Pink Floyd / Vienna 1977 Recorder 2 1st Gen Tapes / 2CDR

Pink Floyd / Vienna 1977 Recorder 2 1st Gen Tapes / 2CDR / Non Label
Live at Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria 1st February 1977

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This week, the press board 3CD + 1 DVD by Pink Floyd The decision board “DEFINITIVE VIENNA 1977 (Sigma 223)” of 1977 Vienna performance appeared, but in fact this initial work actually started with the press work “5 CD” + DVD planning It was. Because AUD recording used for this newest discs 1 and 2 is what is commonly known as Recorder 1, but in fact the Recorder “2” of the same day exists in this performance, and that It was planned to make up the CD side with 5 total of Recorder 1 (= two disks) + Recorder 2 (= two disks) including SBD recording (= one disk), including also. However, Recorder 2 was unavoidably removed from the disk configuration of the latest work “DEFINITIVE VIENNA 1977” because of “Cut is conspicuous” and “Sound quality is inferior to Recorder 1 absolutely”, and it became this time release shape (3 CD + 1 DVD) It is. Even even Sigma production teams such as Floyd Professional are dissatisfied with the meaning of existence of this Recorder 2 to the last, but in other words “Recorder 2 has a disadvantage that cuts stand out, even if that sound and I think that it was also a testimony of the best that the documentary nature has a potential that can not be ignored even with modern sense.

As it is the same day performance, let’s write down the difference between Recorder 1 adopted for that disc 1 and 2, assuming that you are referring to the “DEFINITIVE VIENNA 1977” commentary released this week. First of all, this Recorder 2 is missing the whole “Sheep” at the beginning of the show and starts with the cut in from the beginning of “Dogs” (* Although only a few seconds are missing in the intro performance part of introduction of songs, the singing part starts out It is a perfect recording from). There is also a partial cut at 13:38 for a few seconds, but there are many people who are surprised at this sound image that each instrument sound can be easily listened to “Why did not you include this sound quality in the press board?” . From the sound image of the whole and the appearance of the sound output of the guitar, it is also a feature here that it is easy to recall that the recording position is somewhat left side behind the hall. “Pigs (Three Different Ones)” occurs between 11: 41 and 47 with a pitch problem (※ battery run out of the recorder · power shortage, physical feeling that tape running was temporarily disturbed) However, it is also attractive that the sound quality aspect keeps good as ever. The recording level suddenly drops at 9: 48 – 10: 0 4, 10: 48 – 10: 54 respectively, and it cuts out just before the end of the song, but the guitar The state of excitement in the plot is captured from another angle in each impressively entering part, and this will supplement further the vividness of the site as a documentary as a documentary.

Moreover, although it certainly does not deny that the sound is somewhat far compared with Recorder 1, it is also characteristic of this Recorder 2 that it is not a mass of a round sound which tends to be mediocre recording, and the individuality of each instrument It reaches the ears with a rough and irregular appearance. Among them, the clear and eloquent guitar waves of “Wish You Were Here” will awaken the excitement of the sound different from Recorder 1, and the chorus harmony will also be slightly cut at 3:14 (※ reverse point of tape Although there is?), There is little blur in the sound image, and its impression is hardly impaired. In “Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. VI – IX)” there is a tape cut or a few seconds cut by the reverse point again at 6:41, and from 11: 05 to 11: 28 in the middle of the song mild sound Although it has come up to the missing, the smooth diffuse sound of the synthesizer appearing in that scene and the goodness of coming out of the high range by the electric piano afterwards are the quality to be noted. Also, after the end of the song, Roger and others give a comment “Thank you, Good Night”, Recorder 1 finished recording a few seconds after the comment, whereas in Recorder 2 this cheering cheer Apparent applause like a terrible sounding calling for an encore has been recorded for about 1 minute, which is also an additive advantage of the site feeling which is only in this recording. “Us And The m” also appeared as a guitar arpeggio with a powerful sound, and it seems that (probably) the recording machine is located farther than the Recorder 1 works in reverse, and the sound of the whole venue is bird’s-eye It is pleasant with clear sound. The organ which is played back will also be checked as well as the point which is out of the tone with core inferior to Recorder 1.

Certainly, if you comprehensively judge the quality as a recording material such as sound quality and seamless feeling, it will be unavoidable that this will be able to survive and the winning up will be improved for the excellent and stubborn Recorder 1. But here Recorder 1 is filled with the scenes that could not be recorded in Recorder 1 and the charm of the sound unique to Recorder 2 and it can be said that at the very highest level of its material value it is a recording that makes a two- It is not. Also, since it was originally included in the latest press release to be released this week, Recorder 2 that you can listen with this work is carefully corrected as far as you can think of the pitch that was roughly random at the original sound, and you can pick up sounds and tapers Let’s also mention that the sound that was being traded in is incomplete with a perfection degree improved by an order of magnitude. To put it another way, this is “the appearance of Recorder 2 that was carefully adjusted to the specifications of the press board and enhanced.” By all means at this opportunity to deepen Viennan’s understanding of the performance in this gift title in the year 77 and beside the latest work “DEFINITIVE VIENNA 1977 (Sigma 223)” which was intending to do so originally, I would be pleased if you collect it in figure.

