Pink Floyd / The Wall Flat Transfer / 2CD

Pink Floyd / The Wall Flat Transfer / 2CD / Sigma

The Wall Flat Transfer.

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Ummagumma (live DISC), “More”, and “Atom Heart Mother” … The “FLAT TRANSFER” series has been shocked by the unexperienced sound quality every time it was announced. This week, the fourth installment is finally here. Yes, the highest peak in the history of the concept album “The Wall” is born!
If you have experienced even one of the three “FLAT TRANSFER” series so far, you will have already decided. No further explanation is needed. I don’t have enough vocabulary to express it in words anyway, and I want to immerse myself in this work, so goodbye to everyone ……………………………… You may be here. We apologize for the inconvenience that we have lost the chance to encounter such a sound, so we will do our best.

What is the “FLAT TRANSFER” series that makes miracles a reality? ] By the way, what is the true identity of this work? It is “The Wall” that I have never heard before, and it is “the best-sounding daimyo board”. In the first place, it is destined to find the “best sound” for excellent music works. Sometimes it’s a digital remaster, sometimes it’s a new technology media board, sometimes it’s an extremely rare excavation of Mato 1 … Mania around the world is driven by the instinct of “I want to listen with excellent sound” The “best sound” has been pursued by making full use of all means. In particular, PINK FLOYD was highly conscious of sound for both bands and fans, and the journey of exploration to enthusiasts was also the best in the rock world. This work is the end station of such a journey of “The Wall”.
While there are various possibilities, it is none other than the fact that this work is “FLAT TRANSFER MASTER”. As mentioned in the commentary on the previous three works, this is a master tape newly excavated in a certain European country, and was brought by our own route. In the first place, when the album is pressed in each country, the master is distributed from the band’s home country (of course the UK in the case of FLOYD), and a stamper is made based on it. The source of this work is (probably) the distribution master. It is neither the origin of the product LP nor the cutting master. It is digitized from a zero degradation master tape that has never been converted into a physical groove.
In addition, the content was complete because it was considered a distribution master. The mixdown and mastering are perfect, not the kind of demos and rough mixes that are common in leaked items. Yet the sound quality was so good that I had never experienced it. This is the shock of the “FLAT TRANSFER” series, and enthusiasts from all over the world shook the “Ummagumma” and “Atom Heart Mother” that were filled with the awesomeness.

[The joy of encountering “the real The Wall”, which has a different dimension than before] And the latest version of the series, “The Wall”, is this work. The sound is the same as before … no, more than ever. A completely new experience from the start “In The Flesh?” The minute SE at the beginning is also beautifully reproduced to the subtleties, but even if a dynamic performance comes in there, the natural feeling does not make a slight movement. You can feel the vibration of the guitar strings and drum skins instead of the “made strong sound” like the current remastered board, and you can see that the magnitude of the amplitude creates dynamism. And the clearer the more the ensemble gets thicker towards the highlights. Since the remastered version emphasizes excitement, the reverberation is emphasized and it is boring, but this work is completely unprocessed. Since the vibration of each instrument is fortissimo, the depth of the silent part is not filled and the outline is drawn beautifully. The three-dimensional effect of one note and the three-dimensional effect of the ensemble that the performances combine are extremely vivid.
It was so clearly wonderful that the brush ran involuntarily, but this alone is only about 3 minutes and 20 seconds of “In The Flesh?”. After that, each song, one song at a time, continues to be listened to every moment. For example, the slide guitar of “Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1)”. In the remastered version, the focus was on the attack sound and there was no growth, but in this work the growth is strangely good, and it is very long until the moment it disappears. Further drums of “The Happiest Days Of Our Lives”. That “Don! Don!” Is extremely beautiful. In the remastered version, the hardware seemed to pop out from the deep bass sound, probably because of the equalizing, but in this work, the hi-hat and bass drum are completely synchronized. You can clearly see the tone that Nick was originally aiming for. In the following “Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2”, unlike the remastered version where the peak of the drum hitting sound was pushed up, it is natural, yet the three-dimensional effect / reality that is drawn is even more subtle. It has become vivid. The children’s chorus also stands up like a wall, and the surface is engraved with the subtleties that make each person’s face visible.
It has become longer again. I thought I’d do my best, but it’s still 15 minutes from the start. In addition, the acoustic guitar with the unevenness of the wound strings, the fineness of the deep bass vibes of the synth, the reality and depth of many SEs, etc. If I keep writing all 80 minutes and 44 seconds as I can think of it, it would be a nuisance to the readers … The sounds are so different one by one. I can’t go back to any other official CD anymore. The mellow sound world is spreading so much.
Oops, this way of writing may also have a bad word. I’m not saying, “The remastered version of PINK FLOYD is a crap!” Rather, the better the dimension is, the better it is from other bands. It can be said that it is exceptional for rock. In fact, I’ve enjoyed it without any complaints, but once I get to know the “real sound” in this work, I can no longer listen to it. Really no good at all. “Is there such a sound?” “Is it such a fine sound?” “I think the sound of the remastered board was a process.” In fact, the truth that I was happy if I didn’t know it continues to emerge. If this is the real thing, it’s the “The Wall” I’ve been listening to … I’m driven by that feeling.

