Pink Floyd / Paris 1977 3rd Night FM Broadcast / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Paris 1977 3rd Night FM Broadcast / 2CD / Sigma
Pavillon de Paris, Paris, France 24th February 1977  & Radio Arancia FM Broadcast


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The shock master is a new excavation from an undeveloped show that has never been seen before. This is the birth of Press 2CD, which permanently stores amazing FM broadcasts.

[“Third day in Paris”, which has not been known until now] Such an undeveloped show is “February 24, 1977 Paris performance”. It is a hidden treasure live album born from a radio program that was secretly broadcast in Europe, which is boiling in “IN THE FLESH TOUR”. Despite the performance in France, the situation is complicated because the broadcast is in Italy, so let’s explain from the beginning. First of all, the position of the show. Let’s look back on the big picture of “IN THE FLESH TOUR”.

“January 21st release of” Animals “”
・ January 23-February 4: Central Europe # 1 (9 performances)
・ February 17-March 1: Central Europe # 2 (11 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
・ March 15-31: UK (9 performances)
・ April 22-May 12: North America # 1 (12 performances)
・ June 15-July 6: North America # 2 (14 performances)

This is the 1977 PINK FLOYD. There were 9 countries in Central Europe → UK → USA → Canada, but France is the 5th-8th performances of “Central Europe # 2”. Performances were held for four consecutive nights at the famous venue “Pavilion de Paris”. As a matter of fact, this Paris 4DAYS is famous as a treasure trove of famous recordings, and the super-famous boards “FUNHOUSE (Sirene-220)” and “NIMALS AUX ABATTOIRS (Sigma 98)” are big hits in our shop. It’s also a good opportunity, so let’s organize the collection with this work.

・ February 22, Paris ← * “FUNHOUSE”
・ February 23, Paris (2nd day)
・ February 24, Paris (3rd day) ← ★ This work ★
・ February 25, Paris ← * “NIMALS AUX ABATTOIRS”

[Phantom FM program broadcast by a local station in Italy] Above, all 4 performances. This work was the third performance sandwiched between super-famous boards, and was the concert the day before “NIMALS AUX ABATTOIRS”. And this show was FM broadcast at that time. If you think about it normally, if a super-big game like PINK FLOYD is broadcast on the radio (and in its heyday), fans all over the world should pay attention to it. It’s unbelievable that it hasn’t been known for 43 years. But that is also the reality. The reason for this was the broadcasting station. As mentioned above, this work was performed in Paris, but it was broadcast by the Italian local station “RADIO ARANCIA”.
And the broadcast content is also a habit (although there is no way to confirm it), it seems that the band is not officially recognized. After all, it is not a line recording from the mix table, but a microphone recording that seems to have been recorded by the station staff at the venue. Well, it’s not the same as audience recording. First and foremost, quality. Although it is definitely a spatial recording in terms of timbre, its core is thick and direct. And the hall noise is also minimal. Probably, only the broadcasting station staff was watching at the official seats. There are no spectators making a fuss up close, and the acoustic balance is excellent. The equipment will be high-class, and above all, the sense of stability without hiding the microphone is tremendous. As expected, a miracle like “NIMALS AUX ABATTOIRS” has not occurred, but instead of a miracle, it is a recording that can be called a “professional audience” backed by stakeholder privileges.

[Complete version raised to the dimension of historical entertainment] It was a shocking new excavation, but it was not perfect. It was an incomplete broadcast with some cuts, probably because of the program frame. For example, “Have A Cigar” was omitted altogether, and “Welcome to the Machine” was also shortened. In addition, some songs have been cut. It was a type of program that I couldn’t concentrate on when I listened to it through. Therefore, in this work, we will re-edit to bring out the possibility of such an original sound. The cut part is supplemented with another sound source on the same day (this is also the first appearance. Although it is not as good as the broadcast sound source, it is an excellent sound). Realized the full show full version.
The point of re-editing was the program DJ. Actually, this broadcast has Italian DJs in some places, and in some places it is also playing. Initially, it was considered to cut all the DJs to make a pure live album, but the more you listen, the more the sense of the times that this performance brings, the sense of secrecy unique to local stations, and it sounds behind the DJs. The playing sound is also valuable. Therefore, in this work, on the contrary, all DJs are utilized to maintain the historic spectacle. On top of that, meticulous mastering brought out the performance sound behind the DJ in an easy-to-listen manner, achieving both the perfection of a live album and the real thrill of a radio album.

The treasure of “IN THE FLESH TOUR” broadcast on a local station in Italy. It is a masterpiece live album that refined the new excavation master of the miracle. Not only can you enjoy the full show of the third performance in Paris, which you couldn’t hear before, but also the sense of secrecy because it is a local station different from the broadcasting stations such as the world-famous “BBC” and “WESTWOOD ONE”. Is a delicious historical entertainment masterpiece. Please inhale “1977 European scent” to your heart’s content with the permanent storage press 2CD.

★ FM sound source of “February 24, 1977 Paris performance” which has not been known until now. It is a hidden treasure sound source secretly broadcast by the Italian local station “RADIO ARANCIA”. It’s not a line but a microphone recording, but there is no spectator who makes a fuss about it because it was a related person’s seat, and the acoustic balance is excellent. It is a great recording with a sense of stability that does not hide the microphone. There were some cuts in the program, but it was patched and completely recorded by another recording on the same day. The Italian DJ is also a new masterpiece with a sense of dignity that creates a historical spectacle.


