Pink Floyd / Rainbow Theatre 1972 Final Night / 4CD

Pink Floyd / Rainbow Theatre 1972 Final Night / 4CD / Sigma

Translated Text:
Live at Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London, UK 20th February 1972 (2 Diff Sources)

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The evening of that name sound source “THE BEST OF TOUR 72” can be heard in complete !! This weekend, the strongest live recording by two named tapers 2 sources finally finally appeared from the Sigma label !!

The British Rainbow Theater Show on February 20, 1972 … It seems that the famous masterpiece “THE BEST OF TOUR 72” will come to mind for fans of unofficial sound sources just by writing it. This classic name sound source known from the time of analogue bootleg LP is widely known as a special-grade audience recording, which is exactly like a sound board, although it is recorded only in the prototype version dark side part of the first half of the show , Just recently “THE BEST OF TOUR 72 (Sigma 180)” was released as the definitive version from this Sigma label and it became very popular.

That recording, which is too famous and too exquisite, is representative of the Rainbow Theater performance in winter in the beginning of 1972, but from a different point of view, however, this is prominent and known in a good recording state “THE BEST OF TOUR 72 It is unexpected that another recording source that recorded the show to the very end is present, not only the first half of the show like the THE BEST OF TOUR 72 sauce but also the other on the same day, just as the spot is too much in the source It may not be only known.

Actually, this famous February 20th recording with this THE BEST OF TOUR 72 has two excellent audience recordings by two other named tapers. Moreover, they did not list only the prototype version of the darkside part in the first half of the show, it is still present in the form of capturing the latter half of the subsequent show, so that without listening to it, the last day of the rainbow performance on February 20 It is oblige to say that it is a bit of a falter to talk about it. This latest work that appeared this weekend is a complete title that contains the best version of the existing sound source, but by combining this with the previously mentioned Sigma version “THE BEST OF TOUR 72” on the same day Not only will all of the sound sources come out in the best form, but the pattern of this day is the document title which can complete complement to the show / end!
【Disc 1 + 2】 “The John Baxter’s tape”

One of the two separate recording sources, one of which is said to be “The John Baxter’s tape” which John Baxter recorded by Mr. John Baxter, is a sound source that recorded the first half of the show to the middle of the latter half of the show. This source made a brilliant debut with discs 3 and 4 of “THE BEST OF TOUR 72 (Sirene-135)” which appeared in the 4th set from the prestigious Sirene label in 2006, and shocked the unofficial sound source fans all over the world I gave it. Just after that, the verification progressed, it turned out that it is a combination of two sound sources that together John Baxter and yet another same day source, but since the tapered name was known from the beginning of the sound source debut Currently this mixed source is called “The John Baxter’s tape” and it is widely recognized. Also, although the sound quality was good but recorded on disks 3 and 4 of the Sirene disk, although the generation was unknown, this time I am using the 1st gen copy of the actual master obtained from John Baxter, and the original sound fixed by generation It is the biggest topic that contains only the direct source with the best sound surpassing that Sirene disks 3 and 4.

For example, “Speak to Me” has started recording from a garnet sound like checking the direction and position of the microphone, as the gradation of the sound quality and the sound image rises. You can see that it is a full length version that struggled with not listening from the first note of the beating sound when listening. At the start of this disc, excellent sound quality unique to 1st gen copy can be felt, but this will turn into confidence will be the moment when “Breathe” began. Direct hit feeling of Gilmore singing voice and transparency of ensemble jump out with the full thickness of flesh thickness, making it an opening to instantly recognize the superiority of sound. In “Travel Sequence”, a blend of guitar cutting tones and electric piano sharp sounds appears with awesome sound, but the skeleton of the midrange that supports that sound field should be surprised again. We are also recording the fine sound of the hi-hat and the movement of the battle, it surely will surely increase the degree of understanding what Floyd got from this axis of this song structure and how it was going to develop. “Time” is not only massive sound image but also one song that you can tell that this source has both depth and depth, the hierarchy of the electric piano and the vibrancy of floating feeling around the electric piano and toam that comes out early It is outstanding. In “Us And Them” music starts to sing with increasing density and spread. The beautiful melody fills with the dynamic spread, and the moment of bliss will slowly infiltrate from the ear into the brain. “Any Color You Like” is designed to allow you to listen to stress without reducing the analog noise that enters for a moment at 00 minutes 23 seconds as much as possible, improving the auditory grade, and “Brain Damage ~ Eclipse “The way the sounds, sounds and sounds that lead the times have converged while the keywords are swelling greatly also jumps out at the site sound of the special class that leaves a long lingering finish.

