Pink Floyd / Oakland 1977 1st Night / 3CD+Program Replica

Pink Floyd / Oakland 1977 1st Night / 3CD+Program Replica / Sigma

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Live at Alameda Coliseum, Oakland, California, USA 9th May 1977 With Valuable 1977 Animals “IN THE FLESH” Tour Of The World Tour Program With Replica Was Reprinted (all 28 pages).


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North American tour with the album “ANIMALS”, speaking of Auckland first day performance … May 9, 1977, I think leading think it floats name sound source to mind as long as it is a fan of Floyd. This performance has been released from the LP era, also in CD Genesis is early on CD in, such as “IN THE FLESH (Great Dane)”, then also upgrade boards and such as “Mr.PIG (Highland)”, and in recent years also from our Sigma on the label was launched appeared as “OAKLAND (Sigma 2)”, further attention as “DEFINITIVE OAKLAND (Sigma 37)” in 2009, it is that performance to represent the ’77. Especially fade of this “DEFINITIVE OAKLAND” strict correction and sweet was the original sound missing parts of the stuffing of the pitch after that was used, was overall slower the open reel of good 1st generator of freshness that you copied from the time it emerged master cassette remastering work, including the process exerts a tremendous success, it was just DEFINITIVE = definitive title gained high praise from mania as the title. But this year 2015 that early six years continue to get bored in less than then also steadily sound source excavation to it has expired, this Sigma has finally succeeded in making contact with this true master cassette. Ultimate ’77 Oakland first day performances were digital transfer in high-quality sound of no 24bit / 96khz any deterioration in the latest equipment it is what, I book title “OAKLAND 1977 1st NIGHT” to introduce the long-awaited this week! !

This natural and Tsubudachi of sound, each instrument is the goodness of fit with the localization of sound that put out the “DEFINITIVE OAKLAND (later ※,” Sunde-hatsu-ban “you have)” also did surprisingly, you hear the master cassette as it is of sound work is that has become its outstanding board what was standing further sharp edge than, will transition songs expression is first your feeling that comes through very vividly because the contour of the sound is more pronounced. Also, was surprised this label in contact with this time in this original recording source, it was that good heavy punch and crisp midrange-bass was equipped. That is straight and Des Bains! And to at best part is the power sound of mid-range, and I had a treble also great elongation and gloss. By the way, the master cassette has been recorded in consumer portable recorder “SONY TC-158”, but the present recording high-resolution sound with only analog recording machine recording obtained in good condition is to exert its power at the highest value Because to have, you will able to taste also pleasure like is such a cool sound has taken very important the music with both hands come out with excellent sound of 24bit / 96khz. 2009 or later, but from spilled 1st generator of cassette master was out many of boot leg, and the final sound source precisely this title that was digital transfer from the true master stab in the coffin for all of the past of ’77 Oakland the first day of performances will be. After that it ever was a DEFINITIVE, this is absolutely ULTIMATE!

To its outstanding panel similar “Sheep” has become the start of a cut-ins beginning was lacking somewhat, but it should be overwhelmed from ride to the near and sharpness of suddenly it felt sound image. On the surface, I think that the sharpness of the guitar is noticed in that stands out more than ever, but has been revived as a sound that is resilient in hard than ever based beat that much in the song rang It is a further feature also the skeleton is in like feel to the rhythm. “Pigs On The Wing Pt. 1” appears as a sound and sound image that raw voice came one core of Roger of acoustic guitar, also has become a more natural presence of space like that care-also from tone to spread . “Dogs” is also in the one song that can feel the sound fruitful with only the master tape, crying places (3 minutes 26 seconds ~) of twin guitar entering from the middle and even sound impressive closeness is surprised out I think. And Semegi each other and guitar of motility continue crying of complaints from there, more formidable undulating such spread the way of sound of closeness vocal line that appears in the keyboard can become dismissed the sound that has been experienced by its outstanding panel power I am a. “Pigs (Three Different Ones)” will spread the sound with power from twin vocals of beginning. Although this part I was to hear a very good sound even in its outstanding board, In this film has become sharp sound image is closer to more of an attractive, if cynical singing charm of Roger unique is issued attract the highest value Even it is not an exaggeration to say that there. Guitar solo in the middle are also reported in the texture high sound, but it will be reminded that cowbell (?) Also sounds and drum of hammering is clearly out than ever before and listen well. In addition, lack of sound due to the tape of the inversion process in 7 minutes and 48 seconds to 8 minutes 12 seconds but Yes to compensate for those employed in the Sunde-hatsu-ban “DEFINITIVE OAKLAND”, this part only so that the sound quality is fall slightly You may feel. However, in “DEFINITIVE” and billed the the already issued board sound difference of the missing part compensate for that did not know at all, your to the point that it is clearly felt sound difference in the compensation of this title that uses the same part I want crowned attention. This means that the sound image difference sound of its outstanding panel is to feel in this scene to look into the face for a moment what is, it is a translation that has just become the difference itself with no master tape of this degradation. Of course, I have been also carefully subjected to cross-fade processing and treatments now, you have a slight sound quality difference became a finish that even musical loss is not felt at all while feeling.

