Pink Floyd / Osaka 1971 A New Tape Transfer / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Osaka 1971 A New Tape Transfer / 2CD /Sigma

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Live At Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 9th August 1971.



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Sigma 106

Plus Bonus 2CDR “UNIVERSITY OF ESSEX 1971” * Numbered Edition stickered Only Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 9th August 1971 TRULY AMAZING / PERFECT SOUND A New Tape Transfer Of A Low Generation Tape 1971 years from first visit to Japan, including the Hakone Aphrodite performance, best version of Osaka performance of August 9 is an appearance. Had been released from Sigma same in 2011 “Osaka 1971” was being the definitive version of this performance, but this board is using the generate tape that is different from it with the same master. Performance part has been recorded longer 10 seconds whopping intro of Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, meanwhile, will hear on the right side of the stereo (woman?) Conversation of the audience that first appeared in 5 seconds into the vicinity You can. Sound check in front of the sound Cymbaline is also slightly, but it has been recorded longer.This alone is the reason the advantage of must-have in Floyd collector core, but the cheers of Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun after the show to listen of previous work in the “Osaka 1971” on the contrary, Dattari accrued in this board with it I will also. This, I can be considered as the difference resulting copied from the master tape, by editing the condition of each tape. (Because connected by editing different between songs,. Such differences are generated) Strictly speaking, its outstanding “Osaka 1971” is using the take that you copied to the DAT the 2nd Gen tape, version of this time, is why I record the 3rd Gen take circulated recently, Floyd foreign experts also remark as “the 3rd gen version is the best sounding version of this show that is in circuation among collectors” I think as you are, with respect to Osaka ’71 recording, there is a quality most current situation, take a book, but is said to be sound as it is. I understand it easy when compared to listen, but there is hiss, but this work has been recorded in sound to let you feel the depth more natural and, compared to its outstanding with a feeling of processing. I think I think each is to affirm or copy of any generation is difficult, but can never be completely high-quality sound and attractive, so far not to use the tape of Rojene equivalent, and can be seen by listen to one. Cymbaline to listen Echoes to listen to the performance of early type in particular, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun you can listen to the performance of the best, the sound effect of footsteps, intense to those who disturbed striking piano Rick decorating the last listen even You can and A Saucerful Of Secrets impacting, through the whole book, and enjoy the high-quality performance that remains in Floyd history. Thanks to taper tone of gull of Echoes just sloppy, It is possible to listen to each song even, wall of sound just terrible in the word of the best part, in this era, and told me to record the sound of this much each well Tsun You can enjoy recording and name names playing as entertain thoughts. 

1971年、箱根アフロディーテ公演を含む初来日より、8月9日の大阪公演のベスト・ヴァージョンが登場です。2011年に同じSigmaからリリースされていた「Osaka 1971」が本公演の決定版とされていましたが、本盤は、同じマスターながらそれとは異なるジェネテープを使用しています。Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sunのイントロは演奏部分がなんと10秒も長く収録されており、その間、5秒目付近で初めて登場する観客の会話(女性?)をステレオの右側で聴くことができます。Cymbalineの前のサウンドチェック音も若干ですが、長めに収録されています。これだけでもコアなフロイド・コレクターには必携のアドバンテージなわけですが、それとは逆に前作の「Osaka 1971」で聴けるSet The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun終演後の歓声が本盤には未収だったりもします。これは、マスターテープからコピーされた、それぞれのテープの編集具合によって生じた差異として考えられます。(曲間を異なる編集で繋いでいるので、このような違いが発生している。)厳密に言うと、既発「Osaka 1971」は2nd GenテープをDATにコピーしたテイクを使用しており、今回のヴァージョンは、最近出回った3rd Genテイクを収録しているわけですが、海外のフロイド専門家も「the 3rd gen version is the best sounding version of this show that is in circuation among collectors」と発言している通り、大阪71年録音に関しては、現状、本テイクが最も良質なあるがままのサウンドであると言えると思います。聴き比べれば容易にわかりますが、本作は、ヒスはあるものの、加工感のある既発に比べて、より自然で奥行きを感じさせるサウンドで収録されています。それぞれがどの世代のコピーかは断言するのは難しいとは思いますが、ここまで魅力的かつ高品質なサウンドは、相当ロージェネのテープを使用しないとありえないことは、一聴すれば判ると思います。特に初期型の演奏を聴かせるEchoes、極上の演奏が聴けるSet The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun、足音の音声効果が聴けるCymbaline、更にはラストを飾るリックのピアノの乱れ打ちが聴く者に強烈なインパクトを与えるA Saucerful Of Secretsと、全編を通じて、フロイド史に残る高品質な演奏を堪能することができます。つんざつばかりのEchoesのカモメのトーン、更には各曲で聴ける、凄まじいばかりの音の壁は圧巻の一言で、この時代に、よくぞこれだけの音で録音してくれた、とテーパーに感謝の思いを抱くほどの名録音・名演奏を楽しむことができます。

Disc 1(50:06)
1. Green Is The Colour 2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 3. Fat Old Sun 4. Atom Heart Mother

Disc 2(74:11)
1. Echoes 2. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 3. Cymbaline 4. A Saucerful Of Secrets

Sigma 106


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