Police / First Night In Tokyo / 1CDR

Police / First Night In Tokyo / 1CDR / Breakdown

Translated Text:
Live At Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan February 14th 1980. Audience


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Now legendary February 14 Nakano Sun Plaza performances became the first day that should be commemorated from The Police 80 beginning of the year of the Japan tour rang, first appeared in two sets with a high quality audience recording!

The performance of the initial police full of sense of speed in the reggae beats and punky in the high-quality sound that is also powerful in the clear, it is the Police fan must listen title that can not be overlooked as the first Japan tour the first day of the document should be commemorated that captures vividly!


01. Next to you/02. So Lonely/03. Walking on the moon/04. Hole in my life/05. Deadwish/06. Fall out/07. Thruth hits everybody/08. Bring on the night/09. Visions of the night/10. Message in a bottle

01. Peanuts/02. Beds too big without you/03. Roxanne/04. Can’t stand losing you/05. Landlord/06. Born in the fifties/07. No time this time/08. Outroduction

Live At Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan February 14th 1980
Breakdown – 620

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