“Shine On … Pt. 1-5”, the sound with a rich style of unique master cassette will spread from the beginning. Although its dense sound tapestries fold will brings a record of excitement, in also features the saxophone entering in the second half and the bass sound that felt a little bland in its outstanding panel is revived in the sound that contains the core , this is who you have a Sunde-hatsu-ban is where you want crowned by all means compared. “Have A Cigar” In impairs enters the vocals Roger blowing is Gilmore, although rare scene of this day unique that re-enters from taking a while the You can pleasure, which is also much better than those listen until now and Climate making it the Shii sound image. That appear in the powerful sound to enjoy the height of even musical density narrowing play of fierce guitar in the second half of the song also will be noted. “Wish You Were Here” also came out with tapestries each other is beautiful sound of guitar coming out in early, but come out at the point of out singing noise (around 1 minute 16 seconds and 23 seconds. Fireworks? Pyro? Plug sound?) coming out of also has picked up without that break, you can experience a documentary of this play at a higher dimension. “Shine On … Pt. 6-9” In You Yes finish without discomfort is supplemented with cut of 6 minutes 24 seconds there was a missing master (※ tape reversal of) from Sunde-hatsu-ban “DEFINITIVE OAKLAND” , this has become the perfect repair you do not notice first unless told. Since the sound output of even each instrument the second half of the play, which proceeds to doze as is clear to dialogue concerted sound you can feel more deeply, also the scene guitar spree crying in the second half to become a bluesy Oeru in the past the best of the short-range sound Therefore, it does not feel any playing time over the approximately 21 minutes. “Money” in it you will be able to further realize the range of width and thickness extending vertically and horizontally. 5 minutes 00 seconds You or closer or become distant sound of the guitar from the vicinity, this is the effect of the sound group moving device that is installed in the venue, high resolution to the movement of the 2ch while also these sound than ever also has become a topic of this work that it Oeru in sound image. There is a bass and drums also certainly entities sense approach from the rhythm stand out come 7 minutes around 48 seconds, it is a place glad also the rhythm of motility comes through even more to my ear to direct. And this day say the biggest listening far from is in the four years since 1973, is now the only performance this day in ’77, “Eugene, Watch out for ax”. Is gradually liven up from complaints expand as how the ’77 specific video scenes that stretch marks the apex in Scream, powerful music from something that has caught the excitement that was full of creativity Yuku is open the 24bit / 96khz master sound in you I think I would like to have come Experience the excitement that can be delivered to the ear.

… And, I’ve been writing about the sound quality difference between the endlessly already issued board so far, will What is what is already existing departure board earlier that had excellent sound quality? What do will come into view by further improvement in the sound quality and sound image. It how to open and close the way of sound should be called a feature of Floyd Sound, is deepening of understanding of that music confinement way and release of way can feel at a higher level in other words. In particular, since Floyd of music there are many things that place otherwise the place where motility stand out is tied to a huge representation while linked to the magical, and the re-discovery of musical structure obtained from the sound of the master sound source itself with no degradation excitement (or, thereby it is a good idea to say that coming “benefit of knowledge” visible) is immeasurable. Please Come Experience the real impact that existed in Auckland first day performances of ’77 legend in this title this weekend. Even simple question, “What was the first place Pink Floyd” final decision board of this recording, which was decorated with limited numbering entering stickers with Picture disc specification, its a definite clue in ’77 sound unmatched !! will keep giving

★ valuable 1977 Animals “IN THE FLESH” tour of the World Tour program with replica was reprinted (all 28 pages)