今週はプレス盤3CD+1DVDによるピンク・フロイド1977年ウィーン公演の決定盤『DEFINITIVE VIENNA 1977 (Sigma 223)』が電撃登場しますが、実は当初この最新作はプレス盤” 5CD “+DVDという企画でスタートしていました。というのも、この最新作のディスク1と2に使用したAUD録音は通称Recorder 1として知られているものですが、実はこの公演には同日別録音のRecorder ” 2 “が存在しており、それも含めたRecorder 1(=ディスク2枚)+Recorder 2(=ディスク2枚)、そしてSBD録音(=ディスク1枚)の計5枚でCDサイドを構成する予定だったのです。しかし制作の途中で「カットが目立つ」「どうしてもRecorder 1より音質が劣る」といった理由でRecorder 2は最新作『DEFINITIVE VIENNA 1977』のディスク構成からやむなく外され、今回発売の形(3CD+1DVD)になったのです。フロイド・プロフェッショナルたるSigma制作陣ですらこのRecorder 2の存在意義について最後まで意見が分かれてしまった訳ですが、これは言い換えれば” Recorder 2は例えカットが目立つという欠点はあっても、そのサウンドとドキュメンタリー性は現代感覚でも無視出来ないポテンシャルを持っている “という何よりの証でもあった様に思います。

同日公演ですので収録内容については今週リリースの『DEFINITIVE VIENNA 1977』解説文を御参照戴くとして、ここではそのディスク1と2に採用されたRecorder 1との違いを記しましょう。まずこのRecorder 2はショウ冒頭の「Sheep」が丸ごと欠落しており、「Dogs」冒頭からのカット・インで始まります(※ 楽曲導入のイントロ演奏部分のみ数秒間欠けていますが、歌唱パートは出だしからパーフェクト収録です)。13:38で数秒間の部分カットもあるのですが、各楽器音が容易に聴き分けられるこの音像に「え、この音質でもプレス盤に含めなかったの?」と驚かれる方も多い筈です。全体の音像とギターの出音の様子から察するに録音位置は会場後方のやや左寄り側かな、と想起し易いのもここでの特徴でしょう。「Pigs (Three Different Ones)」は11:41~47にかけてピッチの不具合(※ 録音機の電池切れ・電力不足か、物理的にテープ走行が一時的に阻害されたような感じです)が起こりますが、音質面は相変わらずの良好さを保っているのも魅力です。「Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. I-V)」は9:48~10:04、10:48~10:54でそれぞれ急に録音レベルが下がり、終曲直前ではカット・アウトして終わるものの、ギターが印象的に入ってくるそれぞれのパートで場内の盛り上がりの様子がまた別の角度から捉えられており、ここはドキュメンタリーとしての当日現場の生々しさを更に補完してくれるでしょう。

また確かにRecorder 1と比べると音が若干遠めではある事も否めませんが、しかし凡庸な録音にありがちな丸い音の固まりになっていないのもこのRecorder 2の特徴で、各楽器の個性がちゃんと凹凸ある姿で耳に届くのです。中でも「Wish You Were Here」の澄んで雄弁なギターの波動はRecorder 1とは違う響きの感動を呼び覚ましてくれますし、コーラスのハーモニーも3:14で僅かにカット(※ テープのリバース点か交換のため?)はあるものの、音像にブレが少なく、その感動を殆ど損なっていません。「Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. VI-IX)」では6:41で再びテープチェンジかリバースポイントによる数秒間のカットがあり、楽曲中盤の11:05~11:28では左チャンネルに軽度の音抜けまで生じていますが、そのシーンで登場するシンセサイザーの滑らかな拡散音やその後のエレキピアノによる高音域の抜けの良さなどは特記すべきクオリティです。また終曲後にロジャー他が” Thank you, Good Night “のコメントを発しますが、Recorder 1ではコメントの数秒後に録音が終了しているのに対し、このRecorder 2ではその先の割れんばかりの歓声やアンコールを求めて一体となった地鳴りの様な拍手を約1分間ほど記録しており、これもまた本録音にしか無い現場感覚満点のアドヴァンテージとなっています。「Us And Them」もギターのアルペジオが力強さを伴った響きで登場、しかも(恐らく)録音機がRecorder 1より遠い位置にあるらしい事が逆に作用して、会場全体の響きを鳥瞰的なクリアサウンドで愉しめるのです。バックで通奏されるオルガンもRecorder 1に劣らない芯のある音色で出ている点も要チェックでしょう。

確かに、音質やシームレス感といった録音物としての品質を総合的に判断すれば、これはもう飛び抜けて優秀かつ磐石なRecorder 1に軍配が上がるのは仕方が無いところです。しかしここにはRecorder 1では録り切れなかったシーンやRecorder 2特有の音の魅力で充ちており、少なくともその資料的価値の高さに於いてはRecorder 1と双璧を為す録音と言っても過言ではありません。また元々は今週リリースされるプレス盤最新作に含めるものであったため、本作で聴けるRecorder 2は原音で大きくランダムに狂っていたピッチも考えられる限り丁寧に修正し、ネットで拾える音やテーパー間でトレードされていたサウンドとは桁違いに聴感が向上した完成度で結実している事も特記しておきましょう。言うなればこれは” プレス盤仕様に丁寧に調整され、高められたRecorder 2の姿 “なのです。是非この機会に本ギフトタイトルで77年ウィーンの演奏理解度を更に深め、元々そうするつもりで進めていた最新作『DEFINITIVE VIENNA 1977 (Sigma 223)』の隣に寄り添わせ、制作構想時本来の姿でコレクションして下されば幸いです。

Disc 1 (48:11)
1. Dogs 2. S.E. 3. Pigs (Three Different Ones) 4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. I-V)

Disc 2 (53:22)
1. Welcome To The Machine 2. Have A Cigar 3. Wish You Were Here
4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. VI-IX) 5. Money
6. Us And Them

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