Pink Floyd / Rainbow Theatre 1972 3rd Night / 3CD

Pink Floyd / Rainbow Theatre 1972 3rd Night / 3CD / Sigma

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Live at Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London, UK 19th February 1972 (2 Diff Sources)

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Pink Floyd From the short UK tour of the early winter of 1972, the important sound source that will be the first appearance of the Sigma label will finally appear this weekend!

Floyd The British performance in the early winter of 1972 is dangerous as a sound source that leaves footprints deeply as a first-class research material. It is the first day of the British performance this time and in fact it has only been one day since the first day of the Brighton dome performance on January 20, which was also the world premiere of “THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON” There is no free time to enumerate, such as the Portsmouth performance on the 21st day played with remodeling and leverage on the song. However, the most important performance that can not be avoided, among them, will be the Rainbow Theater performance which was organized in the last half of the tour. The rainbow performance at this time is famous for “THE BEST OF TOUR 72” which recorded only the dark side part of the first half of the show on February 20 on the last day · trial version, but the presence of the sound source stands out too much It is likely that this rainbow performance was a continuous performance for four days is somewhat overlooked.

This latest work that appears at the end of this week included the third day (February 19th) of such Rainbow performance, but it was a performance day that was not so popular so far. On the 19th, the recording itself was mainly “THE COMPLETE RAINBOW TAPES / Day 3 (GR BOX 02 E / F)” and in the past mainly “MOON WALK (Baby Capone – BC 026)” which was misunderstood as a performance of 20th Recorder 1 which was used in overseas title was translated, but since its source had the drawback that the recording ended in the middle of “A Saucerful Of Secrets” because the remaining tape amount was exhausted, It may not have been regarded so much.

However recently it appeared that Recorder 2 of great attention · great discovery. Another recording on the same day was a separate source on the sound quality that recorded the last half of the show on this day, which was cut off in Recorder 1. It is the source that the recording person himself nameed “End of Rainbow” and uploaded to the Internet in recent years, but surprisingly the sound quality of this source will be incredibly extraordinary. If you do not think whether you were going to record with a special professional equipment, you should not have thought about recording with a special professional equipment, but according to the person’s comment it was often used at the time that a general-purpose portable recorder called “Prinzsound” was attached with a mike of good performance and recorded It is somewhat unreliable equipment and recording situation that he recorded under the coat he was wearing on that day. However, the goddess of the recording is quirky as it was recorded with a tremendous high-quality sound that is so cool, which it was not possible to record with such a general purpose machine. Unfortunately the recorded take of other songs including the first half “crazy” part seems to have been lost, but the point that I completely recorded the programs after “Echoes” that had been out of stock with Recorder 1 is extremely documentary It is highly valuable and has an extraordinary quality of sound and attracts considerable attention from informal sound fans around the world.

This sound quality special excavation sound source Recorder 2 is connected to disk 3, and the above-mentioned Recorder 1 (* show start to the middle of late half of the show) coupled to disks 1 and 2 is the latest Sigma press plate Although this performance day is also the first title as a label, this time we will also place a spot on Recorder 1, this time as well as the latest Upper using 2nd gen tape rather than 3rd gen which was used in the aforementioned overseas title so far It is a version. In addition, this work is noteworthy that it does not add anything other than pitch correction for these two existing sound sources, and it is also noted that all the sources are recorded in the same way as it is without any fade processing Let’s see. This makes Recorder 1 and 2 both high quality sound boards that appear as if they are recorded as they are on tape as they are, with the strongest in history and the world ‘s first complete recording of the 72 – year Rainbow Theater Day 3 The title of the event finally began to appear!

