Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM)/ 02 Academy Islington 2018 / 2CDR

Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM)/ 02 Academy Islington 2018 / 2CDR / Amity

Live At The 02 Arena Academy, Islington, London, UK 17th May 2018.

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PFM played the 6th visit to Japan this January. The memory is revived, and the latest live album that expands further appears.
Engraved in this work is “London Performance May 17, 2018”. Their 2018 start began with Japanese performance, but after that they have been doing well all around the world. First of all, let’s check the position of the show in the tour schedule, in order to know such a situation.

· January 9th – 11th: Japan (6 shows)
· January 31 / March 2 – 24: Italy (9 shows)
· April 19 – May 8: South America / North America (11 shows)
· May 12: Legnano performance
· May 16th + 17th: Britain (2 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· May 21 – August 25: Italy / Switzerland (18 performances)

【Original recording drew brilliantly until the illusion of PFM】
This is the 2018 performance schedule which has been published to date. I am living in South America, North America, Switzerland etc while centering my home country Italy. Among them, the show in the UK is two performances. This work was a concert that was the second day.
This work which recorded such a show is a really wonderful audience recording. The one that I recorded is a famous name recordingist in “UK masters” at our shop. It is a live album that made CD directly to the master who was directly transferred, and it is original recording of only this work which has not been circulated anywhere on the net. Masters are individuality to achieve both realistic air feeling unique to DAT recording and contemporary clearness, but the sound of this work is exactly a sample. The core is also remarkably brutal performance sound, the singing voice which is transmitted to feeling of breathing is extremely wonderful. On top of that, a slightly dressed atmosphere is excellent. It is not thick enough to hide the details, not too far as to make it cloudy. The O2 Academy, which was on site, is a venue for accommodating about 800 people, but the sense of the closed room is unbearable. Yet it has a phantasy fantasy feeling, it is exactly the perfect sound for recording PFM.

【Luxury classics greatly exceeding Japanese performances】
The show drawn with that quality revives the memories of the Japanese performance, but it exceeds that. The members conform to the Japanese performance and the set is close, but it is not the same. In Japan it was a two-day performance schedule because it was a short set that fits on 1 CD, but this performance’s London performance is majestic full set. It plays plenty for about two hours. For that reason, the famous masterpieces that were greatly increased are delicious. It is too tasty. There is also “La Danza Degli Specchi” of the latest work “EMOTIONAL TATTOOS”, but all others are Classics of former years. “Dove … Quando” in “Fantasy story” to “Harlequin” of “Chocolate · King’s”, “Four Holes In The Ground” of “Resurrecting World”, and “Photos Of Ghosts” “Il Banchetto” of “Phantom’s Movie”. .. Pt 1 & 2 “. The performance of the Japanese performance can be enjoyed at “TOKYO 2018 FINAL SHOW (Amity 437)”, but these are all repertoires you could not listen to that masterpiece recording.
And the performance is wonderful again. Although the performance in Japan has been a long time since the beginning of the year, this work is consistent with the spring tour that continues from “South America / North America” ​​as stated above. The ensemble is truly fulfilled, and even if it is a difficult tune, I will painstakingly draw the thought with seven large households without danger. Alasandro Bonetti of DEUS EX MACHINA did a good job of doing a brilliant work without feeling of lack, although regrettable that Lucio Fabbri did not go out like Japan. Marco Sufori is also technically based on new songs, plenty of Italian-like lyricism in representative songs, while also elegantly decorating the acoustic guitar intertwining with Alberto Bravin. Instead of simply tracing the original phrase, Anan Bull who gained a deeper understanding of its feeling is brilliant. It is also a sound that all such subtleties can taste in detail.

A full show which further improved the completeness than the wonderful Japanese performance and further increased masterpieces. It is a masterpiece of the live album that the whole masterpiece was recorded with the master of “British master” over his arms. Original fantasy world of only this work that can not be heard elsewhere. Please, please enjoy plenty.

★ It is a wonderful sound quality.




そのクオリティで描かれるショウは、日本公演の想い出を蘇らせつつも、それを超えている。メンバーは日本公演に準じており、セットも近いのですが、同じではない。日本では1日2公演スケジュールだったせいかCD1枚に収まるショートセットでしたが、本作のロンドン公演は堂々のフルセット。約2時間たっぷりと演奏してくれるのです。そのために大増量された名曲群が美味しい。美味しすぎる。最新作『EMOTIONAL TATTOOS』の「La Danza Degli Specchi」もありますが、他はすべて往年のクラシックス。『チョコレート・キングス』の「Harlequin」、『甦る世界』の「Four Holes In The Ground」、そして『幻の映像』の「Photos Of Ghosts」「Il Banchetto」に『幻想物語』の「Dove… Quando… Pt1&2」。日本公演の模様は『TOKYO 2018 FINAL SHOW(Amity 437)』で楽しめますが、これらはすべてあの傑作録音でも聴けなかったレパートリーなのです。
そして、演奏ぶりがまた素晴らしい。来日公演は年始で久々のステージだったわけですが、本作は上記日程の通り「南米/北米」から続く春ツアーの一貫。アンサンブルは実にこなれており、難曲でも危なげなく7人の大所帯で曲想を見事に描いていく。日本と同じくルーチョ・ファッブリが不参加なのは残念なものの、DEUS EX MACHINAのアレッサンドロ・ボネッティは大役を見事にこなして不足感なし。マルコ・スフォーリも新曲ではテクニカルに、代表曲ではイタリアらしい叙情感をたっぷりと醸しつつ、アルベルト・ブラビンと絡め合うアコースティック・ギターも優雅に決めている。単にオリジナルのフレーズをなぞるのではなく、そのフィーリングまで深く理解したアンアンブルが鮮やか。そんな機微がことごとく詳細に味わえるサウンドでもあるのです。


Disc 1(54:04)
1. Il Regno 2. Four Holes In The Ground 3. Photos Of Ghosts 4. Il Banchetto
5. Member Introductions 6. Dove… Quando… pt1 7. Dove… Quando… pt2
8. La Carrozza Di Hans 9. Impressioni Di Settembre

Disc 2(62:53)
1. Introduction by Patrick Djivas 2. La Danza Degli Specchi 3. Freedom Square
4. Promenade The Puzzle 5. Harlequin 6. Introduction to PFM In Classic
7. Romeo e Giulietta : Danza Dei Cavalieri 8. Mr. 9 ‘Til 5
9. Violin Jam 10. William Tell Overture 11. Celebration (incl. Drum Duet)

Franz Di Cioccio – Drums, Lead Vocals Patrick Djivas – Bass
Alessandro Scaglione – Keyboards Marco Sfogli – Guitars
Alessandro Bonetti – Violin Alberto Bravin – Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
Roberto Gualdi – Drums

Amity 455

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