Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) / Kawasaki 2002 2nd Night / 2CDR

Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) / Kawasaki 2002 2nd Night / 2CDR / Non Label

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Live at Club Citta, Kawasaki, Japan 11th May 2002


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PFM2002 years Japan tour that became 27 years of miracle of reincarnation date Osaka two days is done in schedule that Kawasaki the 3rd, the band shows off the best part of playing in various places. The progressive rock fans in Japan gave me to large impressed. This work stage of May 11, which corresponds to the Kawasaki second day. Since the official live album is a recording of May 12 of last day, this second day of play does not have to rely on the boot leg. This board from time Ayanami label “Japan Tour 2002” that what had been released under the title was recorded remastered called. 2 recorded master DAT as it was the directly recorded music media of in floor seats, stunning quality of more than enough even listening now. Can read the beatleg review at the time, “Kawasaki second day, was clearly said great the best performance is. Speaking of why, for the ticket it was Dasa sell originally was two days, this fan is all, is Saturday because you have purchased a ticket for the day, it is was the unusual climax. band also enthusiastic .2 day is was waged playing firmly sound of Mellotron sounded from synth Puremori in a way that respond to its grand Naru cheer across is, anything and everything he was the highest of the state. “and that (Kawasaki first day there is a mistake in the ROM of the keyboard, the sound of the Mellotron was not out.). “River Of Life” and “Photos of Ghosts”, and song selection from was unusual that was played in the live “Promenade the Puzzle” and “Photos of Ghosts” was let me rapture the fan. At the time, it is the era of sound in which the equalization that is pointy in just tremendous in Japan CDR heyday had been touted as the “high quality”, “compelling”, such circumstances, because this sound source is almost released in Non’ikoraizu , now in reverse, when re-listen, I think that it might be to enjoy the sound filled with the most natural and regulation. Already trying has passed since the ’13 since then, but the excitement of those days is not faded at all. Come in this board, try to relive the great was PFM2002 years Japan tour.


27年ぶりの奇跡の再来日となったPFM2002年日本ツアーは大阪2日、川崎3日という日程で行われ、バンドは各所で圧巻の演奏を披露。日本中のプログレ・ファンを大感動させてくれました。本作は川崎2日目にあたる5月11日のステージ。公式ライヴ盤は最終日の5月12日の収録ですので、この2日目の演奏はブートレッグに頼るしかありません。本盤は当時Ayanamiレーベルから「Japan Tour 2002」というタイトルでリリースされていたものをリマスター収録したもの。2階席で録音されたマスターDATを直に音盤化したもので、今聴いても十分過ぎるほどの見事なクオリティ。当時のbeatlegレビューを読むと「川崎2日目は、はっきり言って演奏が最高に素晴らしかった。何故かと言えば、当初売りだされたチケットが2日分だったため、ファンは皆、土曜日であるこの日のチケットを購入したため、異常な盛り上がりだったのである。バンドもその盛大なる声援にこたえる形で熱狂的な演奏を繰り広げたのである。2日目はプレーモリのシンセからしっかりとメロトロンの音が響き渡っており、何から何まで最高の状態であったのだ。」とのこと(川崎初日はキーボードのROMの間違いがあり、メロトロンの音が出なかった。)。「River Of Life」や「Photos of Ghosts」、そしてライヴで演奏されたのが珍しかった「Promenade the Puzzle」など「幻の映像」からの選曲がファンを狂喜させてくれました。当時は、来日CDR全盛期で凄まじいばかりにとんがったイコライズをしたサウンドが「高音質」「迫力満点」ともてはやされていた時代であり、そんななか、この音源は殆どノンイコライズでリリースされているので、逆に今、聴き直すと、最も自然で緩急に満ちたサウンドで楽しめるのではないかと思います。既にあれから13年が経とうとしていますが、あの頃の感動はまったく色あせていません。本盤で是非、素晴らしかったPFM2002年日本ツアーを追体験してみて下さい。

Lato 1(55:21)
1 La Carrozza di Hans 2. River Of Life 3. Photos of Ghosts 4. Peninsula 5. Out of the Roundabout
6. La Rivoluzione 7. Suonare Suonare 8. Promenade the Puzzle

Lato 2(74:59)
1. La luna nuova 2. Tokyo Piano Solo (Flavio Premoli) / Dove…Quando 3. Il Banchetto
4. Dolcissima Maria 5. Maestro della Voce 6. Si Puo Fare 7. Mr. 9 till 5
8. Alta Loma 5 Till 9 / Violin solo (Lucio Fabbri) / William Tell Overture
9. Impressioni di Settembre 10. Celebration

Franco Mussida – Guitar, Vocals Franz Di Cioccio – Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Patrick Djivas – Bass Flavio Premoli – Keyboards, Vocals
Lucio Fabbri – Violin, Keyboards, Guitars Piero Monterisi – Additional Drums

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