I’m really sorry that I became sentimental like never before. However, this time around, it cannot be suppressed. There was “The Wall” on the earth, which was so beautiful and echoed deep in my heart. Originally, I would like to start over for 43 years with this sound. But even if that doesn’t happen, it’s not too late. You can enjoy the joy of meeting “The Wall” again. The “wall” is approaching with an impression that goes beyond the dimensions of simply “the best-sounding masterpiece”. Please experience it for the first time with the permanent storage press 2CD.

★ “The Wall” version of the “FLAT TRANSFER” series that shocked the whole world. It has been digitized without processing from the newly excavated master tape before LP cutting, and you can enjoy “The Wall”, which has the highest quality in history and is close to the sound of a production studio. The sound that far exceeds all official CDs is overwhelming, such as its natural feeling, subtlety, and reality that you can feel the existence of musical instruments and performance companies. It is a very moving 2-disc set that allows you to meet “Genuine The Wall” for the first time.

『ウマグマ(のライヴDISC)』『モア』、そして『原子心母』……発表の度に未体験なサウンド・クオリティに衝撃が走ってきた“FLAT TRANSFER”シリーズ。今週、その第4弾が遂に姿を現します。そう、コンセプト・アルバムの金字塔『ザ・ウォール』の史上最高峰盤が誕生です!
これまでの“FLAT TRANSFER”シリーズ3作のうち、1本でも体験された方ならもう心を決めていらっしゃる事でしょう。これ以上の説明は不要ですね。どうせ言葉で表現するには語彙も足りませんし、私は本作に浸っていたいので皆さんさようなら……………………………で終わりにしてしまいのは山々ながら、未体験の方もいらっしゃるかも知れない。万が一にも、これほどのサウンドに出逢うチャンスを潰したとあっては申し訳ないにも程がありますので、微力を尽くさせていただきます。

【奇跡を現実にしてくれる“FLAT TRANSFER”シリーズとは?】
さて、本作の正体は何か。それは「これまで聴いた事のない『ザ・ウォール』」であり、「最も音の良い大名盤」です。そもそも優れた音楽作品は、「一番良い音」が探し求められるのが宿命。時にデジタル・リマスターであったり、時に新技術のメディア盤であったり、時に激レアなマト1の発掘であったり……世界中のマニアは「優れた音で聴きたい」という本能に突き動かされ、あらゆる手段を駆使して「一番の音」が追い求められてきました。特にPINK FLOYDはバンドもファンも音響への意識が高く、マニアに探求の旅はロック界随一でもあった。本作は、そんな『ザ・ウォール』の旅の終着駅なのです。
さまざまな可能性がある中で終着鋭気を言い切れるのも、本作が“FLAT TRANSFER MASTER”だからに他なりません。前3作の解説でも触れましたが、これは欧州のある国で新発掘されたマスター・テープで、当店の独自ルートでもたらされたもの。そもそもアルバムが各国でプレスされる際には、バンドの本国(FLOYDの場合は当然英国)からマスターが配布され、それを元にスタンパーが作られます。本作の元になっているのは(恐らく)その配布マスター。商品LPの起こしでもなければ、カッティング原盤でもない。一度も物理的な溝に変換されていない、劣化ゼロのマスター・テープからデジタル化されているのです。
さらに付け加えますと、配布マスターと考えられるのは内容も完全だったから。流出モノにありがちなデモやラフミックスの類ではなく、ミックスダウンもマスタリングも完璧に仕上がっている。それでながらサウンド・クオリティだけが体験した事がないほどに優れていた。これこそが“FLAT TRANSFER”シリーズの衝撃であり、その凄味を湛えた『ウマグマ』や『原子心母』に世界中のマニアが震撼したのです。

