Pink Floyd / Munich 1970 New Tape Transfer / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Munich 1970 New Tape Transfer / 2CD / Sigma

Translated Text:
Live at Circus Krone, Munich, Germany 29th November 1970


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Title to tell Floyd early play now also exist some, but not many so titles that will Mase pleasure a good sound performances of 1970 which is known to have left a number of name playing. And it and becomes a thing of the ’70 most end-stage high evaluation to mania, it would be enough to suffice with one hand unfortunately. This weekend, the kind Floyd 1970 winter European tour most late, revived as dramatic improvement in sound quality version of Munich, Germany performances of November 29. The performances we release at the time of label launched from our Sigma (1 2008) as “ZIRKUS KRONE ’70 (Sigma 6)”. At that time, “ZIRKUS KRONE (STTP 210/11)”, etc., but was also another label of title has some presence, but the title that is emerging label of Floyd expert was sent out to Ya deviation of pitch that was present in the recording tape call quality is topic that enhance the quality and thoroughly scrutinized and corrected the localization-resolution of sound, it was bestowed high praise from professional journals and fans as the title to scoff each already issued board until it. Thereafter, enduring but is a translation that was in no position as the title to represent the ’70 winter of the European tour, but the young freshness good tape generation than the source that was used to name board recently been newly discovered, now secretly I have attracted mania hot attention. That even if listened closeness and clarity sense of sound “(you have ※ later” Sunde-hatsu-ban “) ZIRKUS KRONE ’70” or more has a sharpness, it was just hidden shocking Upper feeling. This title is one that was New transfer from tape of this recently discovered Gene young, I have become upper version of shock earnestly full of feeling of quality improvement !!

Omoto of source that was used in this of this work and its outstanding panel is derived from a very good same audience recording master. However well-listened Try and generator young tape that appeared this time or because of remaining tape saving (= this work) is between between songs without editing marks to its outstanding panel is several places (※ last song cut in. Song from being confirmed by No), and clearly its outstanding panel it is like have followed a different route. But the sound quality is overwhelming, it’s you be surprised to or was this a listen and that sound of its outstanding board is lacking in the power of how clearly feel and sound. I want crowned without misunderstanding, but this is by no means for the quality of its outstanding board was bad. It is of what is surprised because what this source is more than lightly the sound of that excellent its outstanding panel in pair. Just as in the case of already issued board, some of the pin and and try to carefully scrutinize the sound source that you obtained in the latest equipment
Since the pitch correction and noise removal is necessary places have been found here and there, I was subjected to adjustment the exact correction with respect to that part. But excessive sound quality correction by equalizing is not at all, you merely Yes bear in remastered for sound that has been recorded on the tape reaches the ear with the highest value. But So because is this high-grade sound, it should be marvel definitely the height of the potential of the basic sound quality that this source is equipped to be appreciated in the actual ear.

Also it is interesting place even to this day is playing all the major repertoire that has been unveiled at that time. During the entire 9 songs, top 7 songs that are also responding to hear so has become a performance of more than 10 minutes, both good performance to say the bottom line from the year’s first performances of expressions which have been stacked one year of January 10 is the conspicuous making it the charm. In the “Astronomy Domine” adorned its opening, it would able to understand your instantly that the sound that has been experienced in its outstanding panel from the introduction section are those of heterogeneity. So far of sound sound of this work whereas was reasonably that corner has taken in mild has become a thing that was full of loud sense of tough, above all it is immediately the sound itself is getting close You should understand. Also medium to low range is further increased thickness (※ is not a boost of sound pressure due to re-master, Gene is the young of natural thickness), because the rhythm is comes out with a straight power, the impression that you receive from the performance further I have become some of the response. “Fat Old Sun” also has become more clearly the sound and vocals of cymbals, it comes out sounding power and response emanating from the motion of the guitar in the deployment of from 3 minutes 37 seconds groove increases and from 10 minutes 02 seconds, interaction by the intense drum and organ of the hook also appears as a thick sound full of real than ever because all means please attention. “Cymbaline” is heard clearly organ and cymbals from 3 minutes 53 seconds and regular sigh that Roger is out, is, will who can shivering out in excitement that they are sterically interlaced at close range. It also has come out in the sound image to feel the depth of the sound of carved guitar and vocals that sing loudly and as advance in the second half. How the song “Atom Heart Mother” First, at the beginning of the subject presentation unit moves to dynamic appears vividly. Is then you Chase to Katsuaki how move around even wider range guitar to issue a dissecting such sound, harmony to deploy chubby 5 minutes through the middle 5 minutes and 51 seconds to 10 minutes and 51 seconds up to much the closeness and the gloss of voice, also here it should become your felt is quite unlike the sound image that was out from its outstanding board. Enjoy violently undulating powerful huge music towards the coder Come in this sound image.