そんな未開のショウとは「1977年2月24日パリ公演」。“IN THE FLESH TOUR”に沸くヨーロッパで密かに放送されていたラジオ番組から誕生した秘宝ライヴアルバムです。フランス公演にも関わらず放送はイタリアだったりと事情は複雑だったりもしますので、イチからご説明していきましょう。まずはショウのポジション。“IN THE FLESH TOUR”の全体像から振り返ってみましょう。


これが1977年のPINK FLOYD。中欧6ヵ国→英国→米国→カナダの全9ヵ国だったわけですが、フランスは「中欧#2」の5公演目-8公演目。名会場“パヴィリオン・デ・パリ”で4夜連続公演が行われました。実のところ、このパリ4DAYSは名録音の宝庫としても名高く、当店でも超名盤『FUNHOUSE(Sirene-220)』『NIMALS AUX ABATTOIRS(Sigma 98)』が大ヒット。良い機会でもありますので、本作も交えてコレクションを整理しておきましょう。

・2月22日パリ ←※『FUNHOUSE』

以上、全4公演。本作は超名盤に挟まれた3公演目であり、『NIMALS AUX ABATTOIRS』の前日にあたるコンサートでした。そして、このショウは当時FM放送されていたのです。普通に考えれば、PINK FLOYDほどの超大物が(しかも全盛期に)ラジオ放送されていれば、全世界のファンが注目するはず。43年間も知られてこなかったなど、信じられない事です。しかし、それが現実でもある。その要因となったのは放送局。前述のように本作はパリ公演であるものの、放送したのはイタリアの地方局“RADIO ARANCIA”だったのです。
そして、その放送内容もくせ者でして(確認する術はありませんが)どうやらバンド非公認のようです。何しろ、ミックス卓からのライン録音ではなく、局スタッフが会場で録音したと思しきマイク録音なのです。では、オーディエンス録音と同じかというと、さにあらず。まず何と言ってもクオリティ。音色的に間違いなく空間録音と分かるものの、その芯は骨太でダイレクト。そしてホール鳴りも最小限なのです。恐らくは、放送局スタッフだけに関係者席で観覧していたのでしょう。間近に大騒ぎする観客も存在せず、音響バランスも絶品。機材も高級でしょうし、何よりマイクを隠すそぶりもない安定感も絶大。さすがに『NIMALS AUX ABATTOIRS』のような奇跡は起きていないものの、奇跡の代わりに関係者特権が裏打ちする“プロフェッショナル・オーディエンス”とでも呼べそうな録音なのです。

何とも衝撃的な新発掘なのですが、完璧なわけでもありませんでした。番組枠の関係か、ところどころカットのある不完全放送だったのです。例えば「Have A Cigar」は丸ごと省略されていましたし、「Welcome to the Machine」も短縮。さらに曲間もいくつかカットされている。通しで聴くとブツ切りで今ひとつ集中できないタイプの番組だったのです。そこで本作では、そんな原音の可能性を引き出す再編集を敢行。カット・パートを同日の別音源(これも初登場。放送音源ほどではないものの、絶品サウンドです)で補填。フルショウ完全版を実現しました。

イタリアの地方局で放送された“IN THE FLESH TOUR”の秘宝。その奇跡の新発掘マスターを磨き上げた傑作ライヴアルバムです。これまで聴くことのできなかったパリ3公演目のフルショウが楽しめるだけでなく、世界的に有名な“BBC”や“WESTWOOD ONE”のような放送局とは違うローカル局だからこその秘匿感までもが美味しい歴史エンターテインメント大作。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDで“1977年欧州の薫り”を胸いっぱいに吸い込んでください。

★これまで知られてこなかった「1977年2月24日パリ公演」のFM音源。イタリアの地方局“RADIO ARANCIA”が密かに放送していた秘宝音源です。ラインではなくマイク録音ですが、関係者席だったのか間近に大騒ぎする観客も存在せず、音響バランスも絶品。マイクを隠すそぶりもない安定感も絶大な名録音です。番組には一部カットもありましたが、同日の別録音でパッチして完全収録。イタリア語DJも歴史スペクタクルを醸す威徳感たっぷりの新名盤です。


Disc 1 (50:38)
1. Sheep ★9:15 – 最後まで補填
2. Pigs on the Wing part 1 ★1:24 – 最後まで補填
3. Dogs ★0:00 – 0:04 補填
4. Pigs on the Wing part 2 ★0:00 – 0:54 補填
5. Pigs (3 different ones)

Disc 2 (60:15)
1. Shine on You Crazy Diamond parts 1-5 ★0:00 – 0:12 / 12:48 – 最後まで補填
2. Welcome to the Machine ★0:00 – 1:27 / 6:15 – 最後まで補填
3. Have A Cigar ★全部補填
4. Wish You Were Here ★5:33 – 最後まで補填
5. Shine on You Crazy Diamond parts 6-9 ★0:00 – 1:00 補填
6. Money

Sigma 265

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