そして、そのシリーズ最新弾となる『ザ・ウォール』篇が本作。そのサウンドはこれまでと同じく……いや、これまで以上。スタートの「In The Flesh?」からして完全に新体験。冒頭の微細なSEも機微まで綺麗に再現されていますが、そこにダイナミックな演奏が入ってきてもナチュラル感が微動だにしない。現行リマスター盤のような「作られた強音」ではなく、ギター弦やドラムの皮の振動まで感じられ、その振幅の大きさがダイナミズムを宇生み出しているのがよく分かる。そして、ハイライトに向かってアンサンブルが分厚くなるほどにクリアさが鮮烈。リマスター盤では盛り上げ重視なために残響まで強調されてボワボワしてしまっていますが、本作は完全無加工。楽器1つひとつの振動がフォルテッシモであるため、無音部の深みが埋められることなく、輪郭も綺麗に描かれる。1音に宿る立体感も、演奏同士が組みあげるアンサンブルの立体感も極めて鮮やかなのです。
あまりにも明らかに素晴らしくて思わず筆が走ってしまいましたが、これだけでも「In The Flesh?」の3分20秒だけの話なんです。その後も1曲1曲、一瞬一瞬で聴きどころが絶え間なく続く。例えば、「Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1)」のスライド・ギター。リマスター盤ではアタック音に重点が置かれて伸びがありませんでしたが、本作では異様なほど伸びが良く、消え去る瞬間までえらく長いのです。さらに続く「The Happiest Days Of Our Lives」のドラム。あの「ドン! ドン!」が物凄く綺麗。リマスター盤ではイコライジングのせいか重低音の鳴りの中から金物が飛び出す感じでしたが、本作ではハイハットとバスドラが完全シンクロ。本来ニックが狙っていたであろう音色がしっかりと分かるのです。さらに続く「Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2」でもドラムの打音ピークが突き上げ気味だったリマスター盤とは違ってナチュラルであり、それでいながら機微まで克明だから描かれる立体感/現実感は一層鮮やかになっている。子供コーラスも壁のようにそそり立ちつつ、その表面には1人ひとりの顔が見えそうな機微が刻まれている。
おっと、この書き方も語弊があるかも知れませんね。「PINK FLOYDのリマスター盤は駄作だ!」と言っているのではありません。むしろ、他バンドとは次元が違うほど出来が良い。ロックとしては破格と言っても良いでしょう。実際、これまでは不満もなく楽しんできたのですが、本作で「本当の音」を知ってしまうと、もう聴けなくなってしまう。本当に、全っ然ダメ。「こんな音が入ってたのか」「ここまで細かい音だったのか」「リマスター盤の鳴りは加工だったんじゃないか」等々、実は知らなければそれなりに幸せだった真実が浮かび上がり続ける。これが本物なんだとしたら、今まで聴いてきた『ザ・ウォール』なんだったんだ……そんな想いにまで駆られてしまうのです。


★全世界に衝撃を振りまいた“FLAT TRANSFER”シリーズの『ザ・ウォール』篇。新発掘されたLPカッティング前のマスター・テープから無加工でデジタル化されており、史上最もハイクオリティであり、制作スタジオの音に近い『ザ・ウォール』が楽しめる。そのナチュラル感、機微の細かさ、楽器や演奏社の存在まで感じ取れるリアリティ等々、あらゆる公式CDを遙かに超えたサウンドは圧倒的。「本物のザ・ウォール」と初対面をやり直せる大感動の2枚組です。



Disc 1(39:08)
1. In The Flesh?
2. The Thin Ice
3. Another Brick In The Wall, Part 1
4. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
5. Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2
6. Mother
7. Goodbye Blue Sky
8. Empty Spaces
9. Young Lust
10. One Of My Turns
11. Don’t Leave Me Now
12. Another Brick In The Wall, Part 3
13. Goodbye Cruel World

Disc 2(41:54)
1. Hey You
2. Is There Anybody Out There?
3. Nobody Home
4. Vera
5. Bring The Boys Back Home
6. Comfortably Numb
7. The Show Must Go On
8. In The Flesh
9. Run Like Hell
10. Waiting For The Worms
11. Stop
12. The Trial
13. Outside The Wall

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