Prince / Crystal Ball From The Master / 2CDR

Prince / Crystal Ball From The Master / 2CDR / Non Label

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Crystal Ball From The Master


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Crystal Ball From The Master (2CDR)
Dream Factory, the person that you are raising one masterpiece in unreleased album of the Prince would not a few. But true masterpiece Crystal Ball is the master itself is not flowing out although the recording songs to listen, because you did not know things like ties and different versions between the songs, and a voice on a large, Crystal Ball Prince of 3LP than ‘s the best unpublished album epic, and it was not possible to say. But it finally the Crystal Ball of the master was spilled. Rebirth Of The Flesh of the medley, a new version of The Ball that does not listen to only here, because it reviews the one song one song in Purple Town Vol.61, or us to read and download the following site, your purchase please let us know and hope the Putple Town Vol.61 when.

Crystal Ball From The Master (2CDR)
プリンスの未発表アルバムで名作を一つあげるのならDream Factory、という人は少なくないでしょう。しかし真の傑作Crystal Ballはその収録全曲が聴けるもののそのマスター自体は流出しておらず、曲間の繋がりやバージョン違いといったものがわからなかったため、声を大にして、Crystal Ballはプリンスの3LP超大作で最高の未発表アルバムだ、とは言うことはできませんでした。しかし遂にCrystal Ballのマスターが流出したのです。Rebirth Of The Fleshのメドレー、ここでしか聴けないThe Ballのニューバージョン、一曲一曲をPurple Town Vol.61でレビューしているので、以下のサイトをダウンロードしてお読みくださるか、ご購入の際にPutple Town Vol.61を希望とお知らせください。

Disc 1 Rebirth of the Flesh

Play in the SunshineHousequake

The Ballad of Dorothy Parker


Starfish and Coffee

Slow Love

Hot Thing

Crystal Ball

If I Was Your Girlfriend

Rock Hard in a Funky Place

Disc 2

The Ball

Joy in RepetitionStrange Relationship

I Could Never Take the Place of Your ManShockadelica

Good Love

Forever in My Life

Sign o’ the Times

The Cross

It’s Gonna Be a Beautiful Night

Adore (Until the End of Time)


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