Pink Floyd / Ummagumma Live Album Side Flat Transfer Master Complete Edition / 1CD

Pink Floyd / Ummagumma Live Album Side Flat Transfer Master Complete Edition / 1CD / Sigma

Manchester College of Commerce, Manchester, UK 2nd May 1969.Mother’s Club, Birmingham, UK 27th April 1969

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Bringing the charm of raw Floyd to the world A live disc of the traditional masterpiece “Ummagumma”. One of the miracles that has been expanded and completed and updated with the highest peak of sound is born.

[Omoto Master before cutting excavated for more than half a century] It
is no longer necessary to talk about “Ummagumma” and its first live version. It’s a treasure trove of British progressive rock that lasts 39 minutes and 36 seconds, but this work is 54 minutes and 2 seconds even though it is the same live. Moreover, it is the world’s first live album spelled out with an unknown upgrade sound.
A dream-like story that feels like being picked by a fox. So why was the extended version realized and why was there an unknown sound? The key to this was the newly excavated “FLAT TRANSFER MASTER”. It was a surprising Omoto Master who was brought from overseas by a unique route. In a little more detail, the master that has been mixed down and mastered and distributed for the press in one country (let’s just say “one country in Europe”). It was discovered over half a century. What was recorded there was exactly the sound of the original master. In the collector’s world, trying to get closer to the sound of recording is pursued as cutting accuracy, Mato 1, but this time it is not in that dimension. After all, it was not cut, let alone pressed, and the sound that had never been converted into a physical groove was preserved.

[Complete sound board album that lets you experience the full show of 1969] This is the secret of the unknown sound that will be the highest update. However, that alone is not the “complete version”. “FLAT TRANSFER MASTER” is a 100% complete sound that has been mixed down and mastered. In other words, the scale is the same as the final official work. So how did it become possible to expand? Therefore, the second key is “rough mix”. As a matter of fact, a rough mix take different from the main story has been excavated in the live of “Ummagumma”, and we have introduced it as a part of “RARITIES (Oenone-001A / B)” in our shop. Not only was this a different mix, but it was recorded long before and after the performance part, and the official work also included the cut “Interstellar Overdrive”.
And this work makes full use of the above two sound boards. The four main songs “Astromony Domine”, “Careful With That Ax, Eugene”, “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun”, and “Mystery (A)” “Saucerful Of Secrets)” is spelled with the highest peak sound of “FLAT TRANSFER MASTER”, and the interval and “Starry Sky Drive” are complemented with a rough mix. Of course, the complementary part is also made as close as possible to “FLAT TRANSFER MASTER” by precise and strict mastering, and a natural and seamless live album that is not noticed unless it is said (even if it is said?) Is realized.
This work, which was born in this way, lets you experience the “1969 full show”. The live disc of “Ummagumma” has been edited from two types, “April 27, 1969 Birmingham performance” and “May 2, Manchester performance”, but in reality, it is almost a Manchester performance. Only about 3 minutes of “Mystery” (“0: 00-3: 25” on the 5th track in this work) is the Birmingham performance. And only the same 5 songs as this work were played in Manchester. In other words, this work is an extended version of the traditional masterpiece, and at the same time, it is also a “complete version sound board for Manchester performances (replaced only for three and a half minutes)”.

