Prince / Love Sexy Tour Nagoya 89 / 2CD

Prince / Love Sexy Tour Nagoya 89 / 2CD / Shakuntala

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Live At The Rainbow Hall Nagoya Aichi Japan February 7, 1989. Soundboard


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2016 the end of April, Prince died of news has jumped suddenly. Sometimes it is still young as 57-year-old is, first thing I thought where if the prince has died of the country, but was soon surprised to know that it’s “that” Prince. Not allow other followers as a talented musician, studio album releases every year, or subjected to after-show on the same day evening be performed live, there was anyway remarkable is its vigorous activity. In the if indeed album release accustomed to big fish almost artists go become a span that once in a few years, the prolific first time to like release the album in one after the other as the 70s idol of Japan, fans keep up the is was much serious. I think it was certainly the 1990s, in an interview of the locking-on, I asked the person and whether the unpublished song is how much, and the answer that there are more than 10 albums worth, is one end of the phenomenal talent of anew Prince It was intended to be a glimpse.

80s of the Prince was a symbol of one of the biggest pop star gave birth to the United States, along with Michael Jackson and Madonna. Japan tour of such Prince has been done six times in a lifetime. First visit to Japan 1986, is the Japan was chosen as the final location of the Parade tour. Then also performs a concert in Japan every few years, became the last of the visit to Japan was in 2002. And this work is from Love Sexy tour was the second time of the Japan tour, and complete recording of the Nagoya performances of February 7, 1989 by the sound board. But it becomes an aside, this Love Sexy tour, Japan tour was a tour final location.

Become wrapped in the title as a black funk “Black Album” is released stop, then again released album is “Love sexy”. Release initially not fixed the evaluation, sales basis in good enough also. To Abnormal specific jacket, inconvenient to make that one song in total there is no chapter of each song on the CD. But it has been retrospective and likes album is Prince himself later in life, has been recognized as one of the representative works of the Prince of the 1980s is now. That was able to see a tour with this album in Japan would be good luck.

1989 Love sexy tour Japan tour of the Prince were those Konasu energetically as ever tight schedule of eight performances in a stay of about two weeks. Set list is divided into the first half and the second half, the second half to arrange the songs from the time of the new album “Love sexy”, is a configuration that concludes with representative songs that everyone knows in the encore. It would be a major feature of the Princes of the stage of stuff in the medley trying to play as many as possible of the song. This work is he a Nagoya performances but, pleasing even the screaming the place name of “Nagoya!” Everywhere.

This work is complete recording of the perfect outflow sound board Nagoya Rainbow Hall performance on February 7, 1989. In noteworthy ultra-high sound quality among the Prince of Japan tour, sound board sound source was cleanly separated into stereo, high-quality to be established as this remains live album. Permanent preservation firmly press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification.






01. Erotic City as introduction
02. Housequake – Take The A-Train
03. Slow Love
04. Adore
05. Delirious
06. Jack U Off
07. Sister
08. Do Me, Baby
09. Adore (Reprise)
10. I Wanna Be Your Lover
11. Head – Murph Drag
12. Girls And Boys
13. A Love Bizarre
14. When You Were Mine
15. Little Red Corvette
16. Controversy
17. U Got The Look
18. Superfunkycalifragisexy
19. Controversy (Reprise)
20. Bob George – Cross The Line
21. Anna Stesia
22. Cross The Line

01. Interlude
02. Eye No
03. Lovesexy
04. Glam Slam
05. The Cross
06. I Wish U Heaven
07. Kiss
08. Dance On
09. Sheila E Drum Solo
10. It Is No Secret What God Can Do – When 2 R In Love
11. Venus De Milo
12. Starfish And Coffee
13. Raspberry Beret
14. Strange Relationship
15. Chopsticks – With You – Under The Cherry Moon – Condition Of The Heart
16. International Lover
17. When 2 R In Love (Reprise)
18. Let’s Go Crazy
19. When Doves Cry
20. Purple Rain
21. 1999

Shakuntala. STCD-080/081

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