let’s take a look at an overview of the Japan tour.

– November 15, 2011: Tokyo International Forum
– November 17: Act City Hamamatsu [this work] – November 18 – 19, 2011: Nippon Budokan
– November 21, 2011: Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall
– November 22: Zepp Sendai
– November 26: Fukuoka Sun Palace
– November 28, 2011: Osaka Castle Hall
– November 29, 2011: Nagoya Century Hall

In this way Hamamatsu performances, Japan tour two shows eyes. Only in his career, it was also a concert in Shizuoka. Such precious stage of this work, which recorded a is, those using the ceded the original master recording from the house himself to direct. At the time, usually it has been released from MASTERPORT label, we recordings that became a hot topic as “the best sound quality of most official live board level above the sound board.” In fact, beautiful to look at the clear sound, just superb. Audience of clapping and cheers also has been recorded, but the focus is tightly and focus to the tone and singing voice, a sense of distance is also zero. It does not have transmitted what was recorded in what kind of position but, but rather much more of cheers far, there is no so a not a dimension of audience recording. Natural live sense, there are also those impossible never a desk direct sound board. Because of it has been passed from the recording artist himself we ensure the audience recording, but what I live album to carefully listen to the mix is ​​the official live album.
And, what it is drawn in quality to call even with such “official-class audience” is, Prince last Japan tour. In fact, Hamamatsu performances but it was a fairly short set list in Japan tour, it as if the difference is also the official album “ONE NITE ALONE … LIVE!”, Just the song that does not listen is at about half the official board. When it comes to the “Love Rollercoaster,” “Whole Lotta Love,” “Family Name”, “Joy In Repetition”, “All The Critics Love U In Hamamatsu”, this day was Japan’s first performance. In particular, cover “Whole Lotta Love” of LED ZEPPELIN is connected beautifully from groovy break into the “Family Name”, make me listen to more than 12 minutes enthusiastically. That said what was short time, you it is in a sense concentrated.
In fact, that the Prince of hot air is not as good as the other performances, it comes through from plenty of included calls and response. You call the place name in each song, in particular, it was changed to sing from “Hamamatsu! Oi, oi, oh !!” call-and-response and “New York” in the “Strange Relationship”, “All The Critics Love U In Hamamatsu” It is Eraku fresh. But also I wrote earlier, Prince of Shizuoka concert is only this day life. I Anyhow, the hard transmitted to the character, his has a unique accent in the “Hamamatsu”, not listen only in this work, unlike the Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka and Yokohama, is the groove of the day only to listen. In the “All The Critics Love U In Hamamatsu”, dance-contest of the day is also done, NPG Music Club members (FAM) is dancing up to also stage 25 people. For more than 13 minutes SANAE climax to the open feeling of plenty.
On the other hand, “guitarist, Prince” is shining with “Joy In Repetition”. In the enlarged version of 9 minutes more than that greatly exceeds the album take, plenty of show off melancholy drifting guitar solo. Its expressive power is overwhelming, only shining in the first place in the “guitarist being evaluated history’s most under-choice for Rolling Stone” is the hot phrase that there is spurting.

Life in 6 degrees of Japan tour, Prince went left behind the 38 performances. And in his last Japan tour, is a large masterpiece was fully recorded in the finest sound the first at the end of the Hamamatsu performances. Precisely because it now, want to share Prince and the many people also alone the last memories of Japan. The would have been forgotten, the brilliance of much also dazzling overnight, I would like you to stare again. Its thought the rice was hidden name recording, it will be delivered to your handy.

★ masterpiece of content and quality. It is a big hit in.

生涯最後の来日公演となった“ONE NITE ALONE… TOUR 2002”。その極上ライヴアルバムが復刻です。この時のジャパンツアーは全9公演で、北は札幌から南は福岡まで列島を縦断。プリンスの来日史上、最多の公演数となりました。本作は、その中の「2002年11月17日アクトシティ浜松」を収めたオーディエンスアルバムです。ここで、ジャパンツアーの概要を見てみましょう。

・11月17日:アクトシティ浜松 【本作】
・11月22日:Zepp Sendai

そして、そんな“オフィシャル級オーディエンス”とでも呼べるクオリティで描かれるのが、プリンス最後の日本ツアー。実のところ、浜松公演はジャパンツアーでもかなり短いセットリストだったのですが、それもオフィシャル盤『ONE NITE ALONE… LIVE!』とはまるで違い、約半分が公式盤では聴けない曲ばかり。「Love Rollercoaster」「Whole Lotta Love」「Family Name」「Joy In Repetition」「All The Critics Love U In Hamamatsu」に至っては、この日が日本初演奏でした。特にLED ZEPPELINのカバー「Whole Lotta Love」は、グルーヴィなブレイクから「Family Name」へと見事に繋がれ、12分を超える熱演を聴かせてくれる。時間こそ短かったとは言え、それが濃縮感になっているのです。
実際、プリンスの熱気が他公演にも劣らないことは、たっぷり盛り込まれたコール&レスポンスからも伝わってくる。各曲で地名をコールしますが、特に「Strange Relationship」での「Hamamatsu! Oi, oi, oh!!」のコール&レスポンスや「New York」から歌い替えた「All The Critics Love U In Hamamatsu」はえらく新鮮。先ほども書きましたが、プリンスの静岡コンサートは生涯この日だけ。どうにも文字にすると伝わりづらいのですが、彼の「Hamamatsu」には独特なアクセントがあり、東名阪や横浜とは違って本作でしか聴けない、この日だけのグルーヴが聴けるのです。その「All The Critics Love U In Hamamatsu」では、この日のダンス・コンテストも行われ、NPG Music Club会員(FAM)が25名もステージに上がってダンスを披露。13分以上に渡って開放感たっぷりに盛り上がりまくります。
その一方、“ギタリスト、プリンス”が輝くのは「Joy In Repetition」。アルバムテイクを大きく上回る9分超の拡大バージョンで、哀愁漂うギターソロをたっぷりと披露。その表現力は圧倒的で、“ローリング・ストーンの選ぶ歴史上最も過小評価されているギタリスト”で第1位に輝くだけはある熱いフレーズが迸るのです。



Disc 1
1. Prince Drum Solo 2. Rainbow Children 3. Muse 2 The Pharaoh 4. Pop Life 5. Purple Rain
6. The Work pt.1 7. Mellow 8. 1+1+1 is 3/Love Rollercoaster 9. The Question Of U/Drums Solo
10. Strange Reletionship 11. Pass The Peas

Disc 2
1. Whole Lotta Love/Family Name 2. Take Me With U 3. Raspberry Beret
4. The Everlasting Now 5. Joy In Repetition 6. All The Critics Love U In Hamamatsu

Prince – Vocal, Guitar, Piano, keyboard, Bass, Drums
John Blackwell – Drums Rhonda Smith – Bass Renato Neto – keyboards
Maceo Parker – Alt Sax Eric Leeds – Tenor Sax Greg Boyer – Trombone
Dudley D. – Turntables

Uxbridge 560

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