“One Of These Days” is a recording including the scene tuned in the SE sound of the wind, the motive sound of the base which comes out at the beginning comes out with phenomenal proximity and sharpness. The texture of the sound image is different, it is exactly the performance which originally continued after that name recording “THE BEST OF TOUR 72”, and it surely will be shaken with the dense and powerful resonance that touches the tough. After the end of the tuning again we will be tuning for about 2 minutes stronger, but this is also a big topic as it is uncut recorded. I think that “Careful With That Ax, Eugene” will also be heard by the high quality which does not seem to be a live recording of 45 years ago, because the interlace of the organic sound echoing is dazzling. Although the awesomeness of the Scream also accompanies a sharp texture, on the other hand, the sense of fusion of the guitar and the organ radiating a heavy feeling of tone also keeps hearing responses. After the last song, I will not miss it because it catches tuning scenes of about 2 minutes here without losing one tone. “Echoes” is also fascinatingly beautiful and expansive tone color spreading and jumping up, but the sound of the left channel will tone down about 11 seconds 22 seconds before the barking scene, tone down (* It is uncorrectable ) It contains the scene. Just because music is going to converge once, it will hardly feel any discomfort on hearing. The flow towards the ending comes out with an extremely high sound image of the potential, and even after the end of the song, it is caught by the uncut until we return from the stage and return to the stage again, and the great cheers and applause The state of being sent, and the subsequent tuning scene also records the uncut while keeping the best sound quality. “A Saucerful Of Secrets” cuts out in about 8 minutes and 30 seconds at the end of the master tape remaining amount, but the closeness and accuracy of the sound output of each instrument comes here and almost exits at the same level as the line recording There is a moment when you feel the superiority over Disk 4 of another source which appears after this.

【Disc 3 + 4】 “The Steve B’s tape”

Disks 3 and 4 are different sources by Mr. Steve B’s recording. It is the opposite of “THE BEST OF TOUR 72” which recorded only the prototype version dark side part of the first half of the show, and this recording is characterized by having recorded only the latter part of the show from there afterwards, but this is Moreover, it does not stop because it is a source of super high quality of quite high quality. Also as well as John Baxter source used for Disks 1 and 2, since I am using the 1st gen tape copied from the actual master tape owned by Mr. Steve B who is the recording person, fine tone comes out beautifully Things will also be noted. For example, it is wonderful that the hi-hat ringing and the melody of the guitar spread with spatiality, but on the other hand there is something quite awesome in the volume of the midrange, and the excellent recording ability unique to him who left a number of masterpiece recordings It is a high grade sound image that you can feel everywhere.

Its excellence is exploded from the beginning of “One Of These Days” at the beginning of the disc, a feeling of tone floating in the scene where the rhythm disappears in the middle stage, and a texture of a sharp sound in the loud of the guitar (= mid range to high frequency range Sound power), it is clear to everyone’s ears that it is at an extraordinary level just by listening. “Careful With That Ax, Eugene” also had a slightly grasped disc 2 on the slide guitar sound and the hi-hat’s graininess was outstanding with crystal clear clear-cut sounds, with more than usual splendid screams being released instantly The loud unwinding divergence of the performance is wonderful, and the separation feeling of each instrument is also without complaint. With these benefits, it is also worth noting that you can grab an ensemble with a more certain feeling than what you can hear on Disc 2. “Echoes” also progressed with a mega-crystal classic sound image, the vivid tone that gave many hints and deep inspiration to the audience of this evening, along with a rich sounding, is also straight to us after 45 years I will ask you a question. Echo and harmony deeply applied to the vocal has also come out with outstanding beauty, besides, in the scenes of crying, the distance feeling of the guitar which comes close and becomes far is caught by the class A sound accompanied by the three-dimensional impression, You should embark on listening to it.

“A Saucerful Of Secrets” is a dense sound with chewy and chewy response, suggesting further advanced musical consideration and deepening of understanding to the listener. Especially in the vicinity of 8 minutes and 30 seconds afterwards, it was unrecorded on Disk 2 = John Baxter recording, so that it will be said that it is the unique Advantage that you can follow up to Showlist with this super high quality. The scene where the guide · vocal appears in the last stage is the long version which repeats twice as well as the performance in Hakone Aphrodite of the previous year, and the power of the song with the long range distance can be enjoyed with exquisite sound quality. “Set the Controls For The Heart Of The Sun” also perfectly captures the magical musical transformation that changes slowly, and who is actively performing factors that factor the sound gradually and seek solutions It is certain that the chest will get hot.

