Pink Floyd / New York 1977 2nd Night / 2CD+Program Replica

Pink Floyd / New York 1977 2nd Night / 2CD+Program Replica / Sigma

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Live at Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY. USA 2nd July 1977 With Valuable 1977 Animals “In The Flesh” Tour Of The World Tour Program With Replica Was Reprinted (all 28 pages).



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Those named recording and sound source name you created a number of title by Subekaraku. But somewhere as long as the master is present in, which was piled up generator is what is destined to turn into iron someday. We are and Pink Floyd sound source it can not be escaped, ANIMALS tour of the final chapter and will be July 2, 1977, also that name sound source was recorded second day of New York · MSG performance 4DAYS in ultra-high quality audience recording is finally like the time has come that. The performances and ever “PROG KING (Sirene-099)”, but has been popular as its dramatic upper version of “DAY OF THE ANIMALS (Sigma 77)” had won the prime position, with Recently, those Sigma label was the opportunity to contact the true master tape were used to their title own root. This recording did things a fan of the familiar as those of ’77 North American tour leading originally, … whether such heck what is a sound that has been recorded in the master cassette that is the original source. Did just widely known but because of their imagination is the name sound swells, it as expected, no it was a superb sound quality too excellent than expected! Its straight treble sound omission of goodness, is close to the amplitude deep sound, powerful bass-in to issue a higher weight of the thickness and density of the scale feeling full marks naturally, wowed the label everyone involved which was in situ to listen to one. This work consists of the true master cassette with those obtained by digital transfer with no 24bit / 96khz any deterioration, just recorded sound itself at that time the venue is now an upper version title of surprise that appears in front of the eye and I have !!

Of course, also has been applied with the utmost care treatments and adjustment. Because although recording sound was fiercely quality there was occurrence point of deviation and noise of the pitch of a certain degree as a whole, there has been applied correction and polite sound image adjusted so that it does not affect the original sound. Also previously known have been “Shine On You … Pt. 6-9” cut of the second half of the jam part (※ 90 minutes reversal near the place .12 minutes and 30 seconds to 13 minutes 43 seconds of the tape) the same day of the second source sound source in the carefully compensated, this work also Yes finish it as Toseru listen seamlessly without cut Interrupting the flow of the song. The reason for the finish to attract out the charm of these original sound at the highest value, because as is well known this day there is also great to play content. Angry Roger Unlike Montreal last day the 6th, Gilmore but we have an ideal staging through without any show that you view from the PA desk and threw the play, leaving them in the sound of more than each its outstanding panel come excitement immeasurable. First worked sound rising of the edge “Sheep”, a song that has been led by the metallic guitar sound spreads in vivid how the Yuku raise the driving force and Guigui. Terms of reverberation of echo is also picking up faint sound, it is guarantee that you will you feel the answer to listen from the first track deep because it appeared in realistic sound than ever tough-sounding rhythm line. “Dogs” is gone out in 3 minutes 22 seconds entered The past twin guitar tone is very close to both of from, more than a melody, such as melt with each other to how each other sounded sensual is this resolution. Also this song is taking the structure of repeating the static and dynamic, but the quiet part, that is a single melody of faint sound and dampers most visible in the rhythm-less, or spread of keyboard coming lifted from among them (※ 8 In minute 44 seconds to others), because the sound with its damp appear along with past best gloss and sharpness, musical breadth of the foot that Floyd of this period had also in who can to feel in feeling positive quotient. “Pigs On The Wing Pt. 2” transparency in the quiet part of the first half in, and noted that the near and resolution of guitar to sing in the second half has been improved, approaching the music itself is a jerk and rather than playing You think that it is able to taste the coming excitement. “Pigs (Three Different Ones)” is imminent sound image that increased transparency brings further concreteness to play. This day or is getting SE from the vicinity of 6 minutes and 40 seconds (cries of come out pig at the beginning?), But also features a firecracker-Pyro is exploding everywhere until the end is used in large quantities without the time, these also of sound it should to me even more enhance the excitement and the difference of the other day playing for appearing in the sound of the powerful.

