Pink Floyd / Saint Ouen 1972 / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Saint Ouen 1972 / 2CD / Sigma

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Live At Centre Sportif De Lile Des Vannes, Saint Ouen, France 1st December 1972. Radio SBD

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At that time new to “madness” release from the European tour that took place in 1972 the second half of Pink Floyd, which declined in the following year, equivalent to 10 8 performances eyes during performances in France, which boasted Germany similarly enormous popularity, December 1 The high-quality line recording recorded near Paris St Owen performances of the day. The recorded Remastered take the local radio station “RTL” was broadcast. Although there was a familiar sound source than in the past, this board has been emerging in recent years, its texture, freshness, and stability of the sound, we recorded the best version of which the very best and can affirm. In this Sigma board, disk 1 and 2 together, mad a perfect correction of pitch which gradually decreases and in accordance with the second half, it has been recorded in a more precise content. Speak To Me was missing in broadcast stage of, Breathe, the first half of the On The Run, even One Of These Days, the first part of Echoes (a total of about 10 minutes), which is the front of the show November 29 of is connect in a natural texture the take of France Poitier performances, and more, you can Yes to smoothly finish to enjoy the whole picture of the show. Sound has been firmly mix, but is a sound of rather narrow, is a sound image of the monaural lacking thickness feeling. However, the high frequency coming out well, only to almost no degradation of sound image, meet and listen There are considerable. You might eat a dodge when you expect a sound, such as the BBC source, to only have a limited After all this time of the line recording, “well” madness “is also the most broadcast full of live, including While I think Naa band has permitted “, it can be listened to carefully and this valuable sound source. (According to one estimate radio station “RTL” got off the broadcast permission because it was the sponsor of the French tour, There is also information that.) Almost all songs of the new song “madness”, even One Of These Days, Careful With That Axe, Eugene, Blues, all also second parts continues Echoes recorded on the rich. Todome is that the premiere of Childhood’s End of recording “Obscured By Clouds” has been recorded in the last, in the broadcast version, it is because this song has been recorded, in Floyd history, without can only say a miracle, its historical value might not immense. In any case, at great of this sound source and that the appearance of details that can not be captured in the audience recording is understood to take in hand, in the Floyd research you can assert that one that does not take off absolutely. Just like there was also trouble at the time of the radio station recording, have particularly many mistakes in the Roger of microphone, to “Us And Them” and “Brain Damage ~ Eclipse” in microphone is completely off of Roger, The latter in particular has become a karaoke state. (Without even laughter of “Brain Damage”, suddenly in the second half Eclipse, you will hear only the usual vocal becomes feeling of Gilmore.) “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” Even Mike Roger is full of off, from a distance Roger take indescribable that Scream is heard. “Echoes” is regrettable though it is this side also valuable records and or has become the microphone is off now light. In this way, also or a part I’d say bands and management has permitted the broadcast well, but anyway valuable degree with the sound source is a perfect score, the collector of course, all of Floyd fan must-have no doubt. St. Owen “RTL” broadcast sound source take the decision board is, is the emergence and the long-awaited! ! Than popular Simga label, it arrived at the limited press CD.

新作「狂気」リリースを翌年に控えたピンク・フロイドの1972年後半に行われたヨーロッパ・ツアーから当時、ドイツ同様に絶大な人気を誇ったフランスでの10公演中8公演目にあたる、12月1日のパリ近郊セント・オーウェン公演を高音質ライン録音収録。現地ラジオ局「RTL」が放送したテイクのリマスター版を収録。過去よりお馴染みの音源ではありましたが、本盤は近年新たに出現した、その質感、鮮度、そして音の安定度、どれをとっても最良と断言できるベスト・ヴァージョンを収録しています。今回のSigma盤では、ディスク1,2共に、後半になるに従って徐々に下がっていくピッチの狂いを完璧に補正、より正確な内容で収録されています。放送の段階で欠落していたSpeak To Me、Breathe、On The Runの前半、更にはOne Of These Days、Echoesの最初の部分(合計約10分間)を、その前のショウである11月29日のフランス・ポワチエ公演のテイクを自然な質感で繋いでおり、より、スムーズにショウの全貌を楽しめるように仕上げてあります。サウンドはしっかりとミックスされていますが、やや細めのサウンドであり、肉厚感に欠けるモノラルの音像です。しかしながら、高域の抜けは良く、音像の劣化も殆ど無いだけに、聴き応えは相当なものがあります。BBC音源のようなサウンドを期待すると肩透かしを食らうかもしれませんが、何と言ってもこの時期のライン録音は限られているだけに、「よく「狂気」も含めた殆どフルのライブの放送をバンドが許可したなぁ」と思いながら、じっくりとこの貴重音源に聞き入ることができます。(一説によるとラジオ局「RTL」がフランス・ツアーのスポンサーだったので放送許可がおりた、という情報もあります。)新曲「狂気」のほぼ全曲、更には One Of These Days、Careful With That Axe, Eugene、Blues、Echoesと続く第二部も全てリッチに収録。トドメは「Obscured By Clouds」収録のChildhood’s Endの初演がラストに録音されていることで、この放送版で、この曲が収録されていたというのは、フロイド史においては、奇跡と言うしかなく、その歴史的価値は計り知れないものがあります。いずれにせよ、オーディエンス録音では捉えきれなかった細部の様子が手に取るように分かるのがこの音源の素晴らしいところで、フロイド研究においては絶対に外せない一枚と断言できます。ただ、ラジオ局録音の際にトラブルもあったようで、特にロジャーのマイクでのミスが多く、「Us And Them」そして「Brain Damage~Eclipse」ではロジャーのマイクが完全にオフになってて、特に後者はカラオケ状態になっています。(「Brain Damage」の笑い声も無し、Eclipse後半では突如、ギルモアのがなり気味のいつものボーカルだけが聞こえます。)「Careful With That Axe, Eugene」でもロジャーのマイクは完全のオフで、遠目にロジャーのスクリームが聴こえるという何とも言えないテイク。「Echoes」は今度はライトのマイクがオフになっていたりとこの辺も貴重な記録なのに残念。このように、バンドやマネジメントがよく放送を許可したなと思う部分もあったりしますが、とにかく音源の持つ貴重度は満点であり、コレクターは勿論、全てのフロイド・ファン必携は間違いありません。セント・オーウェン「RTL」放送音源テイクの決定盤が、満を持しての登場です!!好評Simgaレーベルより、限定プレスCDで入荷しました。

Disc 1
Dark Side Of The Moon
1. Speak To Me 2. Breathe 3. On The Run 4. Time 5. Breathe(Reprise) 6. The Great Gig In The Sky
7. Money 8. Us And Them 9. Any Colour You Like 10. Brain Damage 11. Eclipse

Disc 2
1. One Of These Days 2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 3. Blues 4. Echoes 5. Childhood’s End


Sigma 72

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