アルバム『ANIMALS』に伴う北米ツアー、1977年5月9日オークランド初日公演・・と言えば、フロイドのファンであれば脳裏に浮ぶ名音源が思い至ると思います。本公演はLP時代からリリースされており、CD創世記にも『IN THE FLESH (Great Dane)』などで早くからCD化され、その後も『Mr.PIG(Highland)』などのアップグレード盤や、近年では当Sigmaからもレーベル発足当時に『OAKLAND (Sigma 2)』として登場し、さらに2009年にも『DEFINITIVE OAKLAND (Sigma 37)』として注目を集めた、77年を代表するあの公演です。特にこの『DEFINITIVE OAKLAND』は当時出現したマスターカセットからコピーした鮮度の良い1stジェネのオープンリールを使用したうえ、全体的に遅めだったピッチの厳密な補正や詰めの甘かった原音欠落部分のフェイド処理を含めたリマスタリング作業が絶大な功を奏し、まさにDEFINITIVE=決定的なタイトルとしてマニアから高い評価を得たタイトルでした。しかしそれに飽き足らずその後も地道に音源発掘を続けて早6年が過ぎた今年2015年、当Sigmaは遂にこれの真のマスターカセットと接触する事に成功しました。それを最新機材で一切の劣化無く24bit/96khzの高音質でデジタル・トランスファーした究極の77年オークランド初日公演こそが、今週満を持して御紹介する本タイトル『OAKLAND 1977 1st NIGHT』なのです!!

サウンドの自然な粒立ち、各楽器が出す音の定位と収まりの良さは『DEFINITIVE OAKLAND (※以降、”既発盤”とします)』も驚くほどでしたが、マスターカセットそのままの音で聴ける本作はその既発盤よりも更に鋭くエッジの立ったものとなっており、サウンドの輪郭がより際立っているため曲表情の移り変わりが大変生々しく伝わってくる事をまず御実感されるでしょう。また今回このオリジナル録音ソースに接して当レーベルも驚いたのは、中音域~低音域に切れの良い重厚なパンチが備わっていた点でした。つまりミッドレンジの一番良い部分が威力のある音でストレートにバン! と出ており、高音域も素晴らしい伸びと艶を備えていたのです。ちなみにマスターカセットは民生用ポータブル録音機” SONY TC-158 “で録音されていますが、本録音は良い条件で録られたアナログ録音機のみが持つ高解像サウンドが最高値でその威力を発揮しているので、まるで両手で音楽を大切に受け止めている様なクールな音が24bit/96khzの優秀なサウンドで出てくる喜びも味わって戴けるでしょう。2009年以降、流出した1stジェネのカセットマスターから幾多のブートレッグが出ましたが、真のマスターからデジタル・トランスファーした本タイトルこそが過去の77年オークランド初日公演の全てにトドメを刺す最終音源となるでしょう。これまでがDEFINITIVEであったとしたら、これは確実にULTIMATEです!

既発盤同様に「Sheep」は冒頭が若干欠けたカットインでのスタートとなっていますが、いきなり感じられる音像の近さと鋭さにのっけから圧倒される筈です。表面的にはギターのシャープさがこれまで以上に際立っている事にお気付きになると思いますが、曲中ずっと鳴っているベースのビートもこれまで以上に硬質で弾力のある音として甦っており、リズムに更なる骨格が感じられる様になっているのも特徴です。「Pigs On The Wing Pt. 1」はアコギの響きとロジャーの生声に一本芯が入った音像として現れ、拡散する音色からも気付ける様に空間のプレゼンスもより自然なものとなっています。「Dogs」もマスターテープだけが持つ実りあるサウンドを実感出来る一曲で、途中から入るツインギターの泣きの箇所(3分26秒~)も圧倒的な近さで音が出てビックリされると思います。そしてそこからの弱音のせめぎ合いと泣き続けるギターの運動性、更に恐るべき近さで現れるボーカルラインとキーボードのうねる様な響きの広がり方は既発盤で体験してきた音を一蹴してしまう威力を備えています。「Pigs (Three Different Ones)」は冒頭のツインボーカルから威力のあるサウンドが広がります。この部分は既発盤でも大変良い音で聞けたのですが、本作ではそれ以上に近くて鋭い音像が魅力となっており、ロジャーならではのシニカルな歌唱の魅力が最高値で惹き出されていると言っても過言ではありません。中盤でのギターソロも質感高い音で報告されますが、よく聴くとカウベル(?)の音やドラムの打音もこれまでより明瞭に出ている事に気付かされるでしょう。尚、7分48秒~8分12秒にあるテープの反転処理に起因する音の欠落は既発盤『DEFINITIVE OAKLAND』で採用したものを補填してありますが、この部分だけ音質が若干落ちる様に感じるかもしれません。しかし”DEFINITIVE”と銘打たれたその既発盤ではその欠落部分補填の音像差が全く分からなかったのに対し、その同部分を使用した本タイトルの補填では明らかに音像差が感じられる点に御注目戴きたいのです。つまり既発盤の音が一瞬顔を覗かせるこのシーンで感じる音像差こそが、まさに今回の劣化の無いマスターテープとの差そのものとなっている訳です。勿論、今回も丁寧にクロスフェイド処理とトリートメントを施してありますので、若干の音質差は感じながらも音楽的な損失は全く感じない仕上がりになっています。

