Poison / Irvine Meadows 1991 / 1DVDR

Poison / Irvine Meadows 1991 / 1DVDR / Non Label

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Live at Irvine Meadows, Irvine, CA. USA 19th May 1991 PRO-SHOT


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“PLAYS ROCK CITY” of POISON that had rocked the United Kingdom of kids across the Atlantic. Although the presumption of document & entertainment album, glare of LA is also what true value is transmitted to what is seen in the eye. So, let me become a stomach full of full professional shot of the home country of California!
This work is a multi-camera professional shot that was complete recording across the “19 days Irvine Meadows performances May 1991” in about an hour and a half. And which was broadcast on “VH1 Classic” in 2004, image quality, sound quality is really impressive. In fact, official VHS “SWALLOW THIS LIVE: FLESH & BLOOD WORLD TOUR” even more certain that it has been released. Distortion and tracking noise of there tend to screen the air check of the video master without any, flashy performance of large golden age POISON will spread to fill the screen. Head two around the larger CC Devil, Axl Rose-style bandana of Bret Michaels, Bobby Dal of denim torn is going to decide the formation aligned three sight, just shining 80s. The audience also metal ready and tough American brother of prime hair, such as came out from PV is fill a large venue.
Set list also main 2CDR “PLAYS ROCK CITY” longer than, “I Want Action” debut, “Good Love,” “Love On The Rocks”, new at the time, “Life Goes On” of career work second “Something To Believe In “plenty. Furthermore recorded until the drum solo of guitar solo and Ricky rocket of CC, and I run through the gorgeous between 87 minutes.

After this live, POISON go losing momentum along with the withdrawal of CC Devil. LA precisely because late one step than the senior band our metal, its appeal has been allowed to concentrate, POISON you Mise shining personality and charm to excel among the many followers us. This work, they just were poster child of the era “ended up to end up where” just before the collapse vertex. Part 1 of this I which is fully contained in a perfect moment. Not only us to enhance the image of the main title “PLAYS ROCK CITY”, which is a realistic document album, professional shots that this work itself was Gyuu justified the appeal of POISON, which swept the era. There is no chance at all, large decision the video is not this more than to watch the POISON. By all means, please enjoy the “apex of sight” of the LA metal that has reigned in the late ’80s to this opportunity to fully!

大西洋を越えてイギリスのキッズを熱狂させていたPOISONの「PLAYS ROCK CITY」。極めつけのドキュメント&エンターテインメント・アルバムとは言え、LAの華々しさはやはり目で見てこそ真価が伝わるもの。そこで、本国カリフォルニアのフル・プロショットでお腹いっぱいになっていただきましょう!
本作は「1991年5月19日アーヴィン・メドウズ公演」を約1時間半に渡って完全収録したマルチカメラ・プロショット。2004年に「VH1 Classic」で放送されたもので、画質・音質は実に見事。実際、オフィシャルVHS「SWALLOW THIS LIVE: FLESH & BLOOD WORLD TOUR」としてもリリースされたことがあるほど。エアチェックのビデオマスターにありがちな画面の歪みやトラッキングノイズもなく、大黄金期POISONのド派手パフォーマンスが画面いっぱいに広がります。頭が二回りほど大きいC.C.デヴィル、アクセル・ローズ風バンダナのブレット・マイケルズ、破れたデニムのボビー・ダルが3人そろってフォーメーションを決めていく光景は、まさに輝く80年代。観客もPVから出てきたような盛り髪のメタルレディとタフなアメリカン兄ちゃんが大会場を埋め尽くす。
セットリストも本編2CDR「PLAYS ROCK CITY」よりも長く、デビュー作の「I Want Action」、出世作セカンドの「Good Love」「Love On The Rocks」、当時の新作「Life Goes On」「Something To Believe In」もたっぷり。さらにはC.C.のギターソロやリッキー・ロケットのドラムソロまで収録し、87分間を豪華絢爛に駆け抜けるのです。

このライヴの後、C.C.デヴィルの脱退と共に勢いを失っていくPOISON。LAメタルの先達バンド達よりも一歩遅れたからこそ、その魅力を濃縮還元させており、幾多のフォロワー達の中でも抜きん出る個性と魅力で輝いてみせたPOISON。本作は、まさに時代の申し子だった彼らが崩壊直前に“行き着くところまで行き着いた”頂点。その刹那をパーフェクトに収めきった1本なのです。リアルなドキュメントアルバムである本編「PLAYS ROCK CITY」のイメージを高めてくれるだけでなく、本作そのものが時代を席巻したPOISONの魅力をギュウ詰めしたプロショット。総てにおいて隙がなく、POISONを観るのにこれ以上はない大決定映像。ぜひ、この機会に80年代後期に君臨したLAメタルの“頂点の光景”を存分にお楽しみください!

1. Intro 2. Look What The Cat Dragged In 3. I Want Action 4. Ride The Wind 5. Life Goes On
6. Let It Play 7. Rikki Solo 8. Something To Believe In 9. Good Love 10. Poor Boy Blues
11. Unskinny Bop 12. Love On The Rocks 13. CC Solo 14. Every Rose Has It’s Thorn
15. Fallen Angel 16. Your Mama Don’t Dance 17. Nothin’ But A Good Time 18. Talk Dirty To Me

Bret Michaels – Vocal CC DeVille – Guitar Bobby Dall – Bass Rikki Rockett – Drums


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