First of all let me introduce from disks 1 and 2, that is, upgraded Recorder 1. Intro and “Breathe” is the start of cut in, there is sound cracking in about 30 seconds in the first half, there is also a partial sound omission, but usually it tends to cut or fade processing I will take my breath in spite of the rawness of the state of the original sound recorded. The sound image stabilizes after 00 minutes 35 seconds, and after that the wonderful sound quality will last up to the disc end, but the first thing that shocks shifted from that bad image to the heavenly sound quality will be “Travel Sequence”. Especially feeling of distance is hardly felt, especially the electric piano appears in the closeness that makes Rick feel like it is playing in front of me, everyone will be deprived of the musical excitement that transforms in the rhythm . In “Time”, the spirit of a serene tone is well recorded, the appearance of Tam circling around, the singing voice of Gilmore, and the harmony with Rick are also captured with close proximity and accuracy, these fruitful sounds are a few It is certain that you will get drunk by musical excitement that crosses. “Money” is the most lyrics of Gilmore’s singing voice, it seems very clearly how echoes are being deeply echoed, and hook-packed guitar solo phrases also appear with special sounds so attention Please. In addition, although sporadic sound omissions occurred in the left and right channels until around 5 minutes 38 seconds to around 41 seconds, this is also not dared to dare to feel the figure of the original sound realistically. “Us And Them” also shows the vocal’s texture very high, plus the whole sound is very clear, so it is pleasure to enjoy the musical dynamism that grows everywhere in the song, and you can enjoy it with a single sound image. “Brain Damage” is a scene in which the equipment goes down around 3:06 seconds and the whole sound quickly disappears, but the audience who begins to applaud confused and the documentary trying to demodulate the performance The situation is also equipped with a pleasure to pursue with a precise and lively sound.

“One Of These Days” is slightly overwhelming, but the texture of the sound and the attack feeling of the bass range are exceptional. In the middle stage where the rhythm disappears (around 2 minutes 47 seconds ~), the expressions unique to this day are spreading for about 3 minutes due to the effect of the bass and synth, and it is a big listening place. Also after the end of the tuning scene about 2 and half minutes is included in the special sound will also be necessary check. The sound quality further improves from “Careful With That Ax, Eugene”, and more and more elaborate sound images hit the ear. Scream is also quite abrupt at this day, the wave of instantaneous transformation from the fantastic floating feeling until now to a crushed sense of the sound dazzling, the pace of the slow pace that pushes the latter half pleasantly with pleasant sound You will see. “Echoes” Please pay attention to the denseness of the midrange and the sense of depth since singing started. Everyone should be astounded by vividness and overwhelming sense of volume that I can not imagine very much 2nd gen and the scene that shifts to crying also fills the droughty sound filled with dongyeolly and the emergence of the wind sound perfectly In the resolution sound It is sure to lose. Also note that the latter half rush to the end will boast a fine sound and a feeling of sound pressure not even enemy with another source disc 3 introduced after this. “A Saucerful Of Secrets” cuts out before the second half of the race because the tape is exhausted, but on the other hand, the sound is suddenly interrupted here, so it is the 3rd It is a proof that I dropped the figure of Recorder 1 as it is, which is different from what was gen fade out processing.

Recorder 2 of a special recording of the same day which recently appeared on the same day, the sound quality will finally appear more and more! First of all it is “Echoes”, but the beauty of the sound of a slide / guitar which emerges at the introduction can be heard on Disk 2 You will instantly know that it is different from what you are. Including the melody of Rick behind it, you can understand by intuition that the original sound itself at the venue of the day is living here. The vocal harmony also clearly shows the difference between the two voices, and in the second half which re-emerges from the albatross’s singing voice also appears sharp and overwhelmingly transparent. “A Saucerful Of Secrets” is a complete version that you can listen to where you cut it out on Disc 2 (※ and all subsequent songs until the end). Also from the introductory part, the resolution of the threat beyond the disc 2 and the immediate vicinity of the sound stand out, and its vividness and accuracy can be said to be about the same level as line recording even if it is conservatively expressed. For example, there is a feeling that the sound is slightly cloudy on disc 2 (rhythm comes in (* 4 minutes 27 seconds ~)) (※ still the disc 2 is too high enough sound quality!), This Recorder 2 There is further refinement in it, and it is filled with the resolving power and the sense of volume of sound like looking at a drawing drawn in detail. Tapes caused by the master from 12 minutes 09 seconds to around 13 seconds and from 48 seconds to 59 seconds, momentary missing sounds at 13 minutes 04 seconds, etc. are also occurring, but these are almost unnecessary Since the powerful sound dominates the playing field, please expect it. “Second Cud (Blues)” is not breathlessly, there is a rare scene at the beginning that stops playing and re-partitioning, but this is also a sound image that fits precision and stereoscopic feeling like extending the antenna in all directions. Although this floyd style blues that was often exhibited at the time of the encore at that time can be heard even on the recording of the other day, what is left with the perfect sound so far is rare. Of course, this high sound quality is certainly taken over by Showa Control’s For The Heart Of The Sun ‘show / control, which is sleeping for about 45 years and is captivated by the sound chain and the knowledge radiation of this day.