「Shine On…Pt. 1-5」は、マスターカセットならではの豊かな風格を持つ響きが序盤から広がります。その濃密な音の綴れ折りは過去最高の興奮をもたらしてくれますが、既発盤でやや淡白に感じられたベース音と後半で入るサックスが芯の入ったサウンドで甦っているのも特徴で、これは既発盤をお持ちの方は是非比べて戴きたいところです。「Have A Cigar」ではギルモアが吹き出してロジャーがボーカルを入り損ない、間をとってから入り直すというこの日ならではの珍しいシーンがお愉しみ戴けますが、これもまた今まで聴けたものよりずっと生々しい音像となっています。曲後半での激しいギターの弾き込みも音楽的な密度の高さを満喫させる迫力のサウンドで現れる事も特筆されるでしょう。「Wish You Were Here」も序盤に出てくるギターの綴れ合いが麗しい音で出てきますが、歌い出しの箇所で出てくる異音(1分16秒と23秒付近。花火?パイロ?プラグの抜ける音?)も割れる事無く拾っており、この演奏のドキュメンタリー性をより高い次元で体験して戴けます。「Shine On…Pt. 6-9」ではマスターに欠落のあった6分24秒でのカット(※テープの反転)を既発盤『DEFINITIVE OAKLAND』から補填して違和感無く仕上げてありますが、これは言われなければまず気付かない完璧な修復となっています。まどろむ様に進行する後半の演奏も各楽器の出音が明瞭なので協奏的な音の対話が更に深く伝わってきますし、ブルージーになる後半でギターが泣きまくるシーンも過去最高の近距離サウンドで追える為、約21分間に渡る演奏タイムを全く感じさせません。「Money」では上下左右に伸びる音域の幅と厚みを更に実感して戴けます。5分00秒付近からギターの音像が遠くなったり近くなったりしますが、これは会場に設置された音群移動装置の効果で、2chながらもこうした音の動きがこれまで以上に解像度の高い音像で追える事も本作のトピックスとなっています。リズムが際立ってくる7分48秒付近からのベースとドラムのアプローチも確かな実体感があり、リズムの運動性が更にダイレクトに耳元へ伝わってくるのも嬉しいところです。そしてこの日最大の聴きどころと言えるのが1973年以来4年振りにして、77年ではこの日唯一の演奏となった「ユージン、斧に気をつけろ」です。弱音から徐々に盛り上げてスクリームで一気に頂点を迎える様子が77年特有の映像的なシーンとして展開し、囚われた何かから音楽が開放されてゆく創意に充ちた興奮が24bit/96khzの力強いマスターサウンドで耳に届けられる興奮を是非御体験戴きたいと思います。

・・と、ここまで延々と既発盤との音質差を中心に書いてきましたが、既に音質が優れていた既発盤の先にあるものは何でしょう?音質・音像の更なる向上によって何が見えてくるのでしょうか。それはフロイド・サウンドの特徴とも言うべき音の閉じ方と開け方、言い換えれば音楽の閉じ込め方と解放の仕方がより高いレベルで実感出来るという理解度の深まりです。特にフロイドの音楽は運動性が際立つ箇所とそうでない箇所がマジカルに連動しながら巨大な表現に結びついているものが多いので、劣化の無いマスター音源そのもののサウンドから得られる音楽的構造の再発見と興奮(或いは、それによって見えてくる” 知の恩恵 “と言っても良いでしょう)は計り知れません。今週末は本タイトルで77年伝説のオークランド初日公演に存在した本物の衝撃を是非御体験下さい。限定ナンバリング入りステッカー付き・ピクチャーディスク仕様で飾られたこの録音の最終決定盤は「そもそもピンク・フロイドとは何だったのか」という素朴な疑問にも、比類なき77年サウンドでその確かな手掛かりを与えてくれるでしょう!!

★貴重な1977年アニマルズ「IN THE FLESH」ツアーのワールド・ツアー・プログラムを復刻したレプリカ付き(全28ページ)

Disc 1(52:03)
1. Sheep 2. Pigs On The Wing Pt. 1 3. Dogs 4. Pigs On The Wing Pt. 2
5. Pigs (Three Different Ones)

Disc 2(56:10)
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts. 1-5 2. Welcome To The Machine 3. Have A Cigar
4. Wish You Were Here 5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts. 6-9

Disc 3(29:14) Encores
1. Money 2. Us and Them 3. Careful With That Axe, Eugene

Sigma 124

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