Police / Live Hits The Gaumont / 1CDR

Police / Live Hits The Gaumont / 1CDR / Gypsy Eye Project

Translated Text:

Live At The Gaumont, Southampton, UK December 16th 1979. Soundboard



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年79 sound board live sound source of initial police first appearance! 

Recorded UK-Southampton Gomonto performance December 16, 1979. 
You can listen to music full of hot air of initial only. Also on this day, “Truth Hits Everybody” would say live in this period in the 1980s just before a valuable record in the place that is rare to have been played in Slow version. It is recommended that title can not be overlooked, even in the initial live sound!





at The Gaumont, Southampton, UK 12/16/1979

01. Next To You 
02. So Lonely 
03. Walking On The Moon 
04. Hole In My Life 
05. Deathwish 
06. Truth Hits Everybody (slow version) 
07. Fall out 
08. Bring On The Night 
09. Bed’s Too Big Without You 
10. Peanuts 
11. Roxanne 
12. Can not Stand Losing You

Gypsy Eye Project . GEP-243

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