Pink Floyd / Sapporo 1972 Direct Reel Master / 1CD

Pink Floyd / Sapporo 1972 Direct Reel Master / 1CD / Sigma

Translated Text:
Live at Nakajima Sports Center, Sapporo, Japan 13th March 1972


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Reel master-kind straight down the famous Sapporo sound source of Floyd in ’72 is, Japan performances of this year Speaking of Sapporo Nakajima Sports Center of emergency release !! March 13, 1972 include a non-public-first appearance scene abundantly is the last day, the fans would be already a familiar performances. Old appeared in 1991 of the boot leg CD dawn “COLD FRONT (AS 91PF001)”, including, disk 2, and “SAPPORO 1972 (Sigma also from our Sigma” MEMORIES OF THE EAST (Sigma 24, out of print) ” 82) This is the name of the recording source that produced a variety of titles such as disk 3 “. This time, those direct transfer in 2015 the latest equipment from the genuine kind of these already issued board of Omoto and became original reel tape master is this latest work!

And in this master tape reel-to-reel tape (portable stationary reel-to-reel, rather than the ※), the day, recording who brought the arcade struggling reel deck of this stationary, but is so equipped to carefully record at the venue behind, Soredakeni this original of the recorded sound is several orders of magnitude. Original sound only stands out the height of the accuracy that has, in addition to a clear sense of the hard of the midrange has been significantly improved in particular, “SAPPORO 1972” disk 3 (or later ※ of, when comparing this with this work you wrote as “Sunde-hatsu-ban”) the core of the “sound in was sparse it is about can be seen in the intuition of that contains even more hard-deep. In the street at the time venue of you know it is a translation that Quadro phonic = 4-channel speakers have been installed, but also from the recording’s your identity with “sound is the sound of the back is in the larger when the around the hall” comment We have received. But this is not the thing that has collapsed bass is too strong (※ will you are able to convince if you know the sound of Sunde-hatsu-ban), last touch, the power of midrange in natural loud of You will be taken to have out very sharply. Of course transparent feeling clear sense of it is also nothing good hiss, subtle shift (※ slightly leftward) of localization, which is scattered in most of the already issued titles began to be copied derived from this master to be here does not exist, the sound image is fully secured to the center, good-proximity of the prospect of range spread and playing sound is also no problem, it is the sound that you get used to you feel exactly the height of the potential of the recorded original sound in the fastball!

And further surprise Nanoha, it’ll be the first appearance scene was its outstanding panel unreleased are included as a total of three locations, a total of about 2 minutes. Introductory part to about 30 seconds of specifically “Speak To Me”, “Brain Damage” in the sound check scene about 1 to about 35 seconds in the middle, and after “Eclipse” the show to “One Of These Days” start playing With about minute 05 seconds, and that each is able charm you with the original recording as it is uncut, nonstop longest version is also a major ad Vantage. This is the first “Speak To Me”, but what with the original recording has started recording from the point where going back more than 30 seconds than Sunde-hatsu-ban, track time is there 2 minutes 06 seconds (※ Sunde-hatsu-ban 1 minute 31 seconds). This register sound and human groan of 30 seconds beginning of the first appearance “Money” (?) Is also sound like such as coming out for a moment (※ 00 minutes and 33 seconds from 32 seconds), the other in ’72 Japan tour similar production work would be confirmed and clearly it was done even here in Sapporo. Then it is 35 seconds to first appearance in “Brain Damage”, but in fact this reel master is to present a scene that are flying the sound in 2 minutes 27 seconds of the same song for some reason at the time of recording. (Just part because corresponding from the recording start to the 45 minutes first, where will the tape change is carried out. Thus rust part of the second time has been lost.) Sunde-hatsu-ban about including this sound skip part was dropped whole ton for 30 seconds, (the traces can be confirmed by 1 minute and 57 seconds its outstanding board of ※) and had been recorded in the figure of a shortened version connects skillfully back and forth. However, by this time you leave the the sound jump portion is also the original recording sound, in a deployed (※ this work from the 1 minute 58 seconds onward, which has been cut in its outstanding equivalent to 1 minute 56 seconds to 2 minutes 32 seconds for about 35 seconds) it will represent the first appearance. This this song in its outstanding panel was about 2 minutes and 35 seconds by also revived in the form of full scale of 3 minutes and 11 seconds in this work.