… As you can see, the performance that Floyd performed on the “next” on the last day of this Rainbow Theater was a Tokyo performance in Tokyo (* 6 March Tokyo gymnasium) which came off in about two weeks. As you can imagine, the god-honored nomenclature in various parts of the second Japanese performance that follows the previous year is nothing but to mention, if you are a Japanese fan who knows the greatest number of that performance in the world, this rainbow You know what was removed from the theater, what aged, what was newly added and saw the Sapporo performance on the last day.

Therefore, this work is to reduce hiss reduction and sound pressure & left and right balance adjustment on all disks so as to be able to meet the expectation of the Japanese fans which is particularly tough accuracy, deletion of fine bubble wrap noise at the time of tape running, and strict pitch adjustment Honestly, I will contain the sound of both 1st gen tapes with the best perfection that can not be considered any more. By unraveling this, it is becoming the ultimate press plato 4 set which is possible not only to the whole picture of “THE BEST OF TOUR 72″ but also to the reexamination of the Japanese performance in 1972. Please take this work at the end this weekend and want to make sure of the sound precision
あの名音源『THE BEST OF TOUR 72』の夜がコンプリートで聴ける!! 今週末、名テーパー2人による最強の実況録音2ソースが遂に遂にSigmaレーベルから登場です!!

1972年2月20日の英国レインボー・シアター公演…そう記しただけで非公式音源のファンにはお馴染みの傑作『THE BEST OF TOUR 72』が思い浮かぶのではないでしょうか。アナログ・ブートレッグLPの時代から知られるこの古典的名音源は、ショウ前半の試作版ダークサイド・パートのみの収録ではありながら、まさにサウンドボードの様に聴こえる特上特級のオーディエンス録音として広く知られ、つい最近も当Sigmaレーベルからその決定版として『THE BEST OF TOUR 72 (Sigma 180)』がリリースされ大好評となりました。

あまりにも有名であまりにも極上のその録音は72年初冬のレインボーシアター公演を代表するものですが、しかし視点を変えると、これは突出して録音状態の良い状態で知られた” THE BEST OF TOUR 72 ソース “にスポットが当たり過ぎているだけで、他に同日の、しかもTHE BEST OF TOUR 72 ソースの様にショウ前半だけの収録ではない、ショウを最後まで収録した別録音ソースが現存する事が案外知られていないだけのかもしれません。

実はこのTHE BEST OF TOUR 72で有名な2月20日の録音は、他にも名テーパー2人による2つの優秀なオーディエンス録音が存在しています。しかもそれらはショウ前半の試作版ダークサイド・パートだけの収録ではなく、その後に続くショウ後半部も捉えた姿で現存している訳で、それを聴かずに2月20日のレインボー公演最終日を語るのは少々片手落ちと言わざるを得ません。今週末に登場するこの最新作はその2種類現存する音源の最良バージョンを収録したコンプリート・タイトルとなっているのですが、これを前述のSigma版『THE BEST OF TOUR 72』と併せる事で当日の全ての音源が最良の形で出揃う事になるだけでなく、この日の模様がショウ・エンドまで完全補完出来るドキュメント・タイトルとなっているのです!

【ディスク1+2】” The John Baxter’s tape ”

その2つの別録音ソースのうち、ひとつがこのJohn Baxter氏が録音した” The John Baxter’s tape “と言われるもので、これはショウ前半~ショウ後半の途中までを収録した音源です。このソースは2006年に名門Sireneレーベルから4枚組で登場した『THE BEST OF TOUR 72 (Sirene-135)』のディスク3と4で鮮烈なデビューを果たし、世界中の非公式音源ファンに衝撃を与えました。ただその後に検証が進み、現在ではJohn Baxterと更にもうひとつの同日別ソースを併せた2音源の結合である事が判明しているのですが、音源デビュー当初からテーパー名が判明していた事で現在もこの混合ソースは” The John Baxter’s tape “と呼ばれ、広く認識されています。また前述したSirene盤のディスク3と4に収録されたものは音質良好ながらも世代不明でしたが、今回はJohn Baxterから得た現物マスターの1st genコピーを使用しており、世代が確定した原音直系ソースだけにあのSirene盤ディスク3と4を凌駕する最良サウンドで収録しているのが最大のトピックです。

