Prince & 3rd Eye Girl / Get More Deeply Funky / 2CDR

Prince & 3rd Eye Girl / Get More Deeply Funky / 2CDR  / Controversy

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Live at The Louisville Palace, Louisville, KY March 15th 2015 Soundboard


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2016 April 21, the whole world first appearance Auckland performance from last became a solo concert tour “piano-and-a-microphone” tour to deliver in mourning the Prince death that shocked!

2016 February 28, California Oakland Paramount Theater 3 Disc set that each complete recording than high-quality audience recording master Fast Shaw & Second show the in.

The beginning of yesteryear Rare number from the masterpieces of such diverse music selection was back at the career of up to it, will deliver a live fan must listen from the valuable piano playing talking tour that was the last that invites the excitement once again tears!



1. Hannah Intro/2. DAT Intro/3. Wow/4. Funk’N’Roll (inc. Art Official Age remix)/5. The Breakdown/6. Pretzelbodylogic (inc. The Sailor’s Hornpipe / Stratus)/7. Let’s Go Crazy/8. Take Me With U/9. U Got The Look/10. Cool / Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough/11. Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)/12. Controversy/13. 1999/14. Little Red Corvette/15. Nothing Compares 2 U/16. Kiss

1. What If/2. Purple Rain/3. When Doves Cry/4. Hot Thing/5. Housequake/6. Sin O’ The Times/7. The X’s Face/8. Alphabet St./9. Forever In My Life/10. I Would Die 4 U/11. Love/12. A Love Bizarre/13. Darling Nikki/14. Nasty Girl/15. Play That Funky Music/16. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)/17. Diamonds And Pearls/18. The Beautiful Ones/19. Guitar/20. Plectrum Electrum

Live at The Louisville Palace, Louisville, KY March 15th 2015

Controversy. CR-114A/B

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