It is also widely known that the 4 consecutive performances of this rainbow theater in 1972 are concretely touched as “THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON – A PIECE FOR ASSOCEDED LUNATics” for the first time in history, in other words, It can be said that it was the first step before they clearly devised a certain vision and grasped a certain form. This time it was finally possible to touch the whole of the concept third night full of initial impulse by the appearance of this work which recorded all existing parts with two kinds of sound sources as it is. This huge accumulation of knowledge that will be released for the first time beyond the time of 45 years, please expect it!

フロイド72年初冬の英国公演は、第一級の研究素材として足跡を深く残す音源が目白押しです。この時の英国公演初日であり、事実上『THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON』の世界初演ともなった1月20日のブライトンドーム公演を筆頭に、その初日から僅か1日しか経たないのに幾つかの楽曲に大幅な修正・テコ入れを施して演奏された翌21日のポーツマス公演など、挙げれば枚挙に暇がありません。しかしその中でもとりわけ避けて通れない重要な公演が、ツアー最後半に組まれたレインボーシアター公演でしょう。この時のレインボー公演は最終日2月20日のショウ前半・試作版のダークサイド・パートのみを収録した『THE BEST OF TOUR 72』が有名ですが、その音源の存在感があまりにも際立っているため、このレインボー公演が4日間連続した公演であった事は少々見過ごされがちです。

今週末に登場するこの最新作はそんなレインボー公演の3日目(2月19日)を収めたものですが、これまであまりスポットが当てられない公演日でした。19日の録音自体は過去に『THE COMPLETE RAINBOW TAPES / Day 3 (GR BOX02 E/F)』や、20日の演奏だと勘違いされていた『MOON WALK (Baby Capone – BC026)』といった、主に海外のタイトルで使用されていたRecorder 1が存在していた訳ですが、ただそのソースはテープ残量切れのため「A Saucerful Of Secrets」の途中で録音が終わってしまう欠点を持っていた為、さほど重要視されなかったのかもしれません。

ところがつい最近になって登場したのが大注目・大発見のRecorder 2です。この同日の別録音はRecorder 1でカット・アウトしていたその先、すなわちこの日のショウ後半4曲が収録された音質特上の別ソースだったのです。録音者本人が” End of Rainbow “と銘打って近年ネットにアップロードしたソースなのですが、驚くのはこのソースの音質が桁外れに凄い事でしょう。さぞかし特別なプロ機材で収録に臨んだのかと思えばさにあらず、御本人のコメントによると当時よく出回っていた” Prinzsound “という汎用ポータブル録音機にまずまずの性能のマイクを付けて録音したものらしく、しかも彼が当日着ていたコートの下で録音したという若干頼りない機材と録音状況なのです。ところがどっこい、これがそんな汎用機で録音したとはとても思えない凄まじい高音質で収録されていたのですから、録音の女神はなんとも気まぐれです。残念ながら前半の「狂気」パートも含む他の曲の録音テイクは失われている様ですが、Recorder 1でブツ切れていた「Echoes」以降の演目を終演まで完全収録している点は極めて資料的価値が高く、しかも音質が並外れたソースとあって、世界中の非公式音源ファンからかなり熱い注目を集めているのです。