And it is the third “Eclipse,” which premiered scene of this source appeared after the finale. As you know this Sapporo performances and awards the second part of the “crazy” part, between the start of the second half part “One Of These Days” said, enough to normally be 20 minutes intermission is “no”, which is sandwiched between, only of was the Japan tour (such as connecting the place came out at that time of popular moderator at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium of ※ 6 days, here is customary to enter the interval not limited to Japan performances). That is, in this part of the day that as it is show with no intervening break progresses is a translation that is also a surprising Reashin, but in its outstanding board for some reason, in the cut-and-paste using a different source to need without this scene to put such cut would otherwise It was not connected. But Sapporo from performances we’ve revived in the form of this work is but remains, the cut-and-paste that was being 1 minute high of scene, that is uncommon in ’72 Japan tour, the quotient of the flow that proceeds with no intervening break in this part The I’ll charm you in the form of full-length, non-stop. Also, because this is just a great material, equalizing does not almost. Rather than, because the master original sound was keeping the playing of sound and place of the air that need was present at the venue of this day as completely free of equalizing fresh, and the image of the recorded original sound in reverse if those trying to like texture adjustment and it did not can lead to results compromising. So this work is pitch correction (※ This is going to strictly) for you have finished with a slight adjustment of about sound balance with, basically a good momentum original sound as it is of sound that has been recorded on a reel tape in kind come and there is no doubt if purchase decisions consider us jump out. Of course recorded have sound then you Yes plunge all not even left one sound, that it should whom it can feel to the full extent of the terrible and the power of the reel master original sound rather is a sound that attractive is transmitted even listening in any playback environment .

I do not go particularly deep for playing content because it is your familiar name recording, it can not be ignored that the sound image has been renewed by reel master actual use, introduced in whirlwind also the target point of the outside of three songs that you said will do. Nothing else first is through “Time” – “Breathe (Reprise)”, but here has become a good scene that you can enjoy with a high dissolution sense of harmony to progress while shaken in sensual of further purity sound. Also eliminates the hiss that was somewhat conspicuous by its outstanding panel, sound image is the right channel was muffled feeling even right is spread in nature and slip, will also be noted that the left and right both have become sound image with a field of view good and wide sense. Similarly, “The Mortality Sequence” is also back sound image was the left side is the original center in the already issued, the sound collage of Bible reading we revived in the increasingly high-precision sound. “Us And Them” also moisten the gentle sound of the hit and such smoothness of silk through the song, sight of harmony harmony blend feeling and organ tone is out with a high-quality master original unique sound each slide into diffusion It should be surprised to. “Eugene” has become a thing with very feature Scream as the day you know, you have issued a multi-valve to monologue and strange voice, even over the finale from the middle, while the silent guitar also eerie emotion and a large presence in the figure that challenged and will appear in the fresh sound to more than its outstanding panel. The two great men and cross Rick is dazzling in sharp sound shoot is also like looking at the marriage of the functional by like actual sound and reverberation, this is what long accustomed to playing with each its outstanding panel, the brilliant master original sound shoot should it be again heart struck by such images.

It should be noted, decorate the end of the show, “Echoes” and “Atom Heart Mother” is not still also recorded in this reel master-kind. Whether the remaining tape was poor, unfortunately recording is like has been shelved. This work speaking in that sense can not you get a crown that “full version”. However, as long as you do not also appear in the inclusive uncut complete recording and sound quality excellence of reel master until the two songs, this work is what “quality Ketteiban” Nanoha no doubt. Charm and power of the original sound is exploding to the highest value the past in all the scenes, this work first appearance scene laden in the Duration longest, it is the only such one that is worth.
On the day of Sapporo on Monday, the weather is sunny sometimes snow, sunset time is 17:39:07. In temperature is about 0.1 degrees of doors open time, the darkened Nakajima of the sky it’s supposed to be slightly light snow is dancing. This weekend, witnessed in Japan final performance of such ’43 before, what How about is experience the vivid scene of excitement. This work, time travel tickets for the. Pink Floyd of 1972, we look forward to your coming.