“Shine On You … Pt. 1-5” also spread to the ear is dense music which has been digitally converted by 24bit “. 4 one of the sound that becomes the subject of the song guitar issues alters the expression little by little, eventually Floyd in the second half that mellow singing melody begins to move out of the gradient of the sound (or music itself) will able to taste the magical moment to release the lyrics with the highest value. Also on this day, Roger is somewhat tongue twisters in there is the impression that singing “Have A Cigar” also, but I fly out in a well-visible sound structure of the song more than ever, that the song the aim of sound effects that or echo or Kakea~tsu to be listening to this has been hidden is hear about, sound image that is felt and potential new findings for this song has become an attractive. “Wish You Were Here” in raised is brilliantly wide sound width by acoustic guitar that sounded a twin, you will want your felt the melody is shining in a more pure beauty. And chorus of harmony, coming guitar solo and sound of rustic electric piano out and subsequently has also off a great shine so please attention by all means. “Shine On You … Pt. 6-9” in how the sharp tone of slide guitar trotting The most comprehensive is lifted in texture high sound. After a return to the subject matter also spelled mellow music, like jam seek the encounter of a new sound will think that it is able to feel the upper feeling how the appear in the record of the sound image. Incidentally, as has been described above for the (inverted portions of ※ 90 minutes tape) partial cut late song due to master, Yes to seamlessly listen Toseru like finish. “Money” is echo and its diffusion of weakened hung on vocals by transparency surrounding went up would take to listen more clearly. You can ask also how you are or farther away or guitar sound is closer as the effect of a sound group moving devices, recording position is looked down the sound of the whole that would have sounded to whether the venue was in the good position degree from above Since Oeru in such a sound image, also You can pleasure accompanied by further clarity feeling reverberations of the bird’s eye sounds. “Us And Them” also reach the ear at high sound melody line is quality that wavering in drifting floating feeling, how the sax also move widely the range that has given the color will come out in the tone that core. Slight missing that were in 2 minutes 26 seconds to 29 seconds that were in the master also compensated from the “Shine On You … Pt. 6-9” Likewise the same day of the second source, communication listening without cut Interrupting flow have adapted to.

True of the experience can be joy to play of the day in the sound image that has been recorded in the master tape, some species that until now what if those who have been long experience it in the sound source superimposed generator “finally to follow arrived …” of I think there is a kind of reaching sense. Of course, it is also for those who touch the first time in this sound image without knowing its outstanding panel will be remarkable experience, but by touching the top of the record source of the day, the blur abstract of performance that had resulted from smearing of sound quality joy to be converted to no specific sound, and I think all the more to what I think even if you have experience the source of the sound of the past. Side this is the end of this work and another ’77 masterpiece to be released simultaneously “OAKLAND 1977 1ST NIGHT (Sigma 124)” be the same this week, both to listen to Traces of deep joy that “finally follow marked with …” leaving me making it the title. This weekend is by all means together with the “OAKLAND 1977 1ST NIGHT”, this work also try. Absolutely no sound image of degradation that is 24bit digital transfer from the master cassette, it is best title Tachiaeru to surprise you Yuku to repaint the charm of this performance from one. Limited numbering sticker with-beautiful original picture disc specification, will appear from the popular Sigma label !!

★ valuable 1977 Animals “IN THE FLESH” tour of the World Tour program with replica was reprinted (all 28 pages)

