Power Station / Live In Hartford 1985 / 2CDR

Power Station / Live In Hartford 1985 / 2CDR / Project Zip

Live At Civic Center, Hartford, CT August 20th 1985

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Duran Duran’s John Taylor and Ann Taylor, along with Tony Thompson’s heavy drums and the studio’s Robert Palmer, a super unit where former Silverhead Michael De Valles joined the vocal , Sound board live appeared from The Power Station’s only 1985 US tour! August 20, 1985 Hartford, Connecticut performance is recorded as a sound board sound source, including the number of Duran Duran, velvet underground cover, album not yet recorded precious live Featured title!


01. Murderess
02. Dancing In The Street
03. Some Like It Hot
04. Lonely Tonight
05. Go To Zero
06. Too Bad To Be Good
07. Harvest For The World
08. Thinking With Your Body
09. Still In Your Heart

01. Some Guys Have All The Luck
02. Communication
03. The Reflex
04. White Light, White Heat
05. Obsession / Band Introductions / Obsession
06. Guitar solo / Hungry Like The Wolf
◆Live At Civic Center, Hartford, CT August 20th 1985

Project Zip. PJZ-714A/B

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