音質と音像のグレードが上がった事によって録音の更なる詳細が掴める様になり、例えば「Speak to Me」はマイクの向きや位置を確かめる様なガサゴソ音から録音が始まっているのですが、よく聴くと鼓動音の1音目から漏らすまいと奮闘した全長版である事が分かります。このディスクスタート時点で1st genコピーならではの優れた音質が感じられるのですが、これが確信に変わるのは「Breathe」が始まった瞬間でしょう。ギルモアの歌声の直撃感とアンサンブルの透明感が生々しさ満点の肉厚さで飛び出し、サウンドの優位性が瞬時に分かるオープニングとなっています。「Travel Sequence」ではギター・カッティングの音色とエレキピアノの鋭い響きのブレンド感が素晴らしい音で現れますが、その音場を支える中音域の骨太さにも改めてビックリされる筈です。ハイハットの微細な響きとベースの動きもバッチリ記録しており、この時期のフロイドがこの曲構造の軸から何を掴み、どう発展させようとしていたかの理解度がグッと上がること確実でしょう。「Time」も音像がマッシヴなだけではなく、このソースが深度と奥行きも兼ね備えている事を伺える1曲で、序盤で出てくるエレキピアノとタムの廻る音の階層と浮遊感の生々しさは抜群です。「Us And Them」では音楽がますますの密度と広がりをもって歌い始めます。麗しいあの旋律がダイナミックな広がりと共に充満し、耳元から脳内へゆっくり染み込んでゆく至福のひと時が訪れるでしょう。「Any Colour You Like」は00分23秒で一瞬入るアナログノイズを可能な限り低減し、聴感上のグレードを向上させた事でストレス無く聴き通せる様になっていますし、「Brain Damage ~ Eclipse」で聴ける、時代を先導した音と響きとキーワードが大きくうねりながら収束してゆく姿も、余韻を深く残す特級の現場サウンドで飛び出してくるのです。

「One Of These Days」は風のSE音の中でチューニングするシーンも含めた収録で、冒頭で出る例のベースの動機音が驚異的な近さと鮮明さで出てきます。音像の質感は違えど、これぞまさにあの名録音『THE BEST OF TOUR 72』の後に本来続いた演奏であり、タフに響き渡る濃密で威力ある響きに魂を揺さぶられること確実でしょう。終曲後は再び約2分間強のチューニングに入りますが、これもそのままノーカット収録されている点も大きなトピックです。「Careful With That Axe, Eugene」も滲み出る有機的な響きの交錯が眩しく、とても45年前の実況録音とは思えない質の高さに耳を奪われると思います。スクリームの凄まじさも切れ味鋭い質感を伴っていますが、一方で重量感溢れる音色を放射するギターとオルガンの融合感もゾクゾクする聴き応えを残します。終曲後はここも約2分間程のチューニング・シーンを一音漏らさず捉えているので聴き逃せないでしょう。「Echoes」も瑞々しく麗しい音色の広がりと跳ね上がりが魅力ですが、鳴き声シーンの手前、11分22秒付近から左チャネルの音が約10秒間ほどトーン・ダウンしてしまう(※ 修正不可能です)シーンを含んでいます。ただここは音楽が一度収束に向かうシーンのため、聴感上の違和感は殆ど感じないでしょう。エンディングへ向かう流れもポテンシャルの極めて高い音像で出てくるうえ、終曲後も一旦ステージから去って再びステージに戻ってくるまでの間をノーカットで捉えていますし、戻ってきた彼らに大きな歓声と拍手が送られる様子、そしてその後のチューニング・シーンも最上の音質を保ったままノーカット収録しています。「A Saucerful Of Secrets」はマスターテープ残量切れで8分30秒ほどでカットアウトしてしまいますが、各楽器の出音の近さと精度はここにきて殆どライン録音と同格のレベルで出ており、この後に登場する別ソースのディスク4より優位性を感じる瞬間があるほどです。

【ディスク3+4】 ” The Steve B’s tape ”

ディスク3と4は名手Steve B氏の録音による別ソースです。ショウ前半の試作版ダークサイド・パートのみを収録した『THE BEST OF TOUR 72』とは間逆で、この録音はそこから先のショウ後半パートのみを収録しているのが特徴なのですが、これがまたかなり質の高い超上物のソースとなっているのだからたまりません。またこちらもディスク1と2に使用したJohn Baxterソース同様、録音者であるSteve B氏所有の現物マスターテープからコピーされた1st genテープを使用しているので、微細な音色まで綺麗に出てくる事も特筆されるでしょう。例えばハイハットの鳴りやギターの旋律が空間性を伴って広がる様子が素晴らしいのですが、一方で中音域の量感もかなり凄まじいものがあり、幾つもの傑作録音を残した彼ならではの優れた録音手腕が随所で感じられるハイグレード音像となっています。