名録音・名音源というものはすべからくして数々のタイトルを生み出します。しかしどこかにマスターが存在している限り、ジェネを重ねたものはいつか後手に回る運命にあるものです。我らがピンク・フロイドの音源とてそれは逃れられず、ANIMALSツアーの最終章となる1977年7月2日、ニューヨーク・MSG公演4DAYSの2日目を超高品質オーディエンス録音で収録したあの名音源も、遂にその時がやってきた様です。本公演はこれまで『PROG KING (Sirene-099)』や、その飛躍的なアッパー版として親しまれてきた『DAY OF THE ANIMALS (Sigma 77)』がその最たる地位を獲得していましたが、つい先日、当Sigmaレーベルは独自のルートでそれらのタイトルに使われた真のマスターテープと接触する機会に恵まれました。元々この録音は77年北米ツアー屈指のものとしてファンにはお馴染みのものでしたが、その大元となるマスターカセットに記録されたサウンドとは一体どんなものなのか・・。広く知られた名音源であるが故にその想像は膨らむばかりでしたが、それは予想した通り、いや予想以上に秀逸過ぎる極上音質だったのです! そのストレートな高音の音抜けの良さ、近くて振幅の深い響き、スケール感満点の厚みと密度の高い重みを自然に出す中~低音の迫力は、一聴してその場に居たレーベル関係者全員を唸らせました。本作はこの真のマスターカセットから一切の劣化無く24bit / 96khzでデジタル・トランスファーさせたものとなっており、まさに当時会場で記録されたサウンドそのものが目の前に現れる驚きのアッパー版タイトルとなっているのです!!

勿論、トリートメントと調整も細心の注意を払って施してあります。収録音は凄まじく上質でしたが全体的に或る程度のピッチの狂いやノイズの発生箇所がありましたので、そこは原音に影響を与えないよう丁寧な音像調整と補正を施してあります。また予め分かっていた「Shine On You…Pt. 6-9」後半のジャム部分のカット(※90分テープの反転箇所。12分30秒~13分43秒付近)は同日のセカンドソース音源で丁寧に補填し、本作も曲中の流れを途切らせずシームレスで聴き通せる様に仕上げてあります。これら原音の魅力を最高値で惹き出す仕上がりにしたのは、周知の通りこの日は演奏内容にも素晴らしいものがあるからです。最終日6日のモントリオールと違ってロジャーが怒ったり、ギルモアが演奏を放り出してPA卓から眺める事も無くショウを通して理想的なステージングをしていますが、それらが各既発盤以上のサウンドで出てくる興奮は計り知れません。まず「Sheep」ではエッジの効いたサウンドが立ち上がり、メタリックなギターサウンドに先導された曲がグイグイと推進力を上げてゆく様子が鮮やかに広がります。エコーの残響も淡い音まで拾っているうえ、リズムラインのタフな響きもこれまで以上にリアルな音で現れますので1曲目から深い聴き応えをお感じになること請け合いです。「Dogs」は3分22秒から入ってゆくツインギターの音色がどちらも非常に近く、お互いに蕩けるような旋律を官能的に響かせ合う様子がこれまで以上の解像度で飛び出してきます。またこの曲は静と動を繰り返す構造を取っていますが、静かな部分、つまり殆どリズムレスの中に見える微かな響きや弱音の単旋律、或いはその中から浮き上がってくるキーボードの広がり(※8分44秒~ほか)では、その湿り気のある響きが過去最高の艶と鮮明さを伴って現れるので、この時期のフロイドが持っていた音楽的な裾野の広さも確かな手応えで感じ取って戴けるでしょう。「Pigs On The Wing Pt. 2」では前半の静かな部分での透明度、及び後半で歌い出すギターの近さと解像度が向上している点に注目で、演奏というよりは音楽そのものがグッと近付いてくる興奮を味わって戴けると思います。「Pigs (Three Different Ones)」は透明度を増した間近な音像が演奏に更なる具体性をもたらします。この日は6分40秒付近からSE(冒頭で出てくる豚の鳴き声?)が鳴っていたり、爆竹・パイロがいつになく大量に使われ終盤まで随所で炸裂するのも特徴ですが、これらの音も迫力の音で現れるため他日演奏との違いと興奮をより一層高めてくれる筈です。