Contains the albatross of cries to be able to to be taken over by “Echoes” after in “The Embryo”, but that the total closeness of sound and clarity feeling is out, tune representation was in the transition period of the image There is fun for the changes and surprises comes through even more real. And vivid of full floating feeling singing voice, so has come out strongly than ensemble overall contrast also already issued board to attack violently, life of sound to build the performance of this day will come transmitted in a more reliable response. “Green Is The Colour” will further stimulate the imagination of hand listening out with sound image of soft Kyokuso is transparency. Shade rich, like afternoon of Kumadori of bulge and representation of such warmth certain tone of sunshine, by all means please experience the no comfort to Yuku run through a clean tone of rough taste. “Eugene …” to expand in the video acoustic poetry depth rich sound, you will enjoy again Experience the fun chasing the structure of the song in the sound of transition, such as a revolving lantern. Hamming and monologue, such as killing pressed Tokeai, the excitement that comes to provocation here in widely between is taken sound and bizarre sound that exists between the sound is not be compared with its outstanding panel vivid Please try charm please. “The sun Hymn” is the sound of Tam made of a midrange is out to Burezu, stands out compared with the mysterious keyboard dancing on it. Also I double-stop progression of the guitar and bass continue to trace the melody along with the drum also appear as a lump of Massive sound, but this sound image also also I would like I have you attention to the fact that unlike large as its outstanding board . “Mystery” will fade out just before entering the quiet deployment of the second half in the same way Sunde-hatsu-ban but (※ fade point is each its outstanding board and the same position), this is the other Omoto master tape ends with this position for the so you think you are, as long as it does not come out even in recording another source = Recorder 2 This is probably the longest. However expressive power Yuku led to the order from the chaos of to end up there, that is the day Gakuso excitement to Yuku are melted together in mysterious one after another is depicted with a strong touch of, and its outstanding panel orders of magnitude of the sound near You should enjoy your pleasure enjoyed the the To clarity. The raw sound of violence motivated by intellectual passions, please come and experience with a sharp sound of the generator youth.

Band in France in December even after this Deutschland Tour, has finished the activities of ’70 and around the United Kingdom, but the recording live that went after this performance is extant, the last in ’70 at the moment Yorkshire performances of December 22 was the performance of (※’ve done the street “Alan breakfast” you know, is a famous performances that) there is only. However, I think that it is seen that if people who’ve listened to there, but yet very valuable performances as also recorded in the 1970s is a good Kana, recording quality of place that than usual. That is, “Oh, this is …!” And feel to the performance of the 70 year-end life in good recording quality meat Sako can do for now this performance only without, dramatically it is with the advent of this generator youth tape and because I can heightened reason to, hand you miss listening to this would be no. In this work the weekend that it was full of upper feeling of such sound quality now, I think I would like to have stuck deeper in musical charm of ’70 last season that Floyd has left. Of course the first fraction and has become a limited numbering sticker with Picture disc specification, making it the release in beautiful package that is increasingly enhance the adequacy of Sigma collection !!


フロイド初期の演奏を現在に伝えるタイトルは幾つも存在しますが、数々の名演奏を残した事で知られる1970年の公演を良い音で愉しませてくれるタイトルはそう多くありません。しかもそれがマニアに評価の高い70年最末期のものとなると、残念ながら片手で足りる程度でしょう。今週末、そんなフロイド1970年冬の欧州ツアー最末期となる、11月29日のドイツ・ミュンヘン公演が劇的な音質向上版として甦ります。この公演は当Sigmaからレーベル発足時(2008年1月)に『ZIRKUS KRONE ’70 (Sigma 6)』としてリリース致しました。当時は『ZIRKUS KRONE (STTP 210/11)』など他レーベルのタイトルも幾つか存在していましたが、しかしフロイド専門の新興レーベルが送り出した上記タイトルは録音テープに存在していたピッチのズレや音の定位・解像度を徹底的に精査・補正して質を高めたクオリティが話題を呼び、それまでの各既発盤を一蹴するタイトルとして専門誌やファンから高い評価を賜りました。以後、70年冬の欧州ツアーを代表するタイトルとして揺ぎ無いポジションにあった訳ですが、しかし先ごろその名盤に使用されたソースよりも世代が若い鮮度良好なテープが新たに発見され、今密かにマニアの熱い注目を集めているのです。そのサウンドの近さと明瞭感はどう聴いても『ZIRKUS KRONE ’70 (※以降” 既発盤 “とします)』以上の鮮明さを持っており、まさに衝撃的なアッパー感を秘めていました。本タイトルはこの近年発見されたジェネ若のテープからニュー・トランスファーしたもので、音質向上の実感に溢れまくった衝撃のアッパー版となっているのです!!