その優秀さはディスク冒頭の「One Of These Days」の出だしから炸裂し、中盤でリズムが消えるシーンでの音色の浮遊感、そしてギターのラウドで鋭い響きの質感(= 中音域~高音域にかけてのサウンドパワー)は、一聴しただけで並外れたレベルにあるのが誰の耳にも明らかです。「Careful With That Axe, Eugene」もディスク2で若干掴み辛かったスライドギターの音色とハイハットの粒立ちがクリスタル・クリアの特級音で出ていて、いつも以上に凄まじいスクリームも一瞬で放たれる声量と演奏のラウドな離合集散が素晴らしく、各楽器の分離感も文句無しです。またこれらの恩恵で、アンサンブルの構築がディスク2で聴けるものより更に確かな実感で掴んでゆける事も特筆すべき点でしょう。「Echoes」もまたメガ・クリスタルな特級音像で進行し、この夜の聴衆に多くのヒントと深いインスピレーションを与えた生々しい音色が、芳醇な響きを伴って45年後の我々にも真っ直ぐな問い掛けをしてきます。ボーカルに深めにかけられたエコーとハーモニーも抜群の麗しさで出ているほか、鳴き声のシーンでも近くなったり遠くなったりするギターの遠近感を立体感伴うA級サウンドで捉え切っており、思わず身を乗り出して聴いてしまう筈です。

「A Saucerful Of Secrets」は歯応え・噛み応えのある濃密サウンドが、聴き手に更なる高度な音楽的考察と理解の深まりを示唆してくれます。特に8分30秒付近から先はディスク2=John Baxter録音では未収録だっただけに、その先がこの超高音質でショウラストまで追えるのは唯一無二のアドヴァンテージと言えるでしょう。終盤でガイド・ボーカルが登場するシーンも前年の箱根アフロディーテでの演奏同様に2回繰り返すロング・バージョンで、長い射程距離を持った曲の力が絶品の音質で満喫出来るのです。「Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun」もゆっくりと姿を変える呪術的な音楽的変容を完璧に捉え切っており、音を徐々に因数分解して解を模索する様な演奏の営みに誰もが胸熱くなること確実です。

…御存知の通り、フロイドがこのレインボーシアター最終日の” 次 “に行なった公演は、約2週間後に降り立ったここ日本での東京公演(※ 3月6日 東京体育館)でした。前年に続く2度目の日本公演各地に於ける神懸った名演振りは今更申し上げるまでもありませんが、しかしあの名演の数々を世界で一番熟知している日本のファンであればこそ、このレインボーシアターから何が取り払われ、何が熟成し、何が新しく追加されて最終日の札幌公演を迎えたのかを御存知でしょう。

それ故に、本作は特に精度に厳しい日本のファンの期待に応えられるよう全てのディスクでヒス軽減と音圧&左右バランス調整、テープ走行時の微細なプチプチノイズの削除、そして厳密なピッチ調整を施してあり、正直これ以上は考えられない最良の完成度で両1st genテープの音を封じ込めています。これを紐解く事であの『THE BEST OF TOUR 72』の全体像は勿論のこと、72年日本公演の再検証まで可能な究極のプレス盤4枚組となっているのです。どうぞ今週末は本作を手に取ってその確かなサウンド精度をお確かめ戴きたいと思いますし、その高精度な音質でレインボーシアター最終日の確かな全容を掴んで戴きたいと思います!!

The John Baxter’s tape

Disc 1 (50:43)
The Dark Side Of The Moon

1. Speak to Me 2. Breathe 3. Travel Sequence 4. Time 5. Breathe (Reprise)
6. The Mortality Sequence 7. Money 8. Us And Them 9. Any Colour You Like
10. Brain Damage 11. Eclipse

Disc 2 (61:46)
1. One Of These Days 2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 3. Echoes 4. A Saucerful Of Secrets

The Steve B’s tape

Disc 3 (44:03)
1. One Of These Days 2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 3. Echoes

Disc 4 (37:11)
1. A Saucerful Of Secrets 2. Blues 3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

Sigma 196

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