「Shine On You…Pt. 1-5」も24bit ” でデジタル変換された濃密な音楽が耳元に広がります。ギターが出す曲の主題となる4つの音が少しずつ表情を変化させ、やがて音のグラデーションの中からまろやかな歌唱旋律が動き始める後半ではフロイドが(或いは、音楽そのものが)詞を解放するマジカルな瞬間を最高値で味わって戴けるでしょう。またこの日、ロジャーがやや早口で歌唱している印象がある「Have A Cigar」もこれまで以上に曲の構造がよく見えるサウンドで飛び出すのですが、これを聴くと掛け合ったり木霊したりという音響効果の狙いを曲が秘めていた事が伺え、この曲に対する新たな知見と可能性が感じられる音像も魅力となっています。「Wish You Were Here」ではツインで鳴らされるアコギによる幅の広い響きが見事に浮き出し、その旋律がより純粋な美しさで輝いているのをお感じになるでしょう。コーラスのハーモニーと、それに続いて出てくるギターソロや素朴なエレキピアノの響きも素晴らしい輝きを放っていますので是非御注目下さい。「Shine On You…Pt. 6-9」ではスライドギターの鋭い音色が縦横無尽に駆け巡る様子が質感高いサウンドで浮き上がります。主題への回帰後もまろやかに音楽が綴られ、響きの新たな出逢いを求める様なジャムが過去最高の音像で現れる様子にもアッパー感を感じて戴けると思います。尚、マスターに起因する曲後半の部分的なカット(※90分テープの反転箇所)については前述した通りで、シームレスに聴き通せるように仕上げてあります。「Money」は周囲の透明感が上がった事でボーカルに掛けられた弱めのエコーとその拡散が一層明瞭に聴いて取れるでしょう。音群移動装置による効果としてギターサウンドが近くなったり遠のいたりしている様子も伺えますが、収録位置が程好い位置にあったのか会場に響いていたであろう全体のサウンドを上方から俯瞰した様な音像で追えるので、その鳥観的な音の反響も更なる明瞭感を伴ってお愉しみ戴けます。「Us And Them」も浮遊感漂う中で揺れ動くメロディラインが質の高い音像で耳に届き、彩りを与えているサックスも音域を広く動く様子が芯のある音色で出てきます。マスターにあった2分26秒~29秒にあった僅かな欠落も「Shine On You…Pt. 6-9」同様に同日のセカンドソースから補填し、流れを途切らせずに聴き通せるようになっています。

真のマスターテープに記録された音像でその日の演奏を体験出来る喜びは、これまでジェネを重ねた音源でそれを長く体験してきた方であればこそ「やっと辿り着いた・・」という或る種の到達感のようなものがあると思います。勿論、既発盤を知らずに初めてこの音像に触れる方にとってもそれは目覚しい体験となりますが、しかしその日の録音ソースの頂点に触れる事により、音質の不鮮明さから生じていた演奏の抽象性をブレの無い具体的な音に変換する喜びは、これまでのソースの音を体験していればこそ思いもひとしおだと思うのです。これは今週末に本作と同時リリースされるもうひとつの77年代表作『OAKLAND 1977 1ST NIGHT (Sigma 124)』も同じで、どちらも「やっと辿りついた・・」という深い喜びの爪痕を聴く側に残してくれるタイトルとなっています。今週末は是非『OAKLAND 1977 1ST NIGHT』と併せて、本作もお試し下さい。マスターカセットから24bitデジタル・トランスファーされた劣化の一切無い音像が、この公演の魅力を一から塗り替えてゆく驚きに立ち合える極上タイトルです。限定ナンバリングステッカー付き・美麗なオリジナル・ピクチャーディスク仕様で、大好評Sigmaレーベルより登場致します!!

★貴重な1977年アニマルズ「IN THE FLESH」ツアーのワールド・ツアー・プログラムを復刻したレプリカ付き(全28ページ)
Disc 1(51:53)
1. Sheep 2. Pigs On The Wing Pt. 1 3. Dogs 4. Pigs On The Wing Pt. 2
5. Pigs (Three Different Ones)

Disc 2(72:49)
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts. 1-5 2. Welcome To The Machine 3. Have A Cigar
4. Wish You Were Here 5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts. 6-9
6. Money 7. Us And Them


★ピンク・フロイド「NEW YORK 1977 2ND NIGHT」のナンバー入りステッカー付きをお求めのお客様には、2種類のボーナス「ANIMAL COPS(Bonus 4CDR、1977年7月3日と4日のニューヨーク公演)」か「NEW YORK 1977 1ST NIGHT(Bonus 2CDR、1977年7月1日のニューヨーク公演)」より1種類をお選び頂けます(2種の両方ではありませんのでご注意ください)。

Sigma 125

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