この音質特上の発掘音源Recorder 2をディスク3に、そして前述のRecorder 1(※ ショウスタート~ショウ後半途中まで)をディスク1と2にカップリングしたものがこのプレス盤3枚組のSigma最新作なのですが、レーベルとしてもこの公演日は初タイトルであるため今回はRecorder 1にもスポットを当て、これまで前述の海外タイトルで使用されていた3rd genではなく2nd genテープを使用した最新のアッパー版となっています。更に本作はこれら現存する2種の音源をピッチ補正以外は何も手を加えず、フェイド処理も一切無しの、あるがままの姿で両ソースを全収録している事も特記されるでしょう。これによってRecorder 1、2どちらもテープに記録された音そのままの姿が桁違いに生々しく現れる高音質盤となっており、史上最強にして世界初のコンプリート収録となる72年レインボーシアター3日目のタイトルが遂に登場する運びになったのです!!

先ずはディスク1と2、すなわちアップグレードされたRecorder 1から御紹介しましょう。イントロ及び「Breathe」はカット・インのスタートで、前半の約30秒程度は音割れも生じているうえ部分的な音抜けもあるのですが、通常ならカットorフェイド処理してしまいがちなこれらの様子を原音の姿のまま収録した生々しさに思わず息を呑む筈です。00分35秒以降は音像が安定し、以降ディスクエンドまで素晴らしい音質が持続する訳ですが、その凶悪な音像から天上の音質にシフトした衝撃が最初に訪れるのは「Travel Sequence」でしょう。距離感も殆ど感じられず、特にエレキピアノはリックが目の前で弾いている様な感覚になるほどの近さで現れ、リズムの中で変容する音楽的興奮に誰もが心奪われる筈です。「Time」では静謐な音色の木霊がよく録れており、タムが廻りまくる様子やギルモアの歌声、そしてリックとのハーモニーも特上の近さと精度で捉えており、これら実り豊かな音が幾重にも交差する音楽的興奮に酔い痴れること確実です。「Money」は歌詞一番でギルモアの歌声にかなり深めのエコーが掛けられている様子を大変鮮明に捉えているほか、フック満載のギター・ソロのフレーズも特上のサウンドで現れますので御注目下さい。尚、5分38秒付近~41秒付近まで左右チャンネルに散発的な音抜けが発生していますが、これも原音の姿をリアルに感じて戴くため敢えて修復しておりません。「Us And Them」もボーカルの質感が極めて高く現れ、加えて全体音が大変鮮明な為に、曲の随所で高まる音楽的なダイナミズムも嬉しさひとしおの音像でお愉しみ戴けるのです。「Brain Damage」は3分06秒付近で機材がダウンして全体音が急速に消えてゆくシーンが登場しますが、戸惑って拍手をし始める観客と、演奏を復調させようとするドキュメンタリー感溢れる様子も精度の高い生々しい音で追ってゆける悦びを備えています。

「One Of These Days」は僅かに頭切れしていますが、響きの質感と低音域のアタック感は格別です。リズムが消える中盤(※ 2分47秒付近~)ではベースとシンセのエフェクト効果でこの日ならではの表現が約3分間にも渡って展開しており、大きな聴きどころとなっています。また終曲後には約2分半ほどのチューニング・シーンが特上サウンドで含まれている点も要チェックでしょう。「Careful With That Axe, Eugene」からは更に音質が向上し、ますます精緻な音像が耳元を直撃します。スクリームもこの日はかなり唐突で、それまでの幻想的な浮遊感から押し潰される重量感へ瞬時に変容する音の波動が眩しく、後半も押し殺す様にゆっくり進む展開を上質なサウンドでお愉しみ戴けるでしょう。「Echoes」は歌唱が始まってからの中音域の濃密さと奥行き感に御注目下さい。とても2nd genとは思えない鮮やかさと圧倒的なボリューム感に誰もが仰天される筈ですし、鳴き声に移行するシーンもドンヨリした混濁音の充満と風の音の出現をパーフェクトに拾った解像度サウンドで言葉を失うこと確実です。後半突入部~終曲に至っては、この後に御紹介する別ソースのディスク3でも敵わない微細な音の鳴りと音圧感を誇っている事も特記しておきましょう。「A Saucerful Of Secrets」はテープ残量切れのため後半突入の手前でカット・アウトしてしまいますが、反面ここで音が突然途切れる生々しさこそ、これまで海外の既発盤で使用された3rd genりフェイド・アウト処理されていたものとは違う、ありのままのRecorder 1の姿を落とし込んだ証となっているのです。