[“Genuine Ummagumma” that embodies unexperienced sounds] I have tried so far to write calmly in order to accurately convey the background and outline, but in reality I can not hide the upset. The sound of reality proves the facts introduced so far.
First of all, the sound is … deep. It surpasses all the official CDs that have been released so far. As a matter of fact, “Ummagumma” had deteriorated when it was first made into a CD in 1987, and has been repaired by digital processing on the remastered discs since 1994. However, while this work is the same as the original, it retains the master sound before it deteriorates.
While each note is clear, the sound is so natural that the instrument itself comes to your eyes. The sharpness of the rise makes you feel the vibration of the strings and skin, and there is a sense of reality in the peak where one sound draws a beautiful mountain and in the muffling vibe that disappears. And while the music created by connecting each note is extremely beautiful, it is also important that the darkness of the silent part is deep. The melody is lustrous and the beats and grooves are mellow because it depicts the tension of the scene where nothing without hiss has calmed down and emerges from it. To give one example, the beginning of “mystery”. The repeated hits of cymbal work and the keyboard create a different space, and the guitar spins a dissonant melody there. I enjoyed the performance itself in detail even on the conventional version, but in this work I can see that the vibration generated by the cymbal and keyboard is “resonating”. Each note interacts in the field space, swinging the drum kit stanchions and the guitar body there. “Reality” has been the keyword from earlier, but the reality of this work is at that level. Not only is each sound clear, but unlike studio recording, where each instrument is played and mixed separately, it reproduces all the vibrations that can occur because of the stage where the instruments live together.
Moreover, since it is not LP-raised, there are no scratches, and the whole story is smooth and glossy. As a matter of fact, at the end of “Taiyo Sanka” (around 9:07), you can hear a momentary noise that is not on the current CD, but it is actually “real”. It was caused by operating the keyboard (or guitar) selector switch at the stage site, and was part of the work that was recorded on both the original master and the initial CD (then during the 1994 remastering). Seems to have been removed). This work is a press CD that permanently preserves the truth of such a master without any processing.

Sometimes it’s the UK’s 1st press LP, sometimes it’s the first Japanese CD, and sometimes it’s an unknown 8-track cassette … Mania has challenged all possibilities and searched for the best sound of the masterpiece. This work is also one of the ultimate forms born from such a quest. It is the supreme version of the “Ummagumma” live disc.
A true master sound that was fresh before LP cutting and had deteriorated when it was first made into a CD. The 1969 full show that made the most of that miracle and revived … It’s nothing more than a cultural heritage, and it’s the most important live album that even those words feel light. A permanent press CD that turns your collection shelf into a museum. It is an eternal piece that I would like you to face with all your spirits.


「ウマグマ」とその最初のライブバージョンについて話す必要はもうありません。 39分36秒続くイギリスのプログレッシブロックの宝庫ですが、この作品は同じライブでありながら54分2秒です。さらに、未知のアップグレードサウンドで綴られた世界初のライブアルバムです。

これが、最高のアップデートとなる未知のサウンドの秘密です。ただし、それだけでは「完全版」ではありません。 「FLATTRANSFERMASTER」は、100%完全なサウンドをミックスダウンしてマスタリングしたものです。つまり、スケールは最終的な公式作品と同じです。では、どのようにして拡張が可能になったのでしょうか。したがって、2番目のキーは「ラフミックス」です。実は「ウマグマ」のライブでは本編とは違うラフミックスが発掘されており、当店では「RARITIES(オイノーネー-001A / B)」の一環として紹介しています。これは別のミックスであるだけでなく、パフォーマンスパートの前後に録音され、公式作品にはカット「InterstellarOverdrive」も含まれていました。
そして、この作品は上記の2つのサウンドボードを駆使しています。 4曲のメイン曲「AstromonyDomine」、「Careful With That Axe、Eugene」、「Set The Controls For the Heart Of The Sun」、「Mystery(A)」、「Saucerful Of Secrets)」は、最高のピークサウンドで綴られています。 「FLATTRANSFERMASTER」の、インターバルと「StarrySkyDrive」をラフミックスで補完。もちろん、補完部分も正確かつ厳密なマスタリングで「FLAT TRANSFER MASTER」に可能な限り近づけ、言わない限り気付かれない自然でシームレスなライブアルバムを実現。 。
このように生まれたこの作品は、「1969年のフルショー」を体験させてくれます。 「ウマグマ」のライブディスクは、「1969年4月27日バーミンガム公演」と「5月2日マンチェスター公演」の2種類から編集されていますが、実際はほぼマンチェスター公演です。バーミンガムのパフォーマンスは、「ミステリー」(この作品の5番目のトラックの「0:00-3:25」)の約3分だけです。そして、この作品と同じ5曲だけがマンチェスターで演奏されました。言い換えれば、この作品は伝統的な傑作の拡張版であると同時に、「マンチェスター公演用の完全版のサウンドボード(3分半だけ交換)」でもあります。


01. Astromony Domine *
02. Careful With That Ax, Eugene *
03. Interstellar Overdrive *
04. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun *
05. A Saucerful Of Secrets * **

Manchester College of Commerce, Manchester, UK 2nd May 1969 *
Mother’s Club, Birmingham, UK 27th April 1969 **

Sigma 257

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