フロイド72年の有名な札幌音源のリールマスター現物直落としが、未公開・初登場シーンをふんだんに含んで緊急リリース!! 1972年3月13日の札幌・中島スポーツセンターと言えばこの年の日本公演最終日であり、ファンにはもうすっかりお馴染みの公演でしょう。古くはブートレッグCD黎明期の1991年に登場した『COLD FRONT (AS 91PF001)』を初め、当Sigmaからも『MEMORIES OF THE EAST (Sigma 24、廃盤)』のディスク2、そして『SAPPORO 1972 (Sigma 82)』のディスク3など様々なタイトルを生み出した名録音ソースです。今回、これら既発盤の大元となったオリジナル・リールテープマスターの正真正銘の現物から2015年最新機材でダイレクト・トランスファーしたものがこの最新作なのです!

このマスターテープはオープンリールテープ(※ポータブルではなく据え置きのオープンリール)で、当日、録音者はこの据え置きのリールデッキを苦労して場内に持ち込み、会場後方でじっくりと録音に備えたそうですが、それだけにこのオリジナルの収録音は桁違いです。原音だけが持っている精度の高さが際立ち、特に中音域の明瞭感と硬質さが著しく向上しているほか、『SAPPORO 1972』のディスク3(※以降、これを本作と比較する際の” 既発盤 “として記します)』では希薄だった音の芯が更に硬く・深く入っているのが直感で分かるほどです。御存知の通り当時の会場内はクアドロフォニック=4チャンネルスピーカーが設置されていた訳ですが、録音者御本人からも「音が場内を回った時に後ろの音が大きめに入っている」とのコメントを戴きました。しかしこれは低音域が強過ぎて潰れているという事ではなく(※既発盤の音を御存知であれば納得して戴けるでしょう)、あくまでも自然なラウドさの中で中音域の触感・威力が大変鋭く出ていると捉えるべきでしょう。もちろん透明感・明瞭感も良好でヒスノイズも皆無であり、このマスターからコピーされ派生していった各既発タイトルの殆どに散見された定位の微妙なズレ(※僅かに左寄り)もここには存在せず、音像はセンターに完全固定しており、音域の広がりと演奏音の見通しの良さ・近さも問題の無い、まさに収録原音のポテンシャルの高さを直球でお感じになれるサウンドなのです!

そして更に驚きなのは、既発盤未収録だった初登場シーンが合計3箇所・合計約2分間ほど含まれている事でしょう。具体的には「Speak To Me」の導入部に約30秒間、「Brain Damage」の中盤に約35秒間、そして「Eclipse」終演後から「One Of These Days」演奏開始までのサウンドチェックシーン約1分05秒間ほどで、それぞれがオリジナル収録そのままのノーカット・ノンストップ最長版でお愉しみ戴ける事も大きなアドヴァンテージとなっています。まず「Speak To Me」ですが、何とこのオリジナル録音は既発盤よりも30秒以上遡った地点から収録が始まっており、トラックタイムは2分06秒あるのです(※既発盤は1分31秒)。この初登場の冒頭30秒間には「Money」のレジスター音や人のうめき声(?)の様な音も一瞬出てくるなど(※00分32秒から33秒)、他の72年日本公演同様の演出作業がここ札幌でも行われていた事がハッキリと確認出来るでしょう。次に「Brain Damage」に初登場する35秒間ですが、実はこのリールマスターは録音時に何らかの理由によって同曲の2分27秒で音が飛んでいるシーンが存在するのです。(ちょうど録音開始から45分目に相当する部分ゆえ、ここでテープチェンジが行われたのでしょう。よって2回目のサビの部分が失われています。)既発盤はこの音飛び部分を含む約30秒間をゴッソリ落とし、前後を巧く繋いで短縮版の姿で収録していました(※既発盤の1分57秒でその痕跡が確認出来ます)。しかし今回はその音飛び部分もオリジナル収録音のまま残した事により、既発でカットされていた1分58秒目以降からの展開(※本作では1分56秒~2分32秒に相当する約35秒間)が初めて姿を現しているのです。これによって既発盤では2分35秒程度だったこの曲も本作では3分11秒というフル尺の姿で蘇っています。