そしてディスク3は最近登場した同日の別録音、音質特上のRecorder 2がいよいよ登場します! まず「Echoes」ですが、導入で浮上してくるスライド・ギターの響きの麗しさはディスク2で聴けたものと別格なのが瞬時に分かるでしょう。その後ろにあるリックの旋律も含め、まさに当日の会場で出ていた原音そのものがここに宿っている事が直感で理解出来る筈です。ボーカルのハーモニーも2人の声質の差が明瞭に分かりますし、アホウドリの鳴き声から再浮上する後半も鋭角的で圧倒的な透明感を備えた姿で現れます。「A Saucerful Of Secrets」はディスク2でカット・アウトした先が聴ける完全版(※ そしてこれ以降は終演まで全曲収録)です。これも導入部からディスク2を超える脅威の解像度と音の間近さが際立ち、その鮮やかさと精度は控え目に表現してもライン録音とほぼ同レベルと言って良いでしょう。例えばリズムが入ってくるところ(※ 4分27秒~)などディスク2では音が若干混濁している感もあるのですが(※ それでもディスク2は充分過ぎるほど高音質です!)、このRecorder 2は更なる精緻さをそこに備えており、まるで細かく描き込まれた製図を見る様な解像力とサウンドの量感で充ちているのです。12分09秒~13秒付近、及び同48秒~59秒にかけてマスターに起因するテープよれ、13分04秒で一瞬の音抜け等も生じてはいるのですが、これらが殆ど気にならないほど威力あるサウンドが場を支配していますので是非御期待下さい。「Second Cud (Blues)」は息が合わず、演奏を止めて仕切り直す珍しいシーンが冒頭にありますが、これも全方位にアンテナを伸ばした様な精度と立体感に充ちた音像です。当時のアンコールでしばしば披露されたこのフロイド式のブルースは他日の録音でも聴けますが、ここまでのパーフェクト・サウンドで残っているものは稀でしょう。勿論この高音質はショウ・ラストの「Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun」にも引き継がれ、約45年間眠っていたこの日ならではの音の連鎖と知の放射に心奪われること確実です。

この72年レインボーシアター4連続公演は、史上初めて” THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON – A Piece for Assorted Lunatics “と具体的に銘打たれた公演である事も広く知られていますが、それは言い換えれば当時の彼らが或るビジョンを明確に打ち出し、確かな形を掴むまでの第一歩だったとも言えるでしょう。それが今回、2種の音源で現存するパートをあるがまま全収録した本作の登場によって、初期衝動に溢れたこのコンセプト第3夜の全容に触れる事がようやく可能になりました。45年という時を越えてレーベル初登場となるこの巨大な知の集積、是非御期待下さい!!

Recorder 1

Disc 1 (46:09)
The Dark Side Of The Moon

1. Intro. 2. Breathe 3. Travel Sequence 4. Time 5. Breathe (Reprise)
6. The Mortality Sequence 7. Money 8. Us And Them 9. Any Colour You Like
10. Brain Damage 11. Eclipse

Disc 2 (61:00)
1. One Of These Days 2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 3. Echoes 4. A Saucerful Of Secrets

Recorder 2
Disc 3 (62:27)

1. Echoes 2. A Saucerful Of Secrets 3. Second Cud (Blues)
4. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

Sigma 195

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