Power Station / Live At The Avalon 1997 / 1CDR

Power Station / Live At The Avalon 1997 / 1CDR / Breakdown

Live At The Avalon, Boston, MA September 27th 1997

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Power Station, a project derived from Duran Duran, released his album “Living In Fear” and premiered a performance at Boston Avalon, Boston on September 27 from a precious reunion tour in 1997. Recorded from the sound quality audience recording master. Michael De Valles played the vocals at the 80’s live, but this was the only live tour where the original vocalist Robert Palmer participated for the first time (this time John Taylor was absent) . Now, Robert Palmer and Tony Thompson of the drums have passed away, so it is a power station excavation live sound source that can not be reproduced again!

01. Get It On (Bang A Gong)
02. Murderess
03. Notoriety
04. She Can Rock It
05. Dope Is What Dopers Do
06. Simply Irresistable
07. Hot Pants
08. Go To Zero
09. Every Kind Of People
10. Scared
11. Harvest For The World
12 .Power Trippin’
13. Living In Fear
14. Bad Case Of Loving You
15. Some Like It Hot
16. Addicted To Love
◆Live At The Avalon, Boston, MA September 27th 1997

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