そして3つめの「Eclipse」ですが、これは終曲後にこのソースの初公開シーンが登場します。御存知の通りこの札幌公演はショウ第一部の” 狂気 “パートと、後半パートの開始となる「One Of These Daysと」の間に、通常なら20分間ほど挟まれるインターミッションが” 無い “、唯一の日本公演でした(※ 6日の東京体育館では当時の人気司会者が出てきて場を繋ぐなど、日本公演に限らずここでインターバルに入るのが通例です)。つまり休憩を挟まずにそのままショウが進行するこの日のこの部分は意外なレアシーンでもある訳ですが、既発盤では何故か、本来ならカットなど入れる必要の無いこのシーンに別ソースを使って切り貼りで繋いでいました。しかし本作はあるがままの姿で札幌公演が蘇っていますから、その切り貼りされていた1分間強のシーン、すなわち72年日本公演では珍しく、この部分で休憩を挟まずに進行するショウの流れをノーカット・ノンストップの姿でお愉しみ戴けるのです。またこれだけの素晴らしい素材ですから、イコライジングは殆どしていません。というよりも、マスター原音はイコライズの必要が全く無いほどこの日の会場に存在した演奏の響きや場の空気を新鮮に保っていましたので、質感調整などしようものなら逆に収録原音のイメージを損ねる結果に繋がりかねなかったのです。なので本作はピッチ補正(※これは厳密に行っています)に伴う音像バランスの僅かな調整程度で仕上げてあるため、基本的にはリールテープ現物に収録されている原音そのままのサウンドが勢い良く飛び出してくるとお考え下されば間違いありません。もちろん記録されていた音は一音も残さず全て落とし込んでありますし、むしろどんな再生環境で聴いても魅力が伝わるサウンドである事にリールマスター原音の凄みと威力を存分に感じて戴ける筈です。

御馴染みの名録音ですから演奏内容については特に深く触れませんが、リールマスター現物使用によって音像が一新された事は無視出来ませんので、前記した3曲以外での注目点も駆け足で御紹介しましょう。まず何といっても「Time」~「Breathe (Reprise)」にかけてですが、ここは官能的に揺れ動きながら進行するハーモニーの溶解感が更に純度の高いサウンドで堪能出来る好シーンとなっています。既発盤でやや目立っていたヒスノイズも無くなり、右チャンネルが篭り気味だった音像も右側がスッと自然に広がり、左右どちらも視界良好でワイド感のある音像になっている事も特筆されます。同様に「The Mortality Sequence」も既発で左寄りだった音像が本来のセンターに戻っており、聖書朗読のサウンドコラージュがますます精度の高いサウンドで蘇っています。「Us And Them」も曲を通してシルクの様な滑らかさと当たりの優しいサウンドが潤し、和声ハーモニーのブレンド感やオルガンの音色がそれぞれマスター原音ならではの質の高い響きで出ては拡散してゆく姿に驚かれる筈です。「ユージン」は御存知の通りこの日スクリームが大変特徴あるものとなっており、中盤から終曲に掛けても多弁にモノローグや奇声を発していますが、一方でギターも不気味な情感や大きな存在に黙々と挑んでいる姿が既発盤以上に生々しい音で現れます。この両雄とリックが放つ眩しくて鋭い響きの交差はまるで実音と残響による官能のマリアージュを見ている様でもあり、これは各既発盤で演奏に慣れ親しんでいればこそ、マスター原音が放つその鮮烈なイメージに改めて心打たれる筈です。

尚、ショウの終わりを飾る「Echoes」と「Atom Heart Mother」は、やはりこのリールマスター現物にも収録されていません。テープ残量が乏しかったのか、残念ながら録音は見送られた様です。その意味で言えば本作は” 完全版 “という冠を戴く事はできません。しかし、この2曲まで含んだノーカット完全収録・音質優秀のリールマスターでも現れない限りは、本作こそが“音質決定盤”なのは間違いない。原音の魅力と威力がすべてのシーンで過去最高値に炸裂し、収録時間最長にして初登場シーンも多く含んだ本作は、それだけの価値ある1枚なのです。

The Dark Side Of The Moon

1. Speak To Me 2. Breathe (In The Air) 3. On The Run 4. Time
5. Breathe (Reprise) 6. The Mortality Sequence 7. Money 8. Us And Them
9. Any Colour You Like 10. Brain Damage 11. Eclipse

12. One Of These Days 13. Careful With That Axe, Eugene

Sigma 137

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