またこの日は当時披露していた主要レパートリーを全て演奏しているのも興味深いところです。全9曲中、7曲が10分超えの演奏となっているので聴き応えもあるうえ、1月10日の年度初公演から1年間積み上げてきた表現の総決算とも言うべき好演奏が目立つのも魅力となっています。そのオープニングを飾った「Astronomy Domine」では、その導入部から既発盤で体験してきたサウンドとは異質のものである事が瞬時にお分り戴けるでしょう。これまでの音はマイルドで適度に角が取れたものだったのに対して本作のサウンドはタフでラウド感に充ちたものとなっており、何より音像そのものが近くなっている事がすぐに分かる筈です。中~低音域も更に厚みが増しており(※リマスターによる音圧のブーストではなく、ジェネ若のナチュラルな厚みです)、リズムがストレートな威力を持って飛び出してくるため、演奏から受ける印象が更に手応えのあるものになっているのです。「Fat Old Sun」もシンバルの響きとボーカルが一層明瞭になっており、グルーヴが増す3分37秒からの展開ではギターの動きから出る響きの威力と手応え、そして10分02秒から飛び出してくるフックの激しいドラムとオルガンによる対話もこれまで以上に実の詰まった濃厚サウンドで現れますので是非御注目下さい。「Cymbaline」は3分53秒からのオルガンとシンバル、そしてロジャーが出している定期的な吐息がハッキリ聴こえ、それらが至近距離で立体的に交錯する興奮に打ち震えて戴けるでしょう。後半に進むにつれ高らかに歌うギターとボーカルも響きの彫りの深さを感じさせる音像で出ています。「Atom Heart Mother」ではまず冒頭の主題提示部で曲がダイナミックに動く様子が生々しく現れます。切り裂く様な響きを出すギターも広い音域を動き回る様子が克明に追えますし、中盤5分51秒~10分51秒にかけて丸々5分間展開するハーモニーも声の近さと艶が格段に上がり、ここも既発盤から出ていた音像とは全く違っているのをお感じになる筈です。コーダに向けて巨大な音楽が激しくうねる迫力を是非この音像で御満喫下さい。

「The Embryo」では後の「Echoes」で引き継がれる事になるアホウドリの鳴き声が含まれていますが、サウンドのトータルな近さと明瞭感が出ている事で、イメージの過渡期にあった曲表現の変化と驚きが一層リアルに伝わってくる面白さがあります。浮遊感溢れる歌声の生々しさと、激しく攻めるアンサンブル全体の対比も既発盤より色濃く出ているので、この日の演奏を構築する音の営みがより確かな手応えで伝わってくるでしょう。「Green Is The Colour」は柔らかな曲想が透明度の音像で出て聴き手の想像力を更に刺激します。濃淡豊かな、まるで午後の日差しの様な温もりある音色の膨らみと表現の隈取りが、雑味の無いクリーン・トーンで駆け抜けてゆく心地良さを是非御体験下さい。「ユージン…」は映像的な音響詩が奥行き豊かな音像の中で展開し、走馬灯の様な響きの移り変わりの中で曲の構成を追う面白さを改めて御体験戴けるでしょう。押し殺したようなハミングとモノローグが溶け合い、広く間が取られた音と音の間に存在している奇怪な響きが既発盤とは比べ物にならない生々しさでこちらを挑発してくる興奮をどうぞお愉しみ下さい。「太陽讃歌」は中音域で鳴るタムの響きがブレずに出ており、その上に舞う妖しいキーボードとの対比が際立ちます。またドラムと一緒に旋律をトレースし続けるギターとベースとの重音進行もマッシヴな音の塊として現れるのですが、この音像も既発盤と大きく違っている事にも御注目戴きたいと思います。「神秘」は既発盤同様に後半の静かな展開に入る直前でフェイドアウトしますが(※フェイドポイントは各既発盤と同位置です)、これはもう大元のマスターテープがこの位置で終わっている為と思われますので、別ソース=Recorder 2の録音でも出てこない限りはこれが最長でしょう。しかしそこに行き着くまでの混沌から秩序を導いてゆく表現力、すなわちこの日の楽想が強いタッチで描かれては次々とミステリアスに溶け合ってゆく興奮が、既発盤とは桁違いの音の近さと透明感で存分にお愉しみ戴ける筈です。知的情念によって突き動かされる生々しい音の暴力を、是非ジェネ若の鋭い音像で体験してみて下さい。

バンドはこのドイツ・ツアーの後も12月にフランス、イギリスを回って70年の活動を終えていますが、本公演の後に行ったライブで録音が現存しているのは、現時点では70年最後の演奏となった12月22日のヨークシャー公演(※御存知の通り” アランの朝食 “をやった、有名なあの公演です)しかありません。しかしそちらを聴いた事がある方なら分かると思いますが、大変貴重な公演でありながらも70年代の録音としては普通より良いかな、という位の録音クオリティです。つまり「おや、これは…!」と感じる質の良い録音で70年末期の演奏に肉迫出来るのは今のところ本公演しか無く、それが今回のジェネ若テープの出現で飛躍的に高まった訳ですから、これを聴き逃す手は無いでしょう。今週末はそうした音質のアッパー感に溢れた本作で、フロイドが残した70年最後期の音楽的魅力に更に深くハマり込んで戴きたいと思います。もちろん初回分は限定ナンバリングステッカー付き・ピクチャーディスク仕様となっており、Sigmaコレクションの充実度をますます高められる美麗パッケージでのリリースとなっています!!

Disc 1(51:47)
1. Astronomy Domine 2. Fat Old Sun 3. Cymbaline 4. Atom Heart Mother

Disc 2(56:42)
1. The Embryo 2. Green Is The Colour3. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
4. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun5. A Saucerful Of